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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2008/06/21After the poor quality images, better looking visual appetising has arrived from Crytek Hungary, working on Crysis: Warhead, the expansion to the original Crysis game. The most of such images were gathered together by Hardwired, so it is their gallery of the article that is the most worth examining from closer.
2008/06/20The first discourse of Mesharray Digital Media School was held on the open day of June, 5. The staff of PC Dome was present on the event as well and they put together a nice, little report. It is an acknowleged fact that the course is held by the University of Debrecen and Invictus together.
2008/06/19The first images have arrived from Crysis: Warhead taken out from a video. For the images please visit the website of Gamekapocs.
2008/06/18A 50 mega-byte update has arrived to Project Torque again. Numerous players were given some presents which they can take from inside the game by logging in to the website of the game and entering the code they were presented with in an e-mail. In the latest version Invictus managed to put a carreer mode as well. The newest update like all the others will be downloaded by the game automatically upon starting.
2008/06/17As I have mentioned before, Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary is going to be a PC-exclusive title. The company though is willing to change on this strategy, and in the future they would like to make their games for multiple platforms. According to Gamekapocs, Crytek Hungary has a development for Playstation Portable. It is not known though whether it is going to be the porting of Crysis: Warhead or they are waving a farewell to the PC-platform for a while and so to us.
2008/06/15On this years's Electronic Entertainment Expo, or by short, E3, Electronic Arts will present Crysis: Warhead, the expansion to the basic game, as well, developed in Hungary by Crytek Hungary. It is meant to be a PC-exclusive title.
2008/06/11Another readable article has come through about Game Developers Forum 2008 from PC Dome this time.
2008/06/07The 349 megabyte update for Project Torque, the on-line racing game of Invictus, has arrived.
2008/06/05The news exploded like a bomb though it did not make a huge devastation since we all presumed what is turning out to be true after all. Crytek did not open its studio in Hungary before without a cause. The truth is that Crytek Hungary will be responsible for the expansion to Crysis, namely for Crysis: Warhead. Hardwired is in possess of the most visual enchantments connected to the announcement.
2008/06/03GameStar has enclosed a copy of Armies of Exigo to each May issue of its magazine as promised before. Hence everyone has an original copy at home by now.
2008/05/31With the help of the staff of Invictus, the Mesharray Digital Media School is holding an open day on 5th, June, on the Technology Faculty of the University of Debrecen. All the future attendants have to do is register to participate. Invictus is beginning to live its golden era in yellow as much as in profession.
2008/05/30It was a long time ago when I last heard something about Neocore Games and one of their development, King Arthur. Up to now I thought this is the only development of the team. But in the big silence I forgot to examine what is going on, and I missed out on the release of their first game last month, Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come. It is a real-time strategy game that was planned to be released last November. You can find much infromation about the games on the renewed website of the developers.
2008/05/29Everything is so quiet when all hungarians thirst for some news in this hot weather. Working in the sunshine is a lot harder. Because of this I would like to draw your attention to a small video in which you can watch how 3D Brigade had recorded the movements of the Blind Guardian rock band for one of the hidden missions of Sacred 2.
2008/05/27Attention has focused around Invictus these weeks while the silence roaming around the rest of the hungarian development studios is becoming alarming. But do not let this overshadow the fact that GameStar has published a tasty interview series from the headquarter of Invictus via GameStar TV. You can find the first, second and third episode on the GameStar website.
2008/05/25The redesigned Játé has published an article about the Game Developers Forum decorated with some images. The frequency of the arriving summaries are decreasing so this is probably one of the last ones. It's not worth waiting for more.
2008/05/24GameStar have put their hands on some images of the beta version of Project Torque. If you are interested in what is waiting for you after the downloading of the update you should visit the gallery of the game.
2008/05/23The list of exhibitors on this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 is beginning to leak on more and more spots. There is some news concerning hungarian developments multi-deferred. Deep Silver and Namco Bandai are going to be there, who are responsible for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March from BalckHole Entertainment. Eidos Games, the subsidiary of Eidos Interactive will be there who has opened a studio in Hungary, Eidos Hungary not long ago. They are responsible for the sequel to Battlestations: Midway, a game of many development studios. And SouthPeak Interactive will be there too who is responsible for the over-seas distribution of Dream Pinball 3D from ASK Homework.
2008/05/23The start of the open beta testing of Project Torque is planned for today. We will see how that turns out. If you are interested in the testing keep an eye on it. In the meantime origo published an article about the future of game development and Project Torque is also mentioned as an example.
2008/05/23It seems the big update to Project Torque is going to be about 700 megabytes. At least the Diane version meant for testing is about 700 megabyte bigger than the current updated version of the game. Invictus is doing a great effort on this. The official website of the game is currently unavailable.
2008/05/20Last time an image was released from The Buggy: Make, Ride, Win simulation development on the appropriate forum of SuperGamez. ASK Homework this time presented a short video to show the development is not dead.

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