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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2007/01/31New images are available from Field Ops in the galleries of both GameStar and GameKapocs. It is worth checking them out. The New FPS/RTS will provide a really brilliant looking game.
2007/01/30Battlestations: Midway has been published. Both the PC and the XBox360 version is out on the shelves. Not long ago a new video trailer was presented for those who has not yet decided upon buying the game. Besides, the demo version is available for download as well.
2007/01/29The development of War Front: Turning Point, the alternative Second World War game has been completed. Along with this Digital Reality announces that the game has gone gold.
2007/01/22Digital Reality's new production, War Front: Turning Point will arrive in March.
2007/01/18The final date is here. And along with it comes Battlestations: Midway on 9th February. This means both the PC and XBox360 version.
2007/01/13Four new images from Battlestations: Midway got into the property of
2007/01/12A new video with a really fascinating atmosphere has arrived from Battlestations: Midway. The new video fits perfectly to the previous epizodes of the serie. It is meant to deviler the feeling of the multiplayer mode to the observer.
2007/01/11It is not only the gallery that has been updated, but the video arsenal of War Front: Turning Point as well. We can watch a new video teaser if we visit the website of PC Dome. Besides, on GameSpot the demo version of the game will be available soon too.
2007/01/09The gallery of War Front: Turing Point has been updated. The seven new images, which shows novelty in the aspect of user interface, can be found on the website of GameKapocs. It is the first time that we can take a look at the interface through which we will be able to command the units under control.
2007/01/08Warhammer: Mark of Chaos is performing really well since its release. Nevertheless the sceptic receive, the brand and breathtaking graphics is speak for themselves. The game reached as high as the sixth position on the british sales toplist.
2007/01/04The release of Battlestations: Midway is approaching. For the first time we can hear about a concrete release date and it is not far away. We can expect the game to be on shelves on 30th January.
2006/12/28PC Dome has published a review of Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. The game recieved a quite ambivalent evaluation and performed really sundrily in itself in the different aspects. Nevertheless it still scored strong.
2006/12/25After the video new images were released from Battlestations: Midway. Both the video and recent images tell of the final shaping of the controlling interface. For sure the game is soon to be finished. The release date is planned for January, 30th.
2006/12/21The release of Warhammer: Mark of Chaos seems so imminent, approaching with marching steps that recently the boxart of the game has been completed.
2006/12/19A new high definition video has just turned up from Battlestations: Midway. One thing is for sure, there is no lack of style. Let's hope the final product will feature the same quality on all the fronts.
2006/12/18We can refresh our gallery of images taken from Field Operations. In the recent past the developers had taken the game into a higher gear and they are producing vast amounts of press data. Hopefully in the near future we will get a nicely coreographed video as well from Digital Reality.
2006/12/17The ones having some spare time should try out the demo version of the new game of Digital Reality, War Front: Turning Point. You can download the masterpiece from the website of PC Guru for example. Furthermore a new video has been released packed with dazzling scenes.
2006/12/16Today, the second edition of Santa Ride, the magnificent game of Invictus that provides easy fun, Santa Ride 2 was published. The game is available for download from Invictus. The developers would like to wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year this way to all. It is worth mentioning that Invictus has published the asian version of Cross Racing Championship 2005, that got the title Level-R. You can visit the website of the game. For the rest of the racing fans they also have revealed the next episode, LALevel-R: Los Angeles Street Racing. You can already download the multiplayer demo of it from SkillGround.
2006/12/16On the pages of PC Dome the second part of the article in which Digital Reality presents the MOCAP technology used to record movement data for animations has been published.
2006/12/15Slowly, really slowly, but with robust steps, surviving all difficulties, goes along the development of Battlestations: Midway. There has been a new video released having a really impressive atmosphere. Besides we can take a look at some new images and artwork in the galleries.

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