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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2007/06/02The development of The Lost Sword of Toledo episode of Ancient Games of Nations, the game of PrivateMoon Studios, is coming to an end. Within a month the team could finish the polishing up of the game. It is possible, that due to the extent of the project, the game would be released as a CD on the shelves of the stores next to the Mysterious Codex.
2007/06/02Los Angeles Street Racing, the new game of Invictus will be published in Europe in June and August entitled Overspeed: High Performance Street Racing. The website of Invictus is currently unavailable, and there has been no news announced of official sources what so ever about the publishing of the game.
2007/06/01It is my pleasure to introduce you to a new developer studio, Neocore. The team has been working on King Arthur, an empire building strategy game for two years now.
2007/06/01This year, for the first time, Game Developers Forum came to Hungary. You can download the report film of the ceremony from the website of GameStar.
2007/05/30For a long time now, the websites of Clevers Games and Brainfactor Entertainment have been unavailable. The former has published a video of its new generation video game engine, Paradox, not long ago. Since then, unfortunately, there have been no news from the team. The latter has launched the website of their new game under development, Word of Chaos, in the near past, and since then all activity was closing their own website.
2007/05/30Electronic Arts had closed the website of Armies of Exigo.
2007/05/30In perfect silence and secret, on the day before yesterday, the newest development of Invictus, Los Angeles Street Racing had been released. The game follows the Street Legal serie without the detailed management and providing a more fluent gameplay with up-to-date graphics.
2007/05/26A mission pack was released for Battlestations: Midway. The expansion is available for download for free from the official website of the game. There is a single-player mission, Raid on Truk, a multi-player map, Battle of Sibuyan Sea, and five new units included. There are also five stunning animations put in the pack to highten the feeling. The missionpack is available for the english, german, french and italian release.
2007/05/25After a long period of evaluation Crytek voted for Budapest. The development studio responsible for FarCry and Crysis is coming to Hungary, opening a studio in Budapest. Our capital won the votes not only because of its beauty and good workconditions but because there is sufficient amount of informatician workforce with fine quality. The new studio will probably supply auxiliary items for the games using the newest CryEngine, although it is possible that using the talented hungarian startegy game developers, there will be a new real-time-strategy game developed for the CryEngine.
2007/05/25You can find an interview with Stormregion about Rush for The Bomb on the pages of You can find out almost everything about the expansion. It is strongly advised to get a line before buying or ordering.
2007/05/17It seems that Most Wanted Entertainement will survive in its form. It is known that the team has gone through some very tough times in the not so far past. The developers are working on a new game engine and had decided to make a presentation out of it, similar to the others. Thanks to Hardwired, now we can watch the tech-reel. It is also worth mentioning that they are looking for new employees.
2007/05/10In the near future, the Macintosh version of ASK Homework's Dream Pinball 3D will be published. Runesoft is responsible for the game to get onto the shelves.
2007/04/30Tomorrow there will be an Imperium Galactica 2 match held at 17:00 CET. For details please visit the fan page of the game!
2007/04/27It seems all we had to do is complain about the silence and Stormregion already made an effort to break it. They have released the single-player demo of Rush for The Bomb, the expansion of Rush for Berlin. Surely we will have something to play with on the long weekend. On the official website of the game you can also read about the heroes included in the expansion.
2007/04/25There is no information filtrating through the closed doors of hungarian PC game development studios. In this empty space of news all I can announce is that CDV is planning in the near future to publish a collector's edition of the Codename: Panzers series, which will contain both the first and second phase of the game. Those not owning any of the sequels should wait for the release if they plan to buy it.
2007/04/23The world-wide-known Game Developers Forum comes to Hungary. This year, the movie theatre of the Sugár Áruház on Őrs vezér square in Budapest will welcome the event that reveals the sector secrets from year to year about game development. There will be representatives of such famous development studios among the presenters as Crytek, Invictus, BlackHole Games, IO Interactive, Stormregion or Eidos Hungary. All presentations will be held either in hungarian or by the aid of interpreters. Admission price for students is 5000HUF and for adults 8000HUF.
2007/04/20The second official video teaser was released from Rush for The Bomb, the first expansion of Rush for Berlin, developed by Stormregion, which you can download from either the game's or the developers' website. Furthermore Játékok is planning to make an interview with the developers and you can send in your own questions addressed to them. We can find new images in the gallery of GameKapocs.
2007/04/16The first patch for Battlestations: Midway has arrived. The internet-game lovers will be the most delighted with it, since the update was meant to correct the network code of the game. It is further worth mentioning that the sequel of the game has remained in hungarian hands and will be delivered by Eidos Hungary.
2007/04/12The website of Los Angeles Street Racing has been launched. You can also be familiar with the LASR expression of this Invictus development that will run as a part of the SkillGround on-line community.
2007/04/11Stormregion has decided to stay with DirectX9. Not long ago, members of the development studio have declared that in their opinion the DirectX9 technology still holds challange and surprise for both developers and players, so they are not likely to change to DirectX10 in the near future. The new technology was developed by Microsoft. They brought up the fact to defend their views, that the hardwares supporting the new routines are not yet as widespread as it should to make it worth the change.

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