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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2008/09/03We thought that paradise has come for Stormregion when 10Tacle Studios has bought them and invested a huge amount of money in the company. Since then it turned out it was far from that rosey, and when the publisher went bankrupt it pulled Stormregion and their games with itself. Now it became possible again for their last development, Codename: Panzers - Cold War to be released under the star of a new publisher. If that will be Atari or Electronic Arts we will find out later. The developers used the name, InnoGlow instead of Stormregion on Games Convention of this year. Maybe we will see their new website running soon here. The game will feature such developments as the picture-in-picture function or the support for multiple display devices. It will produce all this under a 2.8 GHz-Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB RAM, and a GeForce 8800 GT. It will worth be following the story of it.
2008/09/02Crysis: Warhead has gone gold.
2008/09/01One week ago, weeks before the planned date of publish, the development of Crysis: Warhead was completed. This all means that we will probably get the game of Crytek Hungary in our hands at the original release date of september, 16.
2008/08/31Játé managed to get hold of 6 new Crysis: Warhead images. Looking at the pictures we can realize that the graphics has changed little since the original episode of the game. But one thing is for sure. Everything is brought to the screen that the engine is capable of. The resolution of the images are really big so we can see every little detail in the environment.
2008/08/30Thanks to GameStar TV you can watch a compilation about the cross-section of Games Convention. The video starts right away with Crysis: Warhead. Though do not expect anything new! We should have been playing this game, not watching by now.
2008/08/29It has been a month ago when I noticed that rumors are wandering around the Internet about the death of Digital Reality, the hungarian development studio with the longest past. The basis of these rumors was the fact that we could not hear a single word from them for a long-long time. I wanted to prove the rumors wrong and get in contact with them but none of my tries succeeded. I did not want to believe that it is over. And so I waited. And my prayers got heard. They are alive along with Field Ops. The rights of publication switched from the hands of Freeze Interactive to The Games Company and they are vow to present the game.
2008/08/28There have been many gameplay videos from Crysis: Warhead and here comes a new one. The crew of GameStar had the chance to be there personally at the presentation of Crysis: Warhead on Games Convention. The video has very bad quality and was made with a handhold camera, but the background noise and the voice of the presentator goves it the mood.
2008/08/27The award of the first case of a serie of ligitations concerning 5000 users was born between Topware Interactive and Isabella Barwinska. The affected had to pay a fine of 16000 pounds for violating copyright laws. The lady has shared Dream Pinball 3D of ASK Homework.
2008/08/26Crysis: Warhead has presented itself on the Games Convention of 2008 with the updated version of an old trailer.
2008/08/25In a couple of weeks the new service pack for Project Torque, the racing game of Invictus will arrive. There will be a new sequential racing mode, a new explore mode, a new off-road map and cars, a new Thunder Alley track, they will simplify the interface and improve the chat system and fix many more things. We are waiting for it in excitement.
2008/08/24And the Games Convention of 2008 was launched in the meantime with hungarian participants as well. Battlestations: Pacific at the desk of Eidos Interactive, Dream Pinball 3D at the desk of Zuxxez Entertainment and of course Crysis: Warhead at the desk of Electronic Arts will be represented. I will write about hungarian related news coming from the expo later.
2008/08/23Who would have thought that after all these Crysis: Warhead videos the time has finally come for Crytek Hungary to release some images from the game. You can watch them in the gallery of Gamekapocs.
2008/08/22A new video of Crysis: Warhead has arrived. It is a really nice piece of work well put together. It is more moving than the monotone videos before. Similar to the previous one, it is available in two versions. One in higher resolution and the other in lower resolution and Flash.
2008/08/21The first video from Crysis Wars, the multi-player version of Crysis: Warhead has arrived. From Hardwired you can download the original version. This version is so detailed though, that for example my computer is unable to play it without problem. If you have a similar weak computer you can reach the low resolution flash version on Játé
2008/08/20The official system requirements of Crysis: Warhead has arrived. We can read the standards of Crytek Hungary for example on the website of GameStar.
2008/08/19The official release date of Crysis: Warhead was brought earlier by four days to 12th, September. Those players who did not get overdozed by the number of news about the game already will be able to hold the game in their hands even sooner.
2008/08/18PC Dome managed to grasp eight really nice, new images from Crysis: Warhead. For examining the images please visit the article.
2008/08/17The website of Crysis: Warhead that opened a couple of weeks ago has been updated with new content including a video and numerous images.
2008/08/16Windows Vista came as a thunder but it turned out it did not quite match the expectations. Hence we can not turn down on supporting the XP. It is this reason why Crytek Hungary decided that Crysis: Warhead will bring the DirectX10 effects to under DirectX9, so that players could enjoy the game in its full pomp under XP as well.
2008/08/14Most Wanted Entertainment is working on three games at the same time. Although only one of them will be available on PC as well. The game, called Chameleon, will be an action-RPG development. It will be presented on XBox360 as well as on PC platform. It is expected to be released in the first half of 2009. The database holding the list of hungarian PC developments on Gregorius' corner was updated hence.

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