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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2009/03/27Codename: Panzers - Cold War did not bring the awaited success. Expectations of the developers were high, but maybe the game got tired during the adversities of life. Critics did not go into raptures over the development of InnoGlow former Stormregion. The moderate evaluation was unexpected because though the game is an umpteen try of the genre but one containing the most innovations.
2009/03/27I have already said a couple of words about Marcell Baranyai, the creator of BC Kings. GameStar has made an interview with the pillar member of Mascot Entertainment. You can find this video, that says more words about the developer, on GameStar TV.
2009/03/26Jessica Frasher made a once exclusive interview, that is available by now on the entire globe thanks to the Internet, with Botond Szalacsi, a member of Eidos Hungary. You can for example check out the video where Botond talks about the concept of Battlestations: Pacific on Gametrailers.
2009/03/25A new video was released from Battlestations: Pacific that you can find on Gametrailers. The video juxtoposes the contemporary recordings with the images of the game.
2009/03/24What is Aplha-Tauri might be up to? The guys, who were united from multiple hungarian development studios and hence collected their experience in developing hungarian games, are most proud of their physics engine. The knowledge came from developing Screamer 4x4. Their newest development is in gear 1 according to their website.
2009/03/21There is a one-man development studio who had earned to be listed among the best hungarian development teams. Marcell Baranyai can call himself the creator of multiple games. His Boulder Dash remake was voted to be the best remake of the time. Since then he managed to put together two other games, The Dark Legions and BC Kings. The later one was the one to outstand of all one-man developments and makes you wander why the same result requires dozens of people for other development teams. The circle of quality hungarian development teams have enriched by a new member, Mascot Entertainment.
2009/03/20The third Games Developers Forum will be held on the 30th of March, this year. The location of the event is provided by the Cinema City of the newly built Arena Plaza. There will be as famous performers as CryTek, CD Projekt, Neocore or Mesharray on the conference. For further details, please visit the official website of the event.
2009/03/20The newest 1.4 version update, that further improves the game graphics and makes all DirectX10 visual effects available via software rendering as well for Crysis: Warhead was released yesterday. The other good news is that Crytek Hungary plans to release an editor as well for the game. I guess everyone awaits what can be modified in the game.
2009/03/16The Crysis Maximum bundle is arriving to the stores in May as well, more precisely on the 5th of May, so 10 days earlier. The package will contain the original Crysis, the Crysis: Warhead expansion and the Crysis: Wars multiplayer titles. And as the name says, it will be sweet, but sugar free.
2009/03/15Battlestations: Pacific has recieved an official release date. We can look for the development of Eidos Hungary by 15th of May.
2009/03/12The Hungarian Television has made a video interview with the crew of Crytek Hungary and an overview of Crysis: Warhead in the Kultúrház program. The video, that was made apropos of the Visual Effects Society award distribution, can also be found on YouTube.
2009/03/10New images were released from Battlestations: Pacific, the development of Eidos Hungary in the gallery of GameKapocs. There is a couple of map views and game scenes we can take a look at.
2009/03/10Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the development of former Stormregion and InnoGlow is on the shelves of shops by today.
2009/03/07Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary is on the 23rd position of the hungarian game sales list.
2009/03/06GameStar has dug up a video interview with Cevat Yerli, the chief executive officer of Crytek. The interview was recorded on the Games Developer Forum of last year in Budapest.
2009/03/04The multiplayer demo version of Codename: Panzers - Cold War is now released. Those who plan to buy the game should check what kind of fun is awaiting for the player after completing the campaign.
2009/03/03A new video was released from Codename: Panzers - Cold War, which shows the breathtaking imagery with the commenting of the creators. The video is available on Gametrailers.
2009/03/03Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary is on the 14th position, while Warfront: Turning Point, the development of Digital Reality is on the 33rd position of the hungarian game sales list.
2009/03/03A new video was released from Battlestations: Pacific, which shows the breathtaking imagery with the commenting of the creators. The video is available on Gametrailers.
2009/03/02New images were released from Codename: Panzers - Cold War. You can find the pictures from the development of InnoGlow and the former Stormregion in the gallery of GameKapocs.

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