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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2008/04/10Project Torque, the game from Invictus has gone wild. After the open testing and many patches and corrections the game has reached a state where the player has to pay more and more to advance in the game after a certain level. After this level the player must reach into his pocket to buy the upgrades to the cars. According to none-official sources 20 USD will give the player about 2000 AP, the money in the game. It is worth watching for the free opportunities to get yourselves some AP though.
2008/04/05Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March could be on the shelves by 16, March. The website of Blackhole Entertainment's development has opened and as usual for a fresh new game page it contains much information about the game itself.
2008/04/04Unfortunately Tonuzaba Entertainment missed out on a great opportunity to become well-known. Instead of them Wizarbox got the rights to develop Grey Matter. The hungarian developers work was not fruitless since everything they have done so far will be left untouched. And we can grumble about the fact in the awareness of never knowing what could have been if the game stays in the hands of hungarian talents.
2008/04/03I can happily announce that I sank to a level where I felt indispensable to bother the readers with April's fool news as you can see below. I intended it as a joke, even if it doesn't make anyone smile at all, but it seems I could even be right about it. Namely, Cevat Yerli, the lead-designer of Crysis signed in to Game Developers Forum.
2008/04/01It seems that money keeps rolling in for Game Developers Forum. All major american development studios stated that they are willing to pay some amount if there is time provided for them on the forum to talk. It is possible that all american studios will come to the event.
2008/03/28If everything is going according to plan, Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the newest game of Stormregion was released by 10Tacle Studios today.
2008/03/28Every thing began with ZZT. A company that can be proud to live with one of the oldest names of computer game development. Epic Games has reached from the ASCII displayed DOS games up to titles like the Unreal series or the console best-seller Gears of War. And it is no less of a person visiting this year's Game Developers Forum than Mike Capps, the president of Epic Games.
2008/03/27LevelUp has again brought out the roses of hungarian game development in the 137. transmission and so one of the new developments of GlassFish Games, Pranksters 3D was brought up. The video trailer of the game was presented in the line-up, which you can watch for a limited amount of time, until it's removed because it has not yet been uploaded stand-alone to the website of the developers.
2008/03/2610Tacle AG is struggling with money problems. It seems that the publisher company managed to accumulate a 13.4 million euro debt. Numerous developments got into trouble with it as well. Before we had been too much scared that Codename: Panzers - Cold War was among these developments I reassure everyone that the release of the game is in no danger. It will be out in the shop shelves the day after tomorrow.
2008/03/25You can read about two hungarian developments in the March issue of GameStar. The first article is about Battlestations: Pacific from under the hands of Eidos Hungary. Luckily a whole page was sacrificed for this purpose and so there was plenty of space remaining for the pictures to support the writing that has almost four substantive sentences.
The other article on the other hand is about Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March brew in the kettle of Balckhole Entertainment and stretches along two pages. The length of the article was based on the length of the title probably, because it says nothing more about the game than the essential of the Battlestations: Pacific article. For those though who know nothing about these two games could be a nicely put together source of information.
2008/03/24Nobody should scare if the computer starts downloading with heavy traffix when trying to play Project Torque for the first time after a month break because the newest patch is available. I know nothing about the circa 50 megabyte correction but even the most lay user will notice the new information dashboard waiting for the players upon entering the main menu.
2008/03/21Endre invites everyone to the grand spring opening of Imperium Galactica 2 matches on this Saturday at 16:00. For further details please visit the #2 room of or
2008/03/20There is a development studio that does not develop games of its own but only supplies the games of the biggs with their models and graphics. On the other hand they made a step that is worth mentioning at least in a couple of lines. It happened that 3D Brigade thought, hungarian grey matter could be a good investment so they have opened an educational institution in which the enterprising could learn the masters of the work. The Mesharray Digital Media School was placed inside 3D Brigade's headquarters in Hajógyári-sziget, Budapest.
2008/03/12Due to the success of last year, the Game Developers Forum will be held again this year in Budapest. the one-year-old conference will be on saturday, 17th, May in the area of the MOM Palace Cinemas. (1121 Budapest, Alkotás u. 53.) Registration has been going since 6th, March, and all visitors can count on some preferential offers. Among the presentators you can find such names as Eidos Hungary, Crytek Hungary, Digital Reality, Invictus, 3D Brigade or Stormregion. But such studios will arrive from abroad as Electronic Arts or the Microsoft Game Studio. This year the strictly professional and public-friendly presentations will be held separate.
2008/03/10In the February issue of GameStar magazine you can read a multi-page article about Codename: Panzers - Cold War. Those who plan to buy the game should go and get a copy of the newspaper immediately if has not done so already. There are plenty to read about. If you want to save even more excitement for yourselves you should stop reading here, but I can tell you, the article won't back you off from purchase.
2008/03/09In Battlestations: Pacific the size of the maps will increase to a double of the predecessor. They plan to give us no less than 28 missions in the single-player campaign. And we will be able to control 21 new units in our fleet. There is no news about an idea of a release date.
2008/03/01Yes, it is officially true now, Battlestations: Pacific is coming to you. We were given some images from the game as well. Luckily PC owners will also play the game on their machines since it will not only come to the different console platforms.
2008/02/25We could announce February, 22th the World Day of Twos. There had been 22 new images released from Codename: Panzers - Cold War on this day by PCDome. We still have to wait a bit more for the game after two years, but you can almost touch it, it's so close.
2008/02/24According to the evaluation of PCGames, two games of Stormregion got into the elite top 10 list of best strategy games. Codename: Panzers - Phase Two became the sixth and Rush for Berlin placed the tenth. Congratulations to the guys!
2008/02/22"A Sound Giant Emerges into the Cold. Headset specialist Sennheiser Communications has jumped on board for a chilling ride into the depths of a war torn Europe. It's time for strategists everywhere to plug in to the supersonic sounds of Sabres overhead and the thunderous applause of heavy cannons. It's an experience you won`t want to miss! Sennheiser Communications Supports International Codename: Panzers - Cold War Promotion"

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