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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2006/12/08Warhammer: Mark of Chaos is on the shelves in the USA. By the opportunity of release, a new video was published from the game. Also the map editor is available fro download.
2006/11/27PC Dome has published an article from which we can take a look inside the work going on behind the curtains on the new episode of Ancient Games of Nations, The Lost Sword of Toledo.
2006/11/24Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, the new creation of Blackhole will come to shelves on the first day of December. The game is already on gold. Besides many goodies came a new video. Furthermore, the block-busting expectation inspired many magazins, including PC Dome, to produce a larger article on the game. For the hardcore gamers it is advised to try the demo version.
2006/11/19A new video was released by Brainfactor industries about nothing else but the long awaited Word of Chaos. It is interesting to see that appearently the developers and publishers could not agree on the title of the game. Up to this month for about three years the project was going under the title, Word of Chaos. Now, on the new website of the game, put together by the publisher, we can find the title World of Chaos in all the graphics.
2006/11/15The hungarian version of Dream Pinball 3D goes to shelves on a really low price.
2006/11/15While Digital Reality is working over the effort on making their next game, War Front: Turning Point, and more and more images are being presented from the game on the different websites, PC Dome managed to put together a couple of articles with the developers. The first one is about motion capturing, the second one is on modelling. Also it is worth mentioning that the release of the game was postponed to February.
2006/11/13While new images are being released from the XBox 360 version of Battlestations: Midway, the renovated official website of the game was launched. Additionally there is a new video available from the game.
2006/11/02Since my last update there were no less than 20 images published from FiledOps in the gallery of GameStar. We can take a look at the Cuban mission.
2006/10/12Although quite a time ago, but back then as fresh and crispy came the new images from Field Operations. Still we can take a look at them in the gallery of GameStar somewhat dried.
2006/10/07In the meantime a whole lot of images has arrived from the much awaited Warhammer: Mark of Chaos of BlackHole Entertainment. Since most of the media welcomes the visitors with exclusive images, it is worth checking out all GameStar's, PC Dome's and GameKapocs's gallery. Beside, GameStar is having a video as well to present. Hardwired has published some images and a video as well. Játé owns some visual presentation of Games Workshop Games Day on which the game was showed.
2006/09/28New images were released from Battlestations: Midway. The images are presented in several exclusive bounds on the site of Hardwired and Gamestar.
2006/09/23A few images and a new video presenting the elves was published from Mark of Chaos.
2006/09/22I would say that the first patch for Joint Task Force has arrived, which will upgrade the game to version 1.1, althoug it is almost certain that this patch is not long awaited since the game was put on the shelves only a couple of days ago. Therefor only a few of us had the lucky opportunity to meet the game and the unlucky opportunity to experience its unstable operation. The patch will correct this problem and add a couple of new maps.
2006/09/20The new development of Stormregion, Codename: Panzers 2 is worked on under the guiding eyes of german 10tacle and the world brand, Electronic Arts. The new game will take place in a fictitious setting unlike its predecessors.
2006/09/15I have the opportunity to happily announce that after a long, chronic, dense, dark, dusty, cold, silent fog that surrounded Brainfactor and their new development, Word of Chaos, the game is once again heard of. Development is not only still rolling but almost coming to an end polishing up the game. As a consequence, a spate of images and a couple of videos were released from the game. Also the german official website of the game was launched.
2006/09/15Joint Task Force is on the shelves. This week, a week later after the oversea release, the game was is in the stores of Hungary is well. Thanks to this we can take a look at the most up-to-date video teaser.
2006/09/13We can update our galleries of War Front: Turning Point with six images.
2006/09/10Two videos of Warhammer: Mark of Chaos has been shared with the public by the creators of the game. One of the videos can be found on the website of GameStar, the other is on the pages of 3D Gamers. Besides the gallery of published images was refreshed twice as well.
2006/09/06There can be found new images from Field Ops on the pages of GameKapocs. There are 29 real nice, fresh pieces of glamour in the gallery.
2006/09/04Dream Pinball 3D was published in Europe today. Hungarian release is not yet known, but it will be 576Kbyte publishing the game in Hungary.

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