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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2008/12/15Luckily the PC game sales list of Hungary is not limited to the first ten places. This way we can see Crysis: Warhead on the 23rd place, although the price of the game just decreased in the recent days.
2008/12/13Crysis: Warhead kept its 13th position on the sales list of Hungary. The development of Crytek Hungary benefits the Christmas season.
2008/12/12The release of Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the development of InnoGlow is expected in February of 2009.
2008/12/11Origo has published an article about Hunyadi hadai, the game of Huszár Games. Only a very few organ has mentioned the game. We can furthermore read in the article about the future plans of Huszár Games to the extent of a couple of thoughts.
2008/12/10Five new images were released from Codename: Panzers - Cold War that you can find in the gallery of GameKapocs.
2008/12/09GameStar has published an article about King Arthur, the startegy game of Neocore Games, in which they would like to inform the curious ones about the details of the one-player campaign mode of the game.
2008/12/08No less than 5 new videos arrived from Codename: Panzers - Cold War. You can enjoy the presentation commented by the co-producer of the game the new trailer video on the website of Gametrailers.
2008/12/02Crysis: Warhead has droped to the 15th position in the sales list of Hungary. It is even more sad that there is no other domestic development in the first 40 noted game. This could be an explanation why hungarian development studios do not make games according to hungarian taste. Not even the domestic market is in favor of them.
2008/12/02Atari does not joke. It just took up Codename: Panzers - Cold War shaping under the hands of InnoGlow now and we already have a publishing date that is the not so far February of next year.
2008/12/02The name of Warner Brothers Interavtive, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft was brought up as well in the case of buying up Eidos. It seems that a only a buy up could bring Eidos out of the deep well of liquidation problems. This is important to us because in case of signing such an agreement Battlestations: Pacific would change owner since hungarian Eidos Hungary is subsidiary of Eidos.
2008/11/28It turned out who will have the chance to publish Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the game that came from the former Stormregion studio and is now under construction by InnoGlow, a newly formed group. The publishing rights are now in the hand of Atari who seemingly have the tenedncy of saving troubled projects.
2008/11/28New images were published from Battlestations: Pacific, the development of Eidos Hungary. Examingin the pictures we can see that the guys are updating the graphics engine.
2008/11/25Hunyadi hadai is also noted on the website of Sulinet. The strategy game of Hussar Games will be available for download from it.
2008/11/24It seems all that Crysis: Warhead missed was a ceremonial burial since the development of Crytek Hungary returned right away to the 9th place of sales list both in Hungary and the United States of America.
2008/11/22The gamers of Project Torque can be happy about a new extension pack. Invictus has made 3 new cars and a new track for the game. There is a new racing, a new street and a new 4x4 vehicle as well as a circuit on the streets of Tokyo.
2008/11/21The crew of PC Dome has visited the Invictus headquarters down in Debrecen. And they interrogated them in a video interview about their past, present and the perspective that had opened on them. Unfortunately nothing is revealed about a future project. It seems that they want to make the most out of Project Torque for now.
2008/11/20Crysis: Warhead is slowly decreasing on the sales list of Hungary. The development of Crytek Hungary was on the 11th position last week and was on the 12th position this week. Meanwhile Crytek, the parent company is expanding in Korea. I hope that this will not push Crytek Hungary in the background and we will soon hear something about their new development.
2008/11/19The castle doors of the website of King Arthur, the game processing the legend of King Arthur has opened. There is not much new about the game of Neocore Games on it so far but I think it is to change soon. Up to then we can read a little about the background of the game and find everything in one place now.
2008/11/12I was just browsing through the website of GameTrailers yesterday but they must have uploaded their newest video linked to a hungarian development, King Arthur, just after I left. The game of Neocore Games is wearing the marks of a real-time and turn-based strategy as well as of a fantasy and a role-playing game. This video turns out to be spectacular as well. The video is to reflect the capabilities of the graphics engine. I can only advise everyone to take a look at it.
2008/11/11A new video was released from the workshop of Eidos Hungary about Battlestations: Pacific. The pre-rendered moving picture shows that we will get a sequel from the creators worthy to Battlestations: Midway, that will be a really professional piece of work. The animations lack almost absolutely nothing at all. They are exciting, spectacular, intimate and the music fits to the scene perfectly.

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