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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2008/07/31I am trying to find some more irregular news. For a second try I would like to drive you to the refurnished website of Level-R. The racing game of Invictus had been dressed up nicely though it gives browers a hard time. If yours is tough enough it is worth wandering around on it for a while.
2008/07/30TopWare Interactive is playing it hard. They protected Two Worlds before solid like a rock, since they had posted many warning mails to players downloading and sharing their game illegally. Today there are more legal investigations running in these cases. They are planning to proceed in a similar manner in the case of Dream Pinball 3D, the development of ASK Homework that also belongs to TopWare Interactive. You can watch the news including this one in the issue of YouNews.
2008/07/27There is one more creation that was present on the E3 of this year and can be linked to Hungary. It is Warhammer 40,000: Mark of Chaos - Battle March. The long title covers a long development as the game has been forming under the hands of BlackHole Games for over 8 years if we consider this being the expansion of the base game. There are new images available from the game that you can take a look at in the gallery of Gamekapocs.
2008/07/26Naturally some videos were shared with the people showing some interest at the stand of Battlestations: Pacific on the E3 of this year. Of course this could not be held as a secret for a long time and now even those can watch the videos on the pages of Gametrailers who were not present at the exhibition.
2008/07/24Let us continue with the news coming from E3 then! We have another contestant on the exhibition. New images were released from Battlestations: Pacific. Since the website of the game is not yet ready, you can take a look at the images in the gallery of Gamekapocs.
2008/07/23In the meantime the E3 of this year was launched as well. There were multiple hungarian developments present. Who would have thought that Crysis: Warhead was one of the participants? Well, the videos introduced on the exhibition have arrived. You can watch them on Gametrailers.
2008/07/22According to there will be a new multi-player mode in Crysis: Warhead that will be called Crysis War. There will also be 21 maps in the game which includes 7 brand new places.
2008/07/21Let's get back to the hews-dumping Crysis: Warhead after this short detour. In the recent past the updated website of the game was launched that also contains a video trailer of the game now.
2008/07/20Every piece of news seems to be refreshing if it is not about Crysis: Warhead. It is good to see that hungarian developers are able to make themselves noted on other fronts as well. An article was presented by Eurogamer about Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come, the game of Neocore Games. Although the developers are covering themselves by the so-called well known fact about the strictness of the raters of Eurogamer, the receiving of the game in Hungary seem to support the 7 points given out of 10. I must also add that it is far from a bad score for a first development. You can read the article here.
2008/07/19A long time ago, there was a hungarian development published that I have never heard of before. It was published even before this website was launched. Ballpark 3DX is a puzzle game developed by 576Media. It is now added to the database of Gregorius' corner.
2008/07/10Tasty slices of cakes are coming towards the press with overwhelming momentum from Crytek Hungary. Not even today can be an exception of the habit. We can watch some videos taken out of playing Crysis: Warhead. These videos can be found on Gametrailers.
2008/07/09Crysis: Warhead got a release date. We can expect the game to leave the hands of Crytek Hungary on 16th of September.
2008/07/08The year of 2008 Imperium Galactica II. championship is beginning on 10th August 2008. If you would enter you must register before 8th August 2008. The competition rules are coming soon. There are two categories, beginner and advanced. So you can select what kind of adversary would you like. You can sign up on the main page of the fanatic website.
2008/07/03Hardwired asked for only a day to publish even more high-resolution images from Crysis: Warhead. What sounds interesting is that they have rewritten the engine from Turbo Pascal to machine code so that the game runs faster lowering the system requirements.
2008/07/02Nowadays everything is about Crysis: Warhead. PC Dome managed to take hold of two new, high-resolution images from the game of Crytek Hungary.
2008/06/30For those, who have spent the weekend away from a computer like me, it could be new, that there is a video released from Crysis: Warhead. For a long time it was in the form of a Youtube moving picture circulating around the web, but now even Gametrailers features it in better quality. Though you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the videos of the original Crysis title, the trailer can be found there as user movies.
2008/06/25The first trailer of Battlestations: Pacific from Eidos Hungary has arrived to Gametrailers as well. Here you can watch the action-packed video in a better quality than you could on the official website of the game.
2008/06/24Those who are continous participants of the joy provided by Project Torque had probably noticed already that there is an attractive lady welcoming the players upon entering the game since the last set of gigantic updates. Invictus Games signed a long-term contract with Bódi Szilvi, or Bódi Sylvi, that she will be the face of Project Torque in the future.
2008/06/23According to the announcement of Cevat Yerli, representing Crytek, Crytek Hungary is currently working on the engine of Crysis: Warhead to push down the limit of the minimum system requirements. If we can believe the expectations set up, the game will have to run without problem on a two-year-old machine, so we do not need to upgrade by all means.
2008/06/22The list of exhibitors and so the hungarian participants on this year's E3 seem to delineate. For sure, Electronic Arts will present Crysis: Warhead by Crytek Hungary and Eidos Interactive will demonstarte Battlestations: Pacific by Eidos Hungary. Battlesations: Pacific just opened its new website in the recent past, and you can also see a brand new movie.

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