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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2006/08/27Dream Pinball 3D is on gold. The pinball simulator has been completed and is soon awaiting the players on the shelves of PC game stores. We can expect new images to be published soon as all tables has been redrawn and texture and auxhiliary object details has been doubled.
2006/08/27"The patch for version 1.2 of Stormregion's RTS Rush for Berlin is now available. But that`s not all! We're also releasing the eagerly anticipated Developer Tools for the game including the editor as well as the packer software! You will now be able to make your own missions, and modifying most of the game to your liking."
2006/08/27The demo version of Joint Task Force is available for download.
2006/08/27The beta-testing of Warhammer: Mark of Chaos has begun. For detailed pieces of information please visit the forum on the game's official website. There is also a video presenting the playing of the game. It is not really a nice piece of work but worth checking out for fanatics. The images published are a much better choice.
2006/08/27Discreetly we get images infiltrated into us from War Front: Turning Point. Although I would not force these close up shots from the game since there are some really low resolution textures looking at the player. From birds-eye-view though the program shows impressive.
2006/08/26We can delight ourselves with the new images released from Joint Task Force. The fifth episode of the video series presenting the development of the game was released as well.
2006/08/26Though Battlestations: Midway has not gone through dazzling improvements to the eye, basically it has been looking the same for a year now, it is certainly appealing that we get signs of life around the project that had a very stormy background. It almost seems as if the game will be released sometime. It is good news for the XBox360 console owners that they will be able to enjoy this piece as well.
2006/08/26And once again new images were released from Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. This time as well, the most varied forms of beasts are displayed on the serie. Besides we can take a look at some sea units.
2006/08/23Gamekapocs was kindly presenting some new images of Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. Enumeration, ork invasion and everything that pleases.
2006/08/11We can worry about Brainfactor and Clevers development studios as both company's website was closed in the near past. Brainfactor besides many of its smaller developments can note Word of Chaos under its name. Clevers was making a brand new game engine titled Paradox. But now we can only guess what will the fortune of the two developments be.
2006/08/05War Front: Turning Point was enriched with a new unit. Of course the presentation comes with new images that we can take a look at on Hardwired.
2006/08/04Soon there will be so much material available about Joint Task Froce, that it would take a longer time to take a look at all the images and videos than the time the game would provide to play. Of course there is something new revealed in each row of images. It is the same with this one, that presents the stealth in operation. Also, the fourth part of the video that lets you sneak behind the stage became available.
2006/07/26Nowadays everything is about Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. Inside CGSociety everyone is talking about the perfect, artistic animations of the game. We can read on the webpage of CGSociety a deep interview about the rightly famous intor movie that was entered to the contest as well. Besides, new screenshots were revealed on multiple news portals on July 21 and 24. If that would not be enough, in the recent past a new in-game video was presented.
2006/07/24It would not be Hungary if there was not at least a single scandal around a development studio. On the other hand it seems that it is not only our domestic press that we can count on to munch on these juicy stories. There are examples of this offshore. Though the excellent raw material is provided by our people. Those interested in a fat story that could well fit a brazilian soap-opera should read the article on GameStar about Joint Task Force without hesitation. It is based on reality in its entirety. For most recent findings, visit the Híradó site!
2006/07/23GameKapocs shared the recordings made on the press presentation of Joint Task Force.
2006/07/16The website of Dream Pinball 3D has opened its doors. The demo version of the game, with the help of which you can win 10.000 dollars has arrived. Dream Pinball 3D is being developed by ASK Homework and is also meant to popularize Two Worlds.
2006/07/10New screenshots had been released from Field Ops, the new game from Digital Reality. The high resolution images can be found on GameStar.
2006/07/07PC Dome was present as well on the media display of Joint Task Force. In their gallery we can find some images about the salon as well. All this is garnished with a nice and long evaluation article.
2006/07/06The media press video of Joint Task Force, the new game of Most Wanted Entertainment is available for download from GameStar. In the quiet long piece of presentation we can meet numerous scenes of the war.
2006/07/04Digital Reality along with FilePlanet had announced the beta-testing of War Front: Turning Point. To become a beta-tester one must be a registered user of FilePlanet network. On 7, July there will be 13,000 more invitations sent out.

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