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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2009/09/23There is a multipage article about King Arthur in the september issue of GameStar. It would be hard to find any words in the PC game media about the development of Neocore Games, though the game has above average international expectations. King Arthur already has a smaller fanatic base. The unordinary choice of theme brings the unconditional symphaty of people being interested in the given theme.
2009/09/14Even if it does not link directly to hungarian game developers I will mention it now as well as I did before. The Function 2009 party will be held this year between the 18th and 20th of August and like last year there is a game category for the art creations.
2009/09/09New images were published of the game called Perpetuum Online, which is a strong proof of the continuing development. Meanwhile the beta testing was launched as well with mixed echo. According to first feedback the game is filled with childish glitches. This is probably due to the pioneer characteristics of the project and the developers will hopefully correct the issues in a fraction of time.
2009/09/07An article was published about Battlestations: Pacific, developed by former Eidos Hungary. The evaluation of PC Dome is really positive, and paints a complimentary image of the game from every angle. Hence our sorrow is doublefold upon noticing the closure of the development studio by its new owner, Square Enix.
2009/09/01Crysis Wars, the multiplayer mode of Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary will be available for free on this week. Players have been able to hunt since 28th of August. For further details visit the MyCrysis website.
2009/08/29After a long absence there is once again a hungarian development in the visible region of the sales lists of hungarian PC games. The awaited return was not commited by a new development but Crysis: Warhead by Crytek Hungary.
2009/08/21The website of Digital Reality has been renewed. There is only a mysterious clock on it, of course ticking backward. It does not say though if the countdown goes until the presentation of their next development, the completion of the new design, or the complete depletion of their bank account. All other pieces of information were removed. It might be worth checking out the job offers though.
2009/08/19Crysis Wars, the multiplayer mode of Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary will be available for free once again. Players will be able to start hunting on 28th of August. For further details visit the MyCrysis website.
2009/08/18Field Ops, one of the developments of Digital Reality might be left witout a publisher. There is a publisher rather, but the willing to publish the game is gone. The engine is outdated and The Games Company is unwilling to take the chance with it. This could easily put the future of Digital Reality up to fate. Although we do not need to fear by all means. In the meantime Digital Reality has worked in some foreign developments and birds say they have been working on a new game as well. Fingers crossed!
2009/08/13Let us not forget about Perpetuum-Online either in the meantime. The hungarian developed robo-MMORPG is getting more beautiful nice and slow. This is what the new video shows us. It was published on the blog of the developers. There is another video waiting for us on the blog that was recorded on SceneCon 2009 and plays the presentation held at the event.
2009/08/11When an on-line organ runs down a game in a way that only 5 games suffer from in a year, and then offers it as a prize in a quiz, it could be a really awkward moment. This is exactly what happened in the case of Játé and Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the game of InnoGlow and former Stormregion. The prizes were offered by CD Projekt.
2009/08/10A developer video was published of King Arthur. The video, on which Zoltán Varga, a crew member of Neocore Games is talking about the controls and interface of the game, can be found on the official website of King Arthur even in HD quality. Those, who like the game, might want to keep an eye on the website since more videos are to be expected during this month.
2009/08/09Játé thinks too that the ruckus around Stormregion and InnoGlow has sealed the fate of Codename: Panzers: Cold War. According to their published article there were many aspects of the game to still undergo some fine tuning.
2009/08/08One sign of the fall of Hungarian game development is the closure of Eidos Hungary. The subsidiary of the bankrupt Eidos chain was bought by Square Enix, who, as a next step, has closed the brigade responsible for the Battlestations frenchise. May rest in peace!
2009/08/06The german government is heading the best way towards supporting the hungarian PC game development industry, which is living its weaker days nowadays according to some. It is true that more and more hungarian development companies are forced to close or shift their workforce towards mobile software development. Germany is though to take a step that means the total annihilation of the development and marketing of aggressive games inside its borders. Hence numerous german game development studios will have to leave the country. Such a high-ranked studio is Crytek that is thinking about leaving Germany all right. What leaves us with great expectations is that Crytek is already running a subsidiary in Hungary, namely Crytek Hungary. It would be an expected step of Crytek to push some of its liberating workforce to Hungary.
2009/08/05Neocore Games showed a minor sign of life. A couple of background images were presented from their upcoming title, King Arthur. The images look really nice and we are waiting for the game behind them. You can also read a long article about the game in the July issue of PC Guru.
2009/08/04Róbert Vári, a staff member of Mesharray Digital Media School has written an extensive chapter to the book presenting the use of Maya. The chapter is available on-line, including the website of Mesharray Digital Media School. The chapter is about the new features of the 2009 version.
2009/07/31After long silence finally some words, even if not positive ones, mentioned the hungarian developers. GameStar has made a test regarding Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the development of InnoGlow and former Stormregion. The results were mixed but the overview is rather depressing. It is still worth reading the article.
2009/07/03We will get unique paint jobs, six new units and four new maps in two downloadable contents, the Mustang pack and the Carrier Battle map pack from Eidos Hungary for Battlestations: Pacific. The packs will be available for both the X360 and the PC platfrom in this month.
2009/07/03GameStar has published their video interviews shot with Mesharray Digital Media School on Game Developers Forum, but by today morning they were all removed and all visitors are greeted with a nice 404 error.

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