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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2007/09/04Thanks to GSTV, we can take another look inside the properties of the new Gepard3 engine, powering Codename: Panzers - Cold War. Check out the video!
2007/09/03Not long after the launch of the Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the first video was published from the game. The video is not really good quality, but certainly presents the game. Those, who have time in the beginning of school should visit the website of PCDome to download the video.
2007/08/31After introducing a policy in Germany, similarily to other countries which have already introduced such a policy, that marks the development of violent videogames an act of crime, Crytek is looking for a new headquarters as well. The interesting turn in the matter is that Crytek opened a subsidiary a couple of months ago in Budapest after a thorough and long evaluation. This means that it could easily happen that Crytek would choose this very location for its parent company.
2007/08/31This could be something interesting and new for some of you. On the network of YouTube, one of the tech demonstration videos of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident 2 was released. The sequel to the original Nexus: The Jupiter Incident title has never gotten released probably due to the problems surrounding the later development studio. However the fanatics of the game had launched a petition to finish the next episode of the game.
2007/08/30It was planned to uncover the XBox360 demo of Warhammer: Mark of Chaos on this year's World Cyber Games. The reports so far though had not confirmed this raising.
2007/08/29The website of Codename: Panzers - Cold War was launched. The newest development of Stormregion is taking the place of Phase 3. Considering its storyline it is an unusual world war game.
2007/08/24There was an article published in Germany about the top 100 strategy games. Our little country, we can say, performed really well since there can be found 5 hungarian titles in the first five places. Out of these, four can be linked to Stormregion. On the podium you can find Rush for Berlin, Rush for The Bomb and Codename: Panzers - Phase 2. The fifth place goes to Joint Task Force by Most Wanted Entertainment. The game uses the Gepárd engine of Stormregion as well. In the fourth place you can find Warhammer: Mark of Chaos by BlackHole Entertainment. A big congratulations goes to everyone!
2007/08/22A minor correction: I just got the news from HomeGnome that the website of Wizards 2: Revenge of The Warlock is not closed. It is only moving instead. From the new address you can even download the demo version. The game is going through some graphics improvement in the meantime.
2007/08/22Rush for The Bomb, the expansion of Rush for Berlin has been released. The new game of Stormregion can be pre-ordered on the official website.
2007/08/22It is my sad duty to inform you that the website of both Wizards: The Revenge of The Warlock, both Vivo Games who was responsible for the development of Way of Crime had been closed.
2007/08/17The website of Street Legal is available on a new address. The change is due to the update of the Invictus server. The change is recorded to the Links section as well.
2007/08/16For the first time after a long period of silence, Invictus had updated their website. New details are revealed from both Level-R and Los Angeles Street Racing in the form of backgrounds and other images. For further information visit the Invictus website. Thanks to GameStar and LevelUp, you can watch an interview in the form of a video, straight from the Invictus headquarters.
2007/08/15It seems as if The Lost Sword of Toledo, the newest episode of Ancient Games of Nations is suffering a major delay. PrivateMoon Studios had promised to finish development weeks ago. It could be the publisher holding back the project, waiting for the perfect publishing time.
2007/08/13The demo version of Pranksters 2: Budgetworx, the sequel to Pranksters, a fun game by Glassfish Games, is ready to download. Furthermore two new games are under development that we can read about on the website of the developers. The Pranksters series goes to 3D with Pranksters 3D, and the Dream Labyrinth is under construction as well.
2007/08/12The website of the turn-based strategy game, developed by Huszár Games, addressing the 1848 freedom war had closed.
2007/07/29If someone would willingly read a short article about Battlestations: Pacific from Eidos Hungary, should go and visit the pages of
2007/07/28Those who have a good sense of rythm could sense a video from Warhammer 40,000: Mark of Chaos - Battle March coming as a presentation on E3. Not for a big surprise this can be found on Gametrailers as well.
2007/07/05It seems that things are rolling smooth for Stormregion. You can read an interview about them on the pages of PCDome.
2007/06/22It is Stormregion again who is breaking the long silence. It seems that 10Tacle's purchase of the company was a successful investement. The publishing company decided to sign a pre-contract with Stormregion about two projects worth of 14 million euros. The titles howerver are yet unknown.
2007/06/05Darmstadt, June 04, 2007 - 10Tacle Studios AG (ISIN DE000TACL107) today acquired 100% of Stormregion Software Development Kft., Budapest. Employing a staff of 95, Stormregion is Hungary´s premier game developer. Stormregion achieved worldwide fame in 2004 with its real-time strategy game Codename: Panzers, which has received several awards. Millions of copies of the games in the Codename: Panzers series have been sold around the world.

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