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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2009/01/27Birds say again that Eidos is for sale. It is interesting for us because Battlestations: Pacific is being developed in their hungarian branch, Eidos Hungary. Future buyers include names such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and the Warner Bros. We are all interested how it will turn out and what will the fate of the hungarian branch be.
2009/01/25The system requirements for King Arthur has arrived. The minimum requirements are an Nvidia 6600 256MB or ATi X700 256MB videocard, 1 GB RAM and an AMD 3000+ or equivalent Intel processor. The recoomended system specification is not much higher either, it is an Nvidia 8800 GT 512MB or ATi 3850 512MB, 1.5 GB RAM, and an AMD X2 5000+ or Intel Core2 Duo 6420 processor.
2009/01/24As the release of the game of Neocore Games is approaching, the more articles appear about King Arthur on the web. Hardwired put together a short article about the game with some images and an old video.
2009/01/22Gamekapocs was kind enough to publish a really large, quality article illustrated with fine images about the studio developing King Arthur. The interview was made with Zoltán Varga who is responsible to business relationships of Neocore Games.
2009/01/22The Global Game Jam 2009 will launch on 30th of January. It is nothing else but a 48-hour game development competition. If you would like to participate you had better hurry up. For registration and further details visit the official website of the event. If you are from Hungary, you might need to dive deep into your pocket since the nearest location is in Germany.
2009/01/21Crysis: Warhead turned out to be the 14th most sold PC game in Hungary which is a really nice result considering it did not have the whole year to prove itself. According to the developments of yesterday, the success of the game stands still.
2009/01/20As a minor surprise Crysis: Warhead returned to the 7th position of the hungarian PC games sales list. After more weeks of absence we can see the game on the list again probably due to the fact that many people chose the development of Crytek Hungary after recieving the Christmas pocket money.
2009/01/19In the december issue of GameStar we can find an article about King Arthur. The game is developed by the C++ specialists of Neocore Games. The article presents the workflow of the studio to the reader.
2009/01/18It is always good to see if a home production is appreciated by the domestic market. Although one did not have to go to the shop and pay to cast a vote on the Game of The Year poll of GameKapocs it is still pleasing that Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary came third among shooting games and achieved first place for best graphics.
2009/01/17The game development training system is under establishment in Hungary. The current palette is widened by the recently launched course of Széchenyi István University which will concentrate on game development accompanied with the specialists of Crytek Hungary who will help get practice with the aid of CryEngine2 in game programming.
2009/01/15One of the developments of Battlestations: Pacific as opposed to its predecessor was revealed. In the game we can now deploy marines who will capture land objects after landing such as airstrike cannons or airports.
2009/01/14A new video was published about Battlestations: Pacific, the development of Eidos Hungary. The video, which contains scenes from inside the game itself can be found on Gametrailers.
2009/01/13Ten new screenshots were revealed from Battlestations: Pacific, the game of Eidos Hungary in the gallery of Gamekapocs.
2009/01/12Not long ago I mentioned that the Battlestations: Pacific website was unreachable. It seems that the website is back on-line and ever stronger.
2009/01/11In Debrecen, the Mesharray Digital Media School will hold an open day on the Technology University of Debrecen. Everyone who is interested in visiting the event on 29th of January and meet even the specialists of Invictus Games can pre-register on the website of Mesharray.
2009/01/07The website of Battlestations: Pacific has been down for now. Hopefully and most likely this inconvienent step was not taken due to abandonment but the updating of the server with fresh content because of the approaching release date of the game. Hopefully Eidos Hungary will soon come up with something.
2008/12/30New images were published from Battlestations: Pacific as well. You can find them on the website of Gamekapocs, in the gallery of the game. The images are scrubbing the class of breathtaking.
2008/12/29In accompany of a fresh Gametrailers video the on-line game magazine, Játé has published a short article with some fresh pieces of information on their website.
2008/12/18From 19th December until 28th December Crysis Wars, the multiplayer mode of Crysis: Warhead can be played for free. To get hold of the Christmas present of Crytek, all you need to do is to register yourself on MyCrysis if you haven't done so already.
2008/12/17Although Crysis: Warhead did not win the title, it was nominated for the best PC game of the year on the this year's Spike Video Game Awards. The respected first place was taken by Left 4 Dead from the development of Crytek Hungary, but the nomination is taken as a great recognition.

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