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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2008/10/06Next to Crysis: Warhead you get a disc containing the multiplayer game, Crysis Wars. The network fun is regulated but you can try it for free on this weekend, on the 10th, 11th and 12th. All you need to do is to register on MyCrysis.
2008/10/05Germany has proven to be a very grateful market for hungarian developments. This is supported even by fact that Crysis: Warhead had opened the best here and seized the second place immediately.
2008/10/05Crysis: Warhead has opened on the 3rd place on the hungarian selling list as well. This means that it follows the tendencies of overseas and the domestic market does not prefer hungarian products.
2008/10/05In the United States Crysis: Warhead stands on the fourth place in the list of selling. The original title disappeared on the other hand. As I wrote earlier, after the release of Crysis: Warheasd, the original game, Crysis, has reached the third place. But it turns out it was only a pentecostal realm. Hopefully Crysis: Warhead has more reserves.
2008/10/05Gamekapocs stood in the line and published a large, 1500 word article on Crysis: Warhead. According to the rule of circumspect orientation it is a required reading to everyone being interested in the game.
2008/10/03Soon Crytek will bring the dream of all game modifier for the creative fanatics of Crysis: Warhead in the form of a software development kit for the game.
2008/10/03An immeasurably depressing videotest was published on the pages of GameStar about Crysis: Warhead. The mood is maintained by Ender and Mazur throughout the entire video. Although the guys have awaited for the hungarian dub version of the game to test it, somehow they managed to publish the video without us having to hear a single hungarian word. Instead we can listen to the high-flying discussion about Ender's beard. If someone hungers for new Crysis: Warhead videos then here is another one but I would advise the rest to avoid this piece of work hitting the bottom of the standards of GameStar.
2008/10/03It seems that everything is back on track. The website of Ancient Games of Nations is available once again and everything remained untouched. Nothing has changed.
2008/10/02The second was Játékok to publish an review about Crysis: Warhead. The game received a really high score.
2008/10/02It could be expected that sooner or later the overviews of Crysis: Warhead, the game of Crytek Hungary will start flowing. PC Dome was the first to publish a hungarian article about it.
2008/10/02The website of Ancient Games of Nations, the adventure game of PrivateMoon Studios is under reconstruction. We are waiting what could the outcome of this be, since the website did not change much even after the success of the fourth episode, The Lost Sword of Toledo, and some features of the website remained closed. We could not hear anything about an upcoming fifth episode neither.
2008/10/01It seems that due to Crysis: Warhead, the expansion to Crysis even the sales of the original game, Crysis has risen and reached the 10th position of the sales toplist.
2008/09/30Crysis: Warhead has opened right in the 3rd place on the toplist of british sales. Congratulations on the nice work of Crytek Hungary. This was a step towards Crytek not stoping to develop for the PC.
2008/09/29The Game Show will be held this year from 6th, November to 9th, November. The organizers are waiting for everyone in Hungexpo who is interested in videogaming.
2008/09/28More of the hungarian developments has closed their websites. The homepage of War Front: Turning Point was closed. Now only the website of Digital Reality stands as a memoire of the good old days of the game. Field Ops has done similarily although it is a game not yet published. For sure there will come a new publisher.
2008/09/27The september issue of GameStar is here. The new issue contains a two-page article of Crysis: Warhead, as the editors had promised before. What is more interesting is that it also put Neocore Games and their recently published game, Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come, and their new, in-development King Arthur on four full pages. The magazine wrote very positive things about them both and claimed King Arthur to be a blockbuster of the future.
2008/09/26Two videos were released from Crysis: Warhead, the Avian Sunset Gameplay video which takes a wierd turn in the end, and the Hovercraft Entry Gameplay video. You can find both videos on GameTrailers.
2008/09/26The website of InnoGlow was updated. That means that instead of the old logo there is now a new, bigger, nicer up there. For those who would not yet be familiar with the InnoGlow name, the developer studio was formed by Stormregion to publish Codename: Panzers - Cold War with the aid of a publisher not yet known. The previous publisher went bankrupt.
2008/09/25The gates of the homepage of Alpha-Tauri Interactive has opened. The developers wrote themselves on the pages of popularity with Cease Fire. Although they had nothing to say since then really.
2008/09/25Crytek has launched the MyCrysis website where they are trying to gather the community of the fanatics of the game with the latest news and downloads.

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