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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2008/09/24An article was published on PC Dome about Crysis: Warhead on the day of its release.
2008/09/23Unfortunately Crytek Hungary voted for the SecuROM protection system hence Crysis: Warhead will be armored with the same method. We hope it will have a smaller effect on the selling than there was in the case of Spore.
2008/09/22The crew of Crytek Hungary has announced that the demo version of Crysis Wars, the multi-player version of Crysis: Warhead will be available soon. They denied though to release such a version of Crysis: Warhead game itself before the full game comes out. They did not promise one even after that.
2008/09/21You can find an article about Crysis: Warhead in the September issue of GameStar as well which will be longer than the previous one as the editors promise.
2008/09/20I obviously was wrong when I thought that the news about Crysis: Warhead were over after the release of the game. Now I have to say that according to the readers of GameStar the game ranked 5th on the list of all the developments of the month.
2008/09/19Today Crysis: Warhead was released with hungarian dubing.
2008/09/18In the August issue of GameStar you can read an article about Crysis: Warhead. It is about the visit to the Budapest headquarters of Crytek Hungary where the crew of the magazine could try out the game as well. On the DVD appendix of the magazine you can find a video interview too.
2008/09/17Eidos Hungary is launching a focus test. The hungarian developer team is looking for some volunteers of any genre, age or occupation to help determining the future direction of the development of Battlestations: Pacific. The time has come when the basis has been laid and new ideas could still be fit in the game. You can register yourselves to test on the website of the developers.
2008/09/17The press has a really positive opinion about Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary. The game scores in all evaluations above 90% and the jury was persuaded by the optimised engine, the rolling action, the professional cutscenes and the smart ending.
2008/09/16A new video was released from the strategy game of BlackHole Entertainment, which could race bravely on the competition of the game with the longest title, Warhammer 40,000: Mark of Chaos - Battle March. The video is available on GameTrailers.
2008/09/15Crysis: Warhead will be available on Steam. So far it can only be pre-purchased but it will be fully available this month.
2008/09/14There are new images available from Crysis: Warhead, which opposed to the heat that rules the majority of the game shows the frozen side of the island.
2008/09/13For tonight I would only say that the detailed configuration of the Crysis: Warhead computer mentioned before has arrived. (Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66 GHz 3M processor, NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT 512MB videocard, 2 GB RAM, G31 mATX mother-board, 250GB 7200RPM 3G SATA-2 HDD, 16X DVD-ROM and integrated Realtek High-Def Audio soundcard, Ultra X-Blaster ATX Mid-Tower Black Case house, mouse and keyboard) It will cost 699 USD and will come with 1 year warranty.
2008/09/12Today Crysis: Warhead was released. This means that the news-dumping related to the game is probably over.
2008/09/12There is an effort to collect all the good old games together in one place and make them available for everyone. Good Old Games is bringing you all this so that they are rewriting the games for Windows XP and Windows Vista as well. So far there has been two major publishers who joined the initiation; Interplay and Codemasters. The beta mode has just been launched and the off-road game of Invictus, 1nsane is also offered for buy.
2008/09/11There is only a few production that we can know the amount of money it cost. Electronic Arts though has informed the public spontaneously that they had spent 22 million dollars to produce Crysis: Warhead. It seems thought that it is worth the money since the first international press review gave the game an evaluation of 92%.
2008/09/10The crew of GameStar was testing Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the problematic game of Stormregion. The excitement of the video, the dense experience of the battles and the narration is ruined by the boring comments of the midfahrer. The visuals look good without any sounds as well though.
2008/09/09Soon the computers holding the same configuration as the machine used for testing Crysis: Warhead will be on the shelves of the shops. The idea comes from Crytek Hungary that Electronic Arts should reveal the system specifications as the recommended requirements. The publisher company with the aid of nVidia though is now planning to release the computers of the kind. The configuration is expected to hold an Intel Core Duo E7300(@2.66GHz) CPU and an nVidia 9800GT video card with 2GB DDR2 800Mhz memory.
2008/09/07Five new images were revealed from Warhammer 40,000: Mark of Chaos, the game of BlackHole Entertainment. The pictures include scenes of siege which you can visit in the gallery of Gamekapocs.
2008/09/04On the opportunity of the imminent release of Crysis: Warhead, Játé has uploaded an article about the game of Crytek Hungary. You can read the news sprayed into a historical overview of the development. You can find the article here.

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