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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2009/02/25Zoltán Pócza, Gábor Mogyorósi and Tamás Schlägl won the prize from the Visual Effects Society for outstanding real-time visual effects in Crysis: Warhead. Congratulations to them and the whole Crytek Hungary team!
2016/04/27Zen Studios is taking another leap forward. The team has implemented a new table for GPinball FX 2G. Riding the wave of episode 7 of Star Wars, they have implemented a The Force Awakens table for the Star Wars Pinball package. Naturally there is also a trailer video available on the official YouTube channel of Zen Studios.
2014/05/09Zen Studios is manufacturing excellent pinball tables one after the other. The Super League Football is a pinball table for Pinball FX2 that can be dressed into the uniforms of various soccer clubs. It is available via the Xbox LIVE Arcade, Steam and Windows 8, or Apple App Store and Mac App Store systems. You can also find a teaser video on YouTube.
2014/05/21Zen Studios has brought a new grander expansion set for Pinball FX2. The pack rides the wave of Star Wars. The Heroes Within expansion of Star Wars Pinball consists of 4 new tables. These are the Han Solo, the Episode IV - A New Hope, the Droids and the Masters of The Force tables. There is a teaser video on Youtube of each table and of the whole pack.
2017/01/15Zen Studios has announced a new pack for Marvel Pinball, which goes under the name of Marvel Women's Power. The pack contains two, the A-Force and Champions tables. They are available via Steam, or in the Microsoft Store. You can find the trailer video of the game on YouTube as well.
2016/10/06Zen Studios had published a new pinball table pack for Pinball FX2 back in April. It is called the Aliens vs. Pinball expansion. It consists of three tables, the Aliens Pinball, the Alien: Isolation, and the Alien vs. Predator tables. Each one comes with a trailer video, that had been uploaded to YouTube by the developers. You can buy the game via Steam or Microsoft App Store for Windows 10 based systems.
2011/08/28You might already know Endre Baráth, who is well noted for his computer generated animation short films, if you are into this branch of creative arts. Now I not only have the opportunity to introduce him to you as a one-person development studio, but I also have the privilege to announce that his first product as a PC game has already been published under the brand of Etyekfilm. You should visit the official website of Dead Cyborg, as you can find out a lot about the creator of this first-person adventure game, summoning the atmosphere of old text-based adventure games, and his product.
2005/07/08You could set your swiss watch to Stormregion. The demo version of CondenamePanzers - Phase Two is here.
2013/05/24You could have pre-ordered The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, which will be released in May, or maybe it already has been, since April. It was just about time to announce it then. Although the full game from Neocore Games is now already available for everyone, you can still watch a video, advertising the pre-order here.
2011/09/29You can read an exhausting review of King Arthur: Fallen Champions on the pages of Játé The article really takes the effort to examine the game from every angle. Although sometimes it sounds too positive, almost biased, it still mentions all negative aspects factually. It looks like, the game of Neocore Games deserves all praise despite the fact that it is only a subproject connecting the two episodes of a bigger series.
2011/02/14You can read an overview article about Nadirim, the new game of Digital Reality on the columns of PC Dome.
2012/04/18You can read an article about King Arthur 2, the new development of Neocore Games on the website of GameKapocs as well. From this many articles you can get a pretty whole image about the game.
2008/03/25You can read about two hungarian developments in the March issue of GameStar. The first article is about Battlestations: Pacific from under the hands of Eidos Hungary. Luckily a whole page was sacrificed for this purpose and so there was plenty of space remaining for the pictures to support the writing that has almost four substantive sentences.
The other article on the other hand is about Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March brew in the kettle of Balckhole Entertainment and stretches along two pages. The length of the article was based on the length of the title probably, because it says nothing more about the game than the essential of the Battlestations: Pacific article. For those though who know nothing about these two games could be a nicely put together source of information.
2006/05/16You can read a short discourse, packed with screenshots, about War Front: Turning Point on SuperGamez.
2009/12/18You can read a short article on GameStar about Lionheart: King's Crusade, the freshly announced game of .
2016/02/19You can read a test about Solar Shifter EX, the new game from Elder Games, on the columns of The test examines the game from every angle. Although it was written quite long ago, along the release of the game, which is itself is half a year old, Solar Shifter EX has not yet received a single update to its original code. Hence the test can be said up-to-date still. Also it is quite assuring to see that the game does not contain any bug of such severity that a still active developer did not feel the urge to release a patch.
2014/07/06You can get games of former TopWare Interactive for a 60% discount on Good Old Games until 8th of July. This means that Dream Pinball 3D has also suffered from the effect of the benevolent event.
2008/09/21You can find an article about Crysis: Warhead in the September issue of GameStar as well which will be longer than the previous one as the editors promise.
2011/09/19You can find an article about the press release of Sine Mora, developed by Digital Reality on Játé The article is rather old than recent but it is worth adding it to the archive.
2007/05/25You can find an interview with Stormregion about Rush for The Bomb on the pages of You can find out almost everything about the expansion. It is strongly advised to get a line before buying or ordering.

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