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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2008/05/20The second article of GameKapocs about this year's Game Developers Forum was created in the name of image-dumping. If you need visual feedback about the forum be sure to visit the page of the article since the guys shared no less than 56 images with us.
2008/05/20PC Dome managed as well to come up with a not so long article as an opening about the GDF but in this one you can find some photographs about the event. They write mainly about the curse of Mesharray that I wrote about earlier. For details either visit the article of PC Dome or read back here.
2008/05/20First it was Hardwired to write something about the closure of GDF although there is no real infromation in their article. GameKapocs published a writing somewhat later but it is worth reading as an introduction due to its content.
2008/05/19The Games Developers Forum was closed without any major problem and with what we can call a successful outcome. The quality of the presentations was evaluated differently by everyone. Everyone had a different favorite presentation and even the most disliked was praised by some. As far as marketing is concerned it was interesting to see again, similarly to last year that tickets could be bought on the spot cheaper than the ones ordered months ago. Summaries of the forum though arrive one after the other. For those who could not be there, it could be nice to read some articles on it. The near future will all be about the Game Developers Forum.
2008/05/18Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March, the new development of BlackHole Entertainment was released.
2008/05/13Here is what the major Project Torque upgrade coming soon is all about. Invictus has opened the new Diane version to beta testing. First users for Hungary can join the action for which they have to register themselves on the official website of the beta game. The upgrade will contain new game modes, the introduction of a mission-system, new tracks including the japanese mountains and highways, gorgeous girls, further licensed and dreamed-up cars, a 3D conference room, a multi-channel chat system and many more.
2008/05/12If you still don't have a Game Developers Forum 2008 overdose you might want to watch the 142th transmission of LevelUp, where they talk about the forum as well. For the video of the program visit the website of
2008/05/11Due to an action of GameStar ten lucky winner can buy a ticket to Game Developers Forum 2008 for only 2990Ft. For this, all you have to do is to register yourselves on this address.
2008/05/08Let's see what can we expect from the hungarian development studios on this year's Game Developers Forum! Tamás Fodor from Digital Reality will talk about the real-time video-making and editing tool developed by the company. Tamás Kozák will show us how to develop for the asian market. The managing director of Invictus won his experience during the development of Level-R, a game that was produced for the asian market only. From Eidos Hungary, Botond Szalacsi will hold a presentation about how to make a sequel. Eidos Hungary won the chance to make the sequel to Battlesations: Midway, the game by former Mithis Games. The link between Mithis Games and Eidos Hungary is multifold though examining the past of the two companies. I would also like to mention 3D Brigade who will talk about the preparation of characters for the Unreal 3 engine. You can read the program in details on the official website of the forum.
2008/05/06There is a development that has been in complete silence for a while now and that is Buggy: Make, Ride, Win! We still have to wait for this game to come out of Debrecen since there has been no publisher to lift the game up. ASK Homework is not sitting still until then. They have built a DirectX 9 engine below the game from sketch. A new image has been shared with the pbluc as well.
2008/05/05Soon there will be a major update coming to Project Torque, the MMORG of Invictus. There was nothing more revealed about this so far though.
2008/05/04Let's turn towards the yellow press! There are gossip rising from non-official sources and then flying onwards, thanks to disgusting websites like Gregorius corner, that there are multiple development studios battling with financial problems and their future is standing on vague grounds. These problems could be connected to both Eidos Hungary and Stormregion. Since no official sources have supported these rumors I say we should rather hope things will turn brighter if they need to at all.
2008/05/02Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March is on gold. The development has just finished but it seems, the success of the game is already given.
2008/04/30We can find Armies of Exigo as a full-version game enclosed to the next month's GameStar magazine. Some of us may even remember that this was the game that Blackhole Entertainment received international success with.
2008/04/29The third patch for The Lost Sword of Toledo, the fourth episode of Ancient Games of Nations, the adventure game of PrivateMoon Studios has arrived. The patch upgrades the game to version 1.03 and is available for download at PC Dome.
2008/04/26Dream Pinball 3D, the game developed by ASK Homework, has travelled to the shelves of the shops overseas along with the fresh new console versions of the game.
2008/04/25The Orc and Goblin warriors are introducing themselves. You can read more and watch pictures about the characters of Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March on the website of the game. You can also find there new screenshots and a video. The fanatics of the game are looking forward a half-hour-long fun now.
2008/04/21According to an interview that was written by PC Dome, Matrix Games is all satisfied with the games of Huszár Games or Hussar Games. Matrix Games is responsible for the publication of Napoleon in Italy or the english version of Pro Libertate that was made for foreign export, For Liberty. Surprisingly this is why they decided to publish them.
2008/04/17The advertisement specialists of Namco and Blackhole Entertainment have arosen from their two-year's dream. Do you remember the times when contemplating with indigestion the videos released from Warhammer: Mark of Chaos? This practice seems to end now, since we got two nicely directed and produced videos from Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March.
2008/04/11Imperium Galactica 2 weekend from today! On this very day, 11 April, from 18:00 and on tomorrow from 16:00 starts the warm-up season with the lead of Garrett for an upcoming Imperium Galactica 2 championship organized by the most devoted fan-site of the game.

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