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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2009/05/13My dream has come true. GameStar managed to sit down a crew memeber of Digital Reality, Balázs Vasvári in person for an interview. The development studio was lost in silence for a long time but finally in this video we can find out what happened to them in the last couple of years.
2009/05/12PC Dome has made a preview article about Battlestations: Pacific, the new strategy action game of Eidos Hungary.
2009/05/12You can pre-purchase Battlestations: Pacific, the newest development of Eidos Hungary on the Steam system.
2009/05/11On Friday the Crysis: Maximum Edition was released that includes Crysis: Warhead by Crytek Hungary as well as the original Crysis title and the multi-player Crysis Wars.
2009/05/10The April issue of GameStar burns on really high temperature concerning domestic news. You can find a two-page-long article in the magazine about Games Developers Forum 2009. And as you turn the page you can find a three-page-long, full depth writing about Battlestations: Pacific. The article is completed by a two-page-long interview published towards the final pages with János Gáspár, senior designer of Eidos Hungary. In the toplists suggesting games to players we can find Crysis: Warhead on the 5th place in the FPS category. The development of Crytek Hungary proves to stand time. In the article remembering of its own jubilee, the ten-year-old GameStar commemorates Imperium Galactica 2 as well, as the "former national treasure". Fly in the ointment is that above the subtitle you can find a an image not from the creation of Digital Reality, but from Nexus: The Jupiter Incident of former Mithis Games. The game earlier was also named Galaxy Andromeda and Imperium Galactica 3 under the hands of late Philos Laboratories.
2009/05/08Gamestar has made a short video and a videointerview in the entrance hall of Games Developers Forum of this year. If you are interested in the outside feeling of the event, visit the video.
2009/05/08Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary fought its way up to the 9th place on the multiplatform sales list of Hungary. Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the game of InnoGlow and the former Stormregion placed 21st on the same list.
2009/05/07PC Dome as well has written a pretty article about Games Developers Forum of this year. You can find new images in the article.
2009/05/06For those players, who cannot install the demo version of Battlestations: Pacific right now, because they are sitting in their office for example, I suggest to watch three videos published by Eidos Hungary not long ago presenting the game, the Bomber Demo Gameplay, the AA Gun Demo Gameplay and the Airborne Gameplay.
2009/05/06The demo version of Battlestations: Pacific is available for download. Visit the official website of the game.
2009/05/05In the meantime Games Developers Forum of this year has ended. Those who could not go to the event by some reason can now browse through the program of the past even with a beer on the side in the blog of GameStar which is colored by the gallery put together from the images captured on location. And those who were present can now relive their memories.
2009/05/05The newest 1.5 correction for Crysis Wars, the multiplayer version of Crysis: Warhead, the game of Crytek Hungary has arrived. The patch provides help for the game modificators, it corrects numerous stability issues and containes a brand new map. It is strictly for gamers over 18 kilobit/sec since the size of the correction weights over 511 megabytes.
2009/05/04GameStar has put together a larger and informationful preview article about Battlestations: Pacific, the game of Eidos Hungary probably feeling the imminent release of the game.
2009/05/02A new video as well was released from Battlestations: Pacific at the end of last month. In the video we can see some footage from the Battle of Leyte Gulf where allied aircrafts strike on the japanese fleet like mosquitos.
2009/05/02We can see some really nice new pictures in the gallery of GameKapocs as the media dumping of Eidos Hungary continues about Battlestations: Pacific.
2009/04/26At the end of this month, so really soon the demo version of Battlestations: Pacific will be released in which we can take control of the fleet of Eidos Hungary for the first time.
2009/04/24I would like to draw your attention to two free lectures to be held on Games Developers Forum 2009, which were unknown up to now. It turns out that both Microsoft Games Studios and Autodesk will hold a lecture each on the event.
2009/04/23Fresh new images were released from Battlestations: Pacific again. As the release approaches, new and new materials are being uploaded to the world-wide web. The new images can be found this time in the gallery of GameKapocs.
2009/04/20On the 15th week of the year Crysis: Warhead stands on the 26th position of the sales list of Hungary in the PC game category. The development of Crytek Hungary is the 36th on the multiplatform list.
2009/04/20The program of Games Developers Forum 2009 has been finalized. You can read the details about the workshops and the lectures in the main hall on the official website of the event.

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