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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2007/11/13Ten new images were published from the new Stormregion development, Codename: Panzers 2 - Cold War.
2007/11/04It's been nearly twenty days since I wrote a mail, that I have sent to both the official e-mail address of the publishers both the official forum of Word of Chaos. In this I had asked about the game, including the future intended to it. Because there has been no activity whatsoever since, and because all official sources seem to be neglected for a log time now, I guess that could only mean one thing concerning the future of the game, and that is total oblivion.
2007/11/03Origo had noticed the newest development of the studio led by Pierrot, and had written a longer interview with the head of the idea. The conversation does not stick strictly to the development so we can take a wider perspective behind the scene.
2007/10/29The demo version of The Lost Sword of Toledo can be downloaded.
2007/10/29Soon, the demo version of the new episode of the Ancient Games of Nations, The Lost Sword of Toledo will arrive. The full version is expected to 15th, Novembre with hungarian dubing included. The game can be pre-ordered already.
2007/10/27Most Wanted Entertainment looks for not so professional people, versed in console games, willing to test games or build maps for them. For more details about the job please visit the website of the developers devoted for their job offers.
2007/10/13PC Dome has turned towards hungarian developments once again, and has written a larger summary of Rush for The Bomb. The game is the expansion of Stormregion's Rush for Berlin.
2007/10/09An interview with Pierrot, the founding member of PrivateMoon Studios, who is responsible for the development of Ancient Games of Nations, has been revealed. He is speaking of the details of the newest episode, called The Lost Sword of Toledo. The most important piece of information is that the game will be available only in a box edition, not via internet download as before. The interview is colored by newly released images presenting the game.
2007/10/03It seems that the publishing of the new creation of PrivateMoon Studios, the upcoming episode of Ancient Games of Nations, which goes under the title of The Lost Sword of Toledo will be significantly delayed. After a long silence, finally two video trailers of the game were released.
2007/10/01Faruk Yerli, one of the founding members of Crytek had mentioned in an interview, that the newly founded hungarian subsidiary, Crytek Hungary, works as a sterling studio, since all workforce resources are available. They are working on the expansion of Crysis and another franchise, not yet announced.
2007/09/26Let's break the silence once again with Codename: Panzers - Cold War. There are four images presented from the game, which can be viewed at the website of Hardwired. The argument rising in the topic of the piece of news below is about the moderate success reached by hungarian RTS developers in the rest of the world as opposed to the great success reached on the hungarian and german market. To this I would only add that Germany is considered one of the largest if not the largest market in Europe.
2007/09/21I guess I must have missed this thing back in time. I honestly can not imagine that the hungarian press in general had not focused enough on the 1.03 version patch of War on Terror, which can be found on the official website of the game.
2007/09/20The website of Armies of Exigo has closed. In our commemoration we could mention that this game was the first hungarian game to be taken care of by Electronic Arts.
2007/09/18It seems that things start to get hot around Huszár Games. Exploiting the centre of attention, the guys have decided to raise it even more by announcing their new title, Napoleon in Italy. The website of the new strategy game is already open.
2007/09/17Back in time, it really kicked up the dust, when the turned based strategy game, processing the Rákóczi War of Independence of a development studio, once HydroGames now called Huszár Games, was released for free by the favour of the Education Ministry. This ofcourse happened from the money of tax-payers although not helplessly considering the dropping performance in education of the student-aged population of the country. The story though does not end here as the game became totally unavailable for an entire year. The full coverage can be studied on the site of Origo.
2007/09/13Let's turn back a bit towards the headquarters of 3D Brigade! The cast of PCDome visited the team on a shooting using the motion capture technology. A real curiosity has also occured on the recordings, made for the new medieval game of Neocore, in the character of a horse. This was the first such event in Central-Europe. Considering the whole of Europe, similar case took place on the recordings of Two Worlds, the new game of Zuxxez and Topware Interactive, who also patronized the hungarian development of Dream Pinball 3D from ASK Homework.
2007/09/12By favour of JátékokHu we can watch the full presentation of 10Tacle Studios on this year's Games Convention about the new development of Stormregion: Codename: Panzers - Cold War. On the last couple of weeks this game was clearly the leader of all the hungarian developments. Furthermore I'm waiting for the answer on the forum of Gregorius' corner to the question: what is Stranglehold exactly in the article published?
2007/09/08The first video was released from Overspeed: High Performance Street Racing, the european version of Los Angeles Street Racing, the new game of Invictus, which was already published overseas.
2007/09/07PCDome has compiled a minor review of 3D Brigade, a studio, founded five years ago and running a success story since. Although the developers are not making full games but are the suppliers of many famous, foreign studios.
2007/09/05Hardwired found some images of the new Codename: Panzers - Cold War. They really reflect all the magic inside the game engine.

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