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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2009/03/02I am very delighted to announce a new hungarian development studio and their soon debuting development, Perpetuum. The game will be a mech, shooting MMO, so massive multiplayer online game. You can already find the first video on the official website of the game.
2009/02/25Zoltán Pócza, Gábor Mogyorósi and Tamás Schlägl won the prize from the Visual Effects Society for outstanding real-time visual effects in Crysis: Warhead. Congratulations to them and the whole Crytek Hungary team!
2009/02/24War Front: Turning Point, the last development of Digital Reality is now in the 16th position of the multiplatform list of the hungarian sales lists.
2009/02/18Eidos Hungary was marked on the map containing the landmarks of promising subsidiary development studios of Eidos Interactive that Square Enix is planning to buy. These studios are most likely to be kept after the buy-out.
2009/02/17Interesting things happened on the hungarian PC games sales lists of last week. On the list of PC platform games Crysis: Warhead droped to the 25th position. What is more exciting is that War Front: Turning Point, the one-year-old strategy game of Digital Reality jumped to the 5th position.
2009/02/16So far Square Enix seems to be the most serious buyer who could snatch Eidos Interactice holding the rights to Battlestations: Midway and Battlestations: Pacific and also having Eidos Hungary as a subsidiary.
2009/02/16This year PC Dome has held the vote for the best PC game of last year, so 2008. In the FPS category Crysis: Warhead took the first place and in the multiplayer FPS category, the same place was taken by Crysis: Wars. In the all category list the score of Crysis: Warhead was enough only for the 6th position though. But it is still a really strong result.
2009/02/13I have tried the demo version of Codename: Panzers - Cold War. I recognized the logos of Stormregion and InnoGlow as well as a positive surprise. The animations are beautiful, the graphics is breathtaking, although I was unable to examin it in motion fully. I noticed that my computer played the game really slowly. I started to investigate this matter and found a bad surprise. The game used only one of my three processor cores. I hope this error will be corrected in the full version, otherwise buyers and developers are to experience some flaws of each other.
2009/02/12The demo version of Codename: Panzers - Cold War was released. I am waiting in line to download it as well, can not wait to see.
2009/02/12The success of Crysis: Warhead, the game of Crytek Hungary is unstoppable. The game is placed on the 5th position on the hungarian sales lists in the category of PC games and is placed on the 8th position regarding all the platforms.
2009/02/12GameStar has written a short article about Hunyadi hadai as well.
2009/02/11A new video was released on Gametrailers about Battlestations: Pacific. The video seems to be a part of a longer interview with the crew of Eidos Hungary and Eidos about the course of development.
2009/02/11PC Dome has put together a longer article on Hunyadi hadai, the strategy game of Huszár Games. The article does not seem to be 100% objective but it is still worth reading.
2009/02/08The arrival of Codename: Panzers - Cold War is to be expected in 12nd of March under the stars of Atari and InnoGlow. Thanks to the new owners, the official website of the game is available again, though on a different address. You can also see the box design on the website of the publisher.
2009/01/30A bunch of new images were released in the gallery of GameKapocs about Battlestations: Pacific. The images show it very well that the guys at Eidos Hungary are not leaving the success of the game up to fate.
2009/01/28The copy protection of Crysis: Warhead is getting more complacent. The game uses the notorious DRM technology against pirates but now they are willing to yield the installation limit to five installs. For this though you will need to download a small tool program from the MyCrysis website.
2009/01/27Crysis: Warhead has fallen back to the 22nd position of the PC games sales list of Hungary. I personally would not bury the game yet since the original title, Crysis jumped straight to the first position. Those players who will finish the original title and find themselves all content could raise the number of Crysis: Warhead owners as well.
2009/01/27Hunyadi hadai was released. The strategy game of Huszár Games is available for download from the website of Sulinet. You will need to visit this site for support technique forums as well since the game has no independent website.
2009/01/27A new video about Battlestations: Pacific, the game of Eidos Hungary was released on Gametrailers. The video well reflects the kind of effect one might experience when diving into the adventures offered by Battlestations: Pacific.
2009/01/27Crysis: Warhead is planning to collect even more titles. Zoltán Pócza, Gábor Mogyorósi and Tamás Schlägl of the creators of the game were nominated for the international award of the outstanding real-time visuals in a video game of the Visual Effects Society. Crysis: Warhead got such noted challengers as Dead Space and Need for Speed: Undercover. It would not be a suprise if the award was given to one of the games of Electronic Arts.

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