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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2008/02/21According to the survey of PCDome, The Lost Sword of Toledo reached the sining silver place of the best adventure game of 2007 contest. It is a really strong result from PrivateMoon Studios. The game received more than the quarter of all the votes and came before Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened and only Runaway 2: The Dream of The Turtle was able to outrank it. In the category of the best hungarian development it only came second though. The first place goes to Digital Reality's War Front: Turning Point, which was unable to get onto the stage of the battle going for the title of the best strategy game even with this outstanding result. The third best domestic development was Battlestations: Midway from Eidos Hungary.
2008/02/20Simply there can not be a day without something happening around Codename: Panzers - Cold War. Due to this year's Game Developers Conference there were some new screenshots published from the game that provides some moments of pleasure for our eyes.
2008/02/19According to Gamekapocs, the latest development of PrivateMoon Studios, The Lost Sword of Toledo, the newest episode of Ancient Games of Nations will be released on 22nd, February. But don't believe everything to them, it could only be the international release date since the game has been available in the shops for a while now in Hungary. You should go and see it yourselves and then buy it very much!
2008/02/18Next to the images presented before, where Stormregion wished to demonstrate how the backup arrives to our army in Codename: Panzers - Cold War, now came a video in which we can see in movement this very manouvre.
2008/02/17PCDome has joined the group of those who had published a preview of Codename: Panzers - Cold War. You can read the article here.
2008/02/15Yesterday a new correction package was released for Project Torque, the online racing game of Invictus. The patch is meant to refine the gameplay and correct some program errors. Yesterday the servers providing the patch were highly overloaded but the developers are continuously working on the problem so that everyone can get the new version rather sooner. I would like to also notice that as the publishing date of the final version is approaching Invictus felt more and more insistent to renovate their website which is now available on the old address.
2008/02/14PCDome have found new images of Codename: Panzers - Cold War. As it can bee seen from the news of the recent past, hungarian press is burning of Panzers as far as computer games matter. Public opinion so far supports though that this marketing campaign is of ggod cause, because the game is to be really nice.
2008/02/12Soon the next patch will arrive for Project Torque, the game developed by Invictus. The new correction will contain numerous problem fixes, a fine tuned gameplay and some new vehicles and tracks fro this car racing game. You will also be able to recognise some changes in the old tracks as well.
2008/02/11I myself would have been very surprised if Gamekapocs similarly had not stood in the line behind other ranked magazines to try Stormregion's new strategy game, Codename: Panzers - Cold War. You can reach the article on this address. I would like to quickly notice that all evaluation is based on the beta state of the development of the game.
2008/02/10I break the long silence once again with Codename: Panzers - Cold War. PCLife had written an article about the game that you can take a look at by clicking on the appropriate text.
2008/02/02"Stormregion was nice to grant with the opportunity of the editors being able to examine the newest Codename: Panzers game, which is getting into the shops this Spring. They were handed with a test version containing 5 levels that got some really deep look."
The article does not discredit the game as expected after all. But if every word is true of what they are saying then they have no right to whatsoever.
2008/02/01Oh my God! Finally we've made what I thought would still not happen for a while. And that is, to present a video trailer from a game that would never run on my computer in such a quality that it can not be played on my computer. Yes, Stormregion has done it! There is a video published from Codename: Panzers - Cold War which is meant to present the weather simulation capabilities of the Gepárd 3 graphics engine for those who have duch a station at home that is able to play a video of brutal resolution. Those who have no such computer shall not quail. To them there is a lower resolution video available thanks to GameTrailers.
2008/01/29Thanks to a GameStar mistake, the last episode of Gamestar TV was put onto the disc enclosed to the magazine badly. This means that they had to make it available for download from the website of GameStar. Inside the huge-sized archive you can find a video on which the latest development of Stormregion, the Codename: Panzers - Cold War is present as well. There is not much new about the game to find out but one thirsting for videos from inside the game should check it out.
2008/01/28Since it seems that there is such a load silence around all developments nevertheless there was not any box-dumpig on the shelves on any stores even around Christmas, I think it is time to do some game evaluation.

Let's examine Project Torque, the game developed by Invictus. The game incarnates a really rare genre, namely the MMORG, so the massively multiplayer online racing game. Upon downloading the game I experienced a slight consternation when the installer installed some so called 3rd-party utilities without asking my permission. Although later I was compensated because not that these utilities do no harm to the functioning of my computer, as StarForce did earlier, but also increased the game-experience. When I lanched the game I was presented with a nicely carried out on-line support interface that managed really well the servers and rooms. The game comes with the all the benefits of the engine of Cross Racing Championship 2005 and of all the benefits of the corrections carried out on it since then, which means even a slight raise in FPS. It is sad to see though a bug coming back from the early stages of the engine with some disappearing sounds. But everything considered together the game is a really fine piece of work and I advise all to download it as soon as possible.
2008/01/16Inictus has made their first game free to download. The adventure game, onEscapee was once a world hit for the Amiga platform an was later rewritten to the PC. The game is now available for free.
2008/01/14It is a bit late to announce but still very joyful. Napoleon in Italy, the new game of Huszár Games has been published. What is less joyful is that there is no news considering the future developments of the studio.
2008/01/13Thanks to PC Dome, players who intend to enlarge their collection of adventure games or trying to taste the genre in these shortcoming days can read a longer edition review of The Lost Sword of Toledo, the newest episode of Ancient Games of Nations.
2008/01/10Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the new game of Stormregion could arrive on March, 7th.
2008/01/09The first patch for The Lost Sword of Toledo, the fourth episode of Ancient Games of Nations has arrived. The patch corrects the storyline problems.
2008/01/06It is most likely that Dream Pinball 3D will come to Nintendo DS as well. The publishing day of the ASK Homework pinball game is almost the same as the Nintendo Wii version's.

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