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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2008/11/09Crysis: Warhead, the from Crytek Hungary has decreased to the 9. position on the hungarian sales list.
2008/10/31This Sunday, on 2nd, November there will be an autumn break closing Imperium Galactica 2 match. The organizers are waiting for everyone to join. For further information visit the Imperium Galactica 2 community site.
2008/10/30Since nobody is willing to write about Pranksters 3D I decided to examine the game myself. Practically it is a nice remake of Paperboy. The game idea is excellent, the graphics is nicely done, sounds and music are emphasising the mood perfectly. It is only the controlling and the camera view that should be adjusted. They are so bad, they ruin the play completely. What is even worse is that the game can not be uninstalled from a Vista system due to an exception. All together the game barely reaches a mediocre level that could well rise up to 90% with a little updating.
2008/10/28Crysis: Warhead is still on the 10th place of the sales list of the USA. This means that the game has preserved its position of last week.
2008/10/26The new game of Huszár Games is already boiling in the pot. The new startegy game, Hunyadi hadai will work up the campaigns of János Hunyadi. Similar to the game processing the fight for liberty in 1848, this will be available as well for free from the website of Sulinet.
2008/10/25In the October issue of GameStar you can find a detailed evaluation of Crysis: Warhead. Since I did not have a chance to get hold of such an issue I can not say any more about it.
2008/10/24It is interesting to see how Imperium Galactica 2, the eight-year-old development of Digital Reality is still holding its 20th position in the budget category of hungarian sales list. It comes even before Overspeed: High Performance Street Racing, the game of Invictus from this year on the 27th position.
2008/10/23The smaller fish were out on Games Convention 2008 as well. According to GlassFish Games, they were able to strengthen and enlarge their connections on the expo. In the meantime the demo version of Pranksters 3D was published as well so we can try it ourselves now.
2008/10/23While in Hungary Crysis: Warhead held its position on the sales list and remained in the 5th place, in the USA it dopped to the 10th position and in Great-Britain it fell out of the league.
2008/10/18The sales of Crysis: Warhead has dropped to the 7th place in the USA. This means that the shooting star of the development of Crytek Hungary is descending. The sales of the original title, Crysis is down in the 19th place. The mourning tone is though absolutely unnecessary since the game is still by far the most successful hungarian development.
2008/10/16Oops! I totally forgot, but those who plan to sit in the chair of Project Torque nowadays could find a new track in the game. And soon they will be able to roll on it in a Hum-vee. Invictus is bringing all kinds of goodies to the game.
2008/10/14Crysis: Warhead has steped back to the 5th position on the sales list in Hungary. This means a drop of two places.
2008/10/10The Crytek Hungary developed Crysis: Warhead is still hanging on and remains at fourth position on the list summarizing the sales of PC games in the USA.
2008/10/09By now, Crysis: Warhead is on the 4th place of PC-hames sales even in Great Britain.
2008/10/08Maybe the information is not already languid that Gametrailers has published a videotest of Crysis: Warhead. Instead of the hungarian attempt, this one gives objective support of the forming of the evaluation that reaches 84% by the end.
2008/10/08Linked to the free on-line opportunity of Crysis: Warhead this weekend, a video was published by Crytek Hungary, that you can download from Hardwired.
2008/10/08PC Dome has written a major preview article on Battlestations: Pacific. The article digs down to the bottom of the game and carefully examines it from every angle. We could find out everything we want to know about it. The importance of the article is raised by the fact that the implementation of new ideas and the fine-tuning of the game, with the draw in of the few lucky outsiders, could just have finished.
2008/10/07If somebody does not possess an original copy of Crysis Wars but would like to try the game on the free days this weekend, it is available for download in smaller chunks since together they make a really grandious size. GameKapocs provides an alternative server for downloading.
2008/10/06Correction: Game Show and Budapest Game Show are two different events. Both of them will be held independently. One in the Millenáris, the other in the Hungexpo area.
2008/10/06Although it is shameful that it can not be linked directly to any hungarian development, I still feel worth mentioning that Game Show 2008 will be held in the Millenáris on October, 25th. Admission is free and the organizers are waiting all visitors with plenty of program. The above means that both the time and location has changed and it will not be held at Hungexpo instead.

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