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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2007/04/07An overview colored with exclusive images was published about Field Ops. You can read on the page of Hardwired about the development of Digital Reality.
2007/04/07Tomorrow there will be an Imperium Galactica 2 match held at 18:00 CET. For details please visit the fan page of the game!
2007/04/04Though there is no news about any downloadable expansion or auxiliary items for Battlestations: Midway, like there is for the XBox360 version of the game. But there is a much more exciting thing that we can read about. In the written form of the plans of Eidos there is the sequel. Battlestations: Midway 2 could be on its way. Probably the development of the game will stay in hungarian hands.
2007/04/02There is a new, hungarian on-line game which had opened its doors in the near past. The turned based strategy game was entitled Birodalmak and was developed by Bellis-Perennis Kft. For further infromation you should visit the official website of the game.
2007/03/24Word of Chaos is finished! The development of the game of Brainfactor has come to an end. It represents four years of work of the development team. It seems all the wait was worth it, since the german language version of the game has gone gold. It seems we will have to wait until May for the english language version to come out. If everything goes according to plan, Word of Chaos could be the first hungarian role-playing game, and the first role-playing game that we could enjoy with hungarian dubing.
2007/03/22A review of War Front: Turning Point, the development of Digital Reality, has been released on PC Dome. The game is one of the most awaited domestic developments, while it is everything but the first game of this category. It is worth mentioning that the game scored better in all the aspects that affects the mood than in the aspect of the mood itself. There is another review presented on GameKapocs where there is the fourth video trailer of the game enclosed as well. All together the review of GameKapocs has a positive outcome.
2007/03/12The 10Tacle Studios had closed a really successfull economic year last year. The profit of the company has risen by more than 50% all together. This means that the besides the new game of Digital Reality, Codename: Panzers: Cold War, which is being developed by Stormregion and is to be published along with Electronic Arts, is in really good hands. The first images were released from the game as well. There is no real improvement in the graphics engine compared to previous hungarian strategy titles of the last couple of years, but the game may dazzle us still in movement.
2007/03/08On the german language website of FieldOps you can watch a new teaser video from the new game of Digital Reality. The video is really stirring and puts you in the mood. It is worth checking out for everyone.
2007/03/06Last month I had mentioned, that an expansion is under development for Rush for Berlin. On the official website of the game, the first video was released of this expansioned entitled Rush for The Bomb. So far it seems certain that the quality of the expansion will be at least as good as the original title.
2007/03/05Not long ago new videos have been released from FieldOps. The videos give insight to the gameplay of FieldOps in depth. For those, seriously thinking about buying the game, are strongly advised to check these videos since they contain not only eye-candy visuals.
2007/03/02For those, looking for the online games of Armies of Exigo, I must announce a sad news, according to which, the Armies of Exigo servers had been shut down last October.
2007/02/27War Front: Turning Point, the game from Digital Reality has been released in Hungary as well. The hungarian version features hungarian subtitles and contains a bonus DVD on which we can find behind-the-stage-revealing videos and the soundtrack of the game. Due to the release we can update the gallery of images published from the game as well.
2007/02/27The Vista patch for both episodes of the Codename: Panzers serie has been published. The newest patch for Phase 1 got the 1.20 mark, while for Phase 2 the newest patch got the 1.07 mark. In both cases the patch makes the game compatible with Windows Vista operating systems, corrects the speed error caused by Hyperthreading and dual core laptop processors. And what is not announced in most cases, it also removes the StarForce protection system from the game making it possible to play without having to insert the game CD into the computer.
2007/02/27We can read two hungarian articles already about Battlestations: Midway. One of them was written by Hardwired, the other one was written by GameKapocs. Both articles mention the adversities of the life of the game. If we take a look back in time, we will find that Battlestations: Midway has gone through several worktitle changes, due to leaving behind several development teams going phut. On the other side both articles agree at the end, that the game in most aspects deserves a positive remark. The game has reached the illustrious 5th place on the english sales toplist for the PC platform. On the list considering all the platforms, the game came first, which speaks for itself.
2007/02/26On the pages of PC Guru we can read a short preview about Field Ops, the game developed by Digital Reality. The game is approaching release really well. But War Front: Turning Point was approaching it even faster, since it was released in North-America already. We will have to wait for this creation until March. Along with the american release, some new images were published from the game.
2007/02/25It was last year, when Warhammer: Mark of Chaos was published by BlackHole Entertainment. The multiplayer demo version of the game was only released recently though. The huge file weights no less than one and a half gigabytes. It is advised to check the minimal configuration before beginning the download to save yourselves from disappointment. An expansion pack is planned for this title, although it is not yet known who will be carrying out the development.
2007/02/23After a long pause, the new website of Ancient Games of Nations is available again online. You can find further pieces of information on it about the third episode, The Lost Sword of Toledo. PC Dome has published a larger article about this episode. Furthermore the new game of Private Moon Studios, Yoomurjak's Ring.
2007/02/21The 1.23 patch has arrived for Rush for Berlin from Stormregion. The 102 megabyte patch contains new units and auxhiliary properties besides correcting the errors in the multiplayer mode of the game. Furthermore the first expansion of the game is coming soon. You can take a look at some pictures on the website of Gamekapocs.
2007/02/21The ones feeling an undying desire to jump into the adverse circumstances of the Second World War should visit the columns of Hardwire displaying the new images from Battlestations: Midway. Not long after the hungarian release, the official, hungarian website of the game was launched as well, where you can find further information about the game.
2007/02/01Up until now we did not have the chance to see what Level-R, the new game of Invictus is all about. On the website of Hungarian SimWorld we can find some images from the game. Level-R is nothis else but the asian market version of Cross Racing Championship.

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