- Live tile update and high score display is temporarily unavailable.
- Persistence background task can crash when executed during an application lifecycle close.
- After startup, Mackó could still be head over heels, and a bit out of shape. You will need to shake him up a bit to get on the floor.

Welcome to the website of Mackó, the little rat of PlutocRat, a puzzle game developed by Parafix Grafix.

PlutocRat offers an endless stream of maze built up of numbers, where you can control Mackó, the protagonist to collect as many points as he can. Make sure to select the right direction and keep Mackó on the puzzle field. Battle your way through the randomly generated levels with an increasing difficulty and unlock special fields to make Mackó even more puzzled.

PlutocRat is available for download via the Windows Phone Store.

A Gregorius' corner website

- The Windows Phone 10 anniversary update turned Mackó's life upside down. He needed some help to find his orientation.

- Mackó goes 8.1
- Mackó got so carried away after winning a puzzle level that he forgot to memorize where he started the new level. Now he does remember.
- Mackó for a relief is not updating Live Tiles.
- Now there is cheese for Mackó to reveal behind the playfield.
- Even more of Mackó with a new splash screen.
- Mackó is no longer levitating on higher resolution devices when running sideways.
- Mackó had been working out so he can run the same speed on higher resolution devices, making gameplay more fluent and faster.

- Mackó had enroled a Maths class. Now he can count up to your reached score much faster, when restoring an advanced game.
- Mackó is getting older. As a consequence he is much more attentive on which way you are guiding him. He asks you though to make long and clear gestures when commanding him in return.

- Due to a framework update Mackó needed to be trained again to memorize the position where he left off.
- Trial messages were updated
- Now you can play the first 7 levels of the game in Free Trial mode with full functionality, so all levels are checked for feasibility.

- Removed debug string from trial version.
- Mackó's memory has been enhanced to such an extent that now he can also remember where he left off if you put him back into his terrarium.

- Fixed bug that made Mackó forget his highest score reached.