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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2008/01/04It seems that the sequel of Battlestations: Midway, the game that waved farewell to numerious development studios, is coming to a PC near you. The new episode, that will most likely be developed by Eidos Hungary, got the title; Battlestations: Pacific. The name could very well be telling considerint the plot of the game.
2008/01/03New screenshots have arrived from Codename: Panzers - Cold War, that Stormregion has been working on for a long time now. Hopefully it will be as big a hit as its preparation time.
2008/01/02It seems that we will be able to take the last officially announced title of Digital Reality in our hands in March, 3. We hope that with Field Ops, the studio is not waving bye to the PC game development.
2008/01/01Let's begin the new year with ASK Homework and their Dream Pinball 3D. The final touches are being carried out before the game will come to Nintendo Wii as well. It is probably not the last platform that the game will be ported, and it is for sure that the guys are also bringing us something to the PC platform as well.
2007/12/24So once upon a time, Invictus had started the development of an MMO. Since so far there were only car racing games on the dish it is not surprising that the guys had put together a car racing MMO. On the other side it surprising itself that it is such a surprise that the open beta of Project Torque exists. There is not even a sign of it on the developers' official website. The fresh piece of news is though that the first patch is here.
2007/12/22PC Guru will include two hungarian developments enclosed to the magazine package. The two lucky games that got selected were Rush for Berlin from Stormregion and Dream Pinball 3D from ASK Homework. You can read the ad on the website of the magazine.
2007/12/19A new video trailer, that takes a nostalgic tour in the locations of the previous episodes, was released from The Lost Sword of Toledo episode of Ancient Games of Nations.
2007/12/18New images were released from one of the long awaited developments of Stormregion, the Codename: Panzers - Cold War.
2007/12/11I have the pleasure to introduce to you a new development team, who had already put down their first game to the table. The demo version of Cease Fire, the game by Alpha-Tauri Interactive, can be downloaded from the official website of the game, where you can find many other interesting things. The game is a really fine fighting game that takes the player to an unusual setting of the genre.
2007/12/10The first motion picture has arrived from Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March that will be the expansion of the game with the similar title. We can see the BlackHole Entertainment logo assigned to the game for the first time, although previously everyone declared that the developer of the extension will be the developer of the original title.
2007/12/09Don't forget that you can get Nexus: The Jupiter Incident enclosed to the december issue of GameStar magazine as the full game appendix! If you haven't already, jot down a note for yourself to buy the magazine next week!
2007/11/29On this link you can watch the last transmission of Level Up, the program of in term of preculsion. The subject was the eFestival. They were speaking with Eduweb Multimédia and their new project under development, called Padlás. A few words are mentioned about Pranksters 3D supported by a video from the game. And an interview was made with Pierrot about the Lost Sword of Toledo and the international acceptance of the Yoomurjak's Ring.
2007/11/28The Club of Pranksters has opened. It is the community portal of the Pranksters series from Glassfish Games. All enquirers are welcome, but the vital component of a community, the forum is still under development.
2007/11/27For a couple of days now, the website of Field Ops, the new game of Digital Reality has become unavailable. Since we have heard about the game a long time ago last time, it is possible that it will be forgotten slowly, or since it is just about time to finally hear something about it, there might be a major update. Or neither of these.
2007/11/26The first patch for Ancient Games of Nations - The Lost Sword of Toledo is here already. The correction updates the game to version 1.01.
2007/11/25Yesterday The Lost Sword of Toledo, the fourth episode of Ancient Games of Nations got into the stores. We can read about the game on the official website of the game and on Pierrot's website as well.
2007/11/25The third episode of Pranksters from GlassFish Games will use the PhysX physics engine. Soon there will be a video presented that will show the pranksters moved to three dimensions in motion.
2007/11/23I did not notice it in August, but beside the demo version, the full version of Pranksters 2 - Budget Worx was published in August as well. The game is especially designed for youngsters in a colorful, tabed manner. It is sold in major stores and even in on-line stores such as Bookline or Netpiac. For Christmas a wider range of publishing is in plan too. The fresh piece of news is that the game won the second place on the eFestival competition of MATISZ, Magyar Tartalomipari Szövetség (Hungarian Association of Content Industry).
2007/11/20ASK Homework has turned towards console development. The studio is currently working on multiple developments for multiple consoles. During this they do not wish to turn a back on the PC users either. They have a couple of PC titles to work on as well.
2007/11/14The website of Monster Garage has closed. The Activision Value category development was produced for the US market. The game was not sold in Hungary. Compared to the rest of the Invictus developments, the game's support was finished quite early.

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