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The site and what is behind it. Here you can find relevant information concerning the update of my website.
2017/07/11A new video has been uploaded to Gregorius' corner, which is a short medley of the astonishing visual effects from the arsenal of Fireworks in Budapest, on 20th of August, 2016, and of the boat trip before it. On the video you can find the Margaret Bridge, Batthiány Square, Dezső Szilágyi Square with the Reformed Church, the Fishermen's Bastion and the St. Matthias Church, Rudas Bath, the Gellért Hill and the Citadell, the Whale, Budapest University of Economics, Liberty Bridge as well as the Parliament and the Chain Bridge. You can find it under the Videos section.
2017/04/25Gregorius' No Suggested Posts on Facebook is now available on the website for download. This is a JavaScript user script that you can install using TamperMonkey and link to the domain to remove suggested posts from your timeline and only keep those posted by your acquaintances, bringing you closer to an ad-free world and peaceful soul.
2017/02/13Currently Sam & Max: Save The World is on sale on the website of Good Old Games. Gregorius' corner was part of the crew working on the official Hungarian translation of the game. It is good engough reason to try and withstand the puns and jokes the two protaginsts are bombing you with throughout their story.
2016/11/04As part of grandeous discount project, The Monsterous Fall Sale, you can download Little Big Adventure 2 for free from Good Old Games until tomorrow noon. The first episode of the series, Little Big Adventure, is also available for a discount price, $1.19 instead of $5.99. For both games you can find the Hungarian translations and some more goodies here, on Gregorius' corner.
2016/10/10Now you can get Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - Planetary Pack for a discount price from the website of Good Old Games. This package contains the original Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri game, the Hungarian translation of which, Gregorius' corner had also been working on.
2016/09/21A new version was released for PlutocRat. The Windows Phone 10 anniversary update turned Mackó's life upside down. He needed some help to find his orientation. You might need to give him a bit of help to shake him in the right position.
2016/08/03After almost a year of silence, Mackó, the protagonist of PlutocRat got an update. The 1.3 update does not contain the amount of fixes propotional to the time past, but the framework on which the game is running had been upgraded from MonoGame Framework 3.0 to 3.4. It has also dropped the support for Windows Phone 8.0 devices and future releases will only be available for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 10 devices. The updated solution contains fixes such as saving the game state even after having a new level generated, or placing the avatar more precisely and speeding up the animation for higher resolution devices. Unfortunately the live tile updates and temporarily unavailable.
2016/06/04With the TopWare & Anuman discount on Good Old Games, you can buy Syberia and Syberia 2 for only ?1,79 instead of ?8,69. For these games you download the hungarian subtitles from here, Gregorius' corner. The discount is also availabe for Dream Pinball 3D, a game developed by ASK Homework. You can buy the pinball game for only ?1,29 instead of ?5,19.
2015/12/03You can get Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now for a discounted price on Good Old Games. You can also find the hungarian voice files here, on Gregorius' corner. As Carmageddon Max Pack, you can buy the in package with the first episode, still for the same 80% discount.
2015/06/07A new version was released for PlutocRat. The new release improves the control and gameplay. Mackó had enrolled a Maths class. Now he can count up to your reached score much faster, when restoring an advanced game. Mackó is getting older. As a consequence he is much more attentive on which way you are guiding him. He asks you though to make long and clear gestures when commanding him in return.
2015/05/10A new version was released for PlutocRat. The new release fixed a bug and modified the features of the free trial version. Due to a framework update Mackó needed to be trained again to memorize the position where he left off. Trial messages were also updated. Now you can play the first 7 levels of the game in Free Trial mode with full functionality, so all levels are checked for feasibility.
2015/01/02Now you can get Sacrifice with a 50% discount for 3,99? instead of 7,99? on the website of Good Old Games. You can find additional maps for the game here on Gregorius' corner.
2014/11/04Mackó has registered himself on Facebook. Or I could also phrase this as if the Facebook page for PlutocRat had been opened. It awaits all players or the ones being eager to find out more about the game. Similar to Gregorius' corner I will try to keep you fed on all the happenings in Mackó's life. I wish all gamers goodl luck playing!
2014/09/19Unfortunately recently I was unable to update my website as frequently as before. But in the meantime I made progress with PlutocRat. After the numerous minor updates, the game has reached version 1.2. Many things have changed since the first release. In the full version there are no more impossible levels generated. The game now successfully handles the anomalies of the Microsoft licensing framework. Visual aids help the beginners controlling the game. Now you can advance from level to level even in the trial mode. But sooner or later you will be facing an impossible level. When exiting the game, the game state is now saved and you are able to carry on from where you left off.
2014/07/12I have the honor to present you Gregorius? PlutocRat, developed by Parafix Grafix. In the game you can control Mackó through an endless stream of randomly generated levels. Mackó, the crummy, white rat is trying to find his way in the maze of numbers looking for aliment. The game is now available exclusively on Windows Mobile platform via the Windows Phone Store.
2014/03/08During the great border-crossing I forgot to do one thing; creating the appropriate albums. Hence subsequently, the photos of Monaco have been moved from the Olaszország (2007) album to the Monaco (2007) album, and the photos of St. Tropez, Avignon and the Pont du Gard were moved to the Franciaország (2007) album.
2014/03/08We have stepped accross the border. With the images of St. Tropez and Avignon we have left Italy and have arrived to the base of the Western-Alps in France in the neighborhood of the sea.
2013/12/25I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
2013/12/07During the weekend we can take hold of Syberia and Syberia 2 from the website of Good Old Games. You can also download the hungarian subtitles and image package files for both gamesfrom here, Gregorius' corner.
2013/10/30Due to a minor conceptual disturbance, the illustrations to some items available for download on Gregorius' corner showed an error message instead of the image itself. In the past days this glitch was corrected for the most frequent items.

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