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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2009/04/20Fresh images were received from Battlestations: Pacific. Unfortunately Eidos Hungary is still not sending these stuffs to me so you can take a look at the pictures in the gallery of GameStar. But if everyone brings a thousand other visitors a day we will solve this issue. :)
2009/04/17Well, if we still have the momentum, Eidos Hungary has published a new video about Battlestations: Pacific after the exhausting video dumping of the game from yesterday. The new video is a professional advertisement trailer as well, entitled Change History.
2009/04/17What else could we start the day with than another video about Battlestations: Pacific. On the pages of Gametrailers we can find a video presenting the multiplayer modes of the game of Eidos Hungary.
2009/04/16Today is all about Battlestations: Pacific. I would like to draw your attention to a third video as well. In the Siege video of Gametrailers you can live through the mood of the rapid game-play.
2009/04/16Let us see the next video about Battlestations: Pacific! If you would like to taste the atmosphere of the game of Eidos Hungary then this video is for you. The music, the images and the orotund PR titles are all trying by releasing their magical powers to convince the players to buy.
2009/04/16A new video was released from Battlestations: Pacific on the website of Gametrailers. On the video you can see the external designer of Eidos Hungary speaking about the game and in the meantime your screen will be ruled by action-packed scenes.
2009/04/15Slowly the list of auditors of the Games Developers Forum of this year are revealed. Who are those who will be on the podium of Arena Plaza for sure already? You can find names among the auditors like Crytek ofcourse, or Digital Reality, Neocore Games and Mesharray Digital Media School. From abroad come Techland from Poland and 1c from the Checz Republic. And on the workshops you will find the specialists of Eidos Hungary, Invictus and BlackHole Games. I myself am most curious about the lecture of Digital Reality because we have not heard of for over a year, and they refused to answer to any of my e-mails of interest.
2009/04/14Hardwired has also published an article, colored by numerous images, about Perpetuum-Online, the first game of Microsystem Gaming Solutions. The article overviews the infromation that can be found on the website of the game.
2009/04/14Crysis: Warhead is keeping its shape. The development of Crytek Hungary stands on the 18th place of the multi-platform sales list of Hungary.
2009/04/13Thanks to GameStar you might be able to buy your tickets for Games Developers Forum of this year cheaper. All you need to do is send a registration SMS. If it is not yet too late you can read further details here.
2009/04/10From 9th of April until 11th of April you can try Crysis: Wars, the multiplayer mode of Crysis: Warhead for free. All you need to do is to download the client program from MyCrysis.
2009/04/09I almost started with saying that major Hungarian media is beginning to find Perpetuum-Online, since GameKapocs published a minor article about the game as well. Unfortunately then I found out that a reader submitted the piece of news to the editors about the development of Microsystem Gaming Solutions.
2009/04/09I recieved the following message from "On 11st of April, this Saturday, at 17:00 a spring welcome Imperium Galactica 2 match will start. Before easter everyone is available for a game. If not, you are a rabbit."
2009/04/08It looks like the domestic market is thankful for all the effort invested in hungarian developments. Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the development of InnoGlow and former Stormregion stands on the 12th position of the multiplatform and on the 6th position of the PC sales list in Hungary.
2009/04/06A real freshening is going on among domestic developers. While the towers of hungarian developments with long history are falling one after the other, more and more young, rookie, peomising development teams emerge with real garage development smell. Dimension Technics, working on a rally simulation to the core, falls in this latter category as well. We can find everything sweet to our senses including images, videos and even a playable beta version on the website of Pannonia Rally and the developers. The graphics is nice, a real quality work. Physics is promising as well but needs some fine-tuning. The most difficult is to calibrate the controls to keyboard but it causes some trouble to experienced developers as well. Sounds all fall into place. Only the system requirement is disappointing. Shadows and dynamic reflections eat up the resources of the machine. Aside this minor glitch it is worth a try unconditionally.
2009/04/04The renewed GameStar Online has made a short article about Perpetuum Online. Those who want to learn more about the project quickly should read the article.
2009/03/31Now it is for sure that Square Enix will buy Eidos Interactive and all the subsidiary companies like Eidos Hungary with it.
2009/03/29There two games returning to the newest sales lists of Hungary. On the multiplatform list Warfront: Turning Point, the development of Digital Reality is on the 33rd, while Crysis: Warhead, the game of Crytek Hungary climbed up straight to the 21st position from the deep below. On the list noting only the PC-games Warfront: Turning Point became 21st and Crysis: Warhead stands as 15th. Further curiosity is that Overspeed, the European title of Invictus is in the 6th position in the low price category.
2009/03/29The Games Developer Conference of this year has ended. Although we have not much to do with it, since there were not any hungarian presenters at the event. We should rather turn our faces towards hungarian developers still. Thos who might want to try the games of Marcell Baranyai or Mascot Entertainment should visit the website of Reflexive. That is the place to find them.
2009/03/27The website of Perpetuum Online, MMO game has opened its gates. You can find plenty of news about the development on the address like fresh images, concept arts and other sweet things. The venturesome can also register for beta testing.

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