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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2009/12/07Who would have thought that Imperium Galactica 2, the game of Digital Reality, who is battling for surviving, was 10 years old last week? The fanatics of the game has also organized an online multiplayer game as a sign of their respect.
2009/12/04Although it is not fix, but seems more and more sure that Crytek could move its game development center to Hungary, after Germany released a law that permits the development of aggressive games in the country. If it had turned out, I needed to write here more often as well.
2009/11/27Last week, after a long silence, a hungarian development, namely Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the last game of InnoGlow and former Stormregion, has returned to the visible range of hungarian sales toplist. It managed to reach the 27th place.
2009/11/24King Arthur, the newest development of Neocore Games is out in stores.
2009/11/23The november issue of GameStar has been circulating out there for a while now filled with everything that tastes good. What makes it worth mentioning on this website is that it contains a multi-page article about King Arthur. If you would like to know more about the development of Neocore Games before you buy it, it is the thing to read.
2009/11/10In theory, King Arthur, the game of Neocore Games would have been released the day after tomorrow. In the beginning of this week though Ubisoft has announced a minor delay, so the release of the game is postponed by two weeks.
2009/11/09The 12th Annual Independent Games Festival, where small, garage projects can compete with each other internationally, will be held next year. The reason this piece of news reached Gregorius' corner is because next year Cease Fire will be among the competitors as well. The game is the development of CyberphobX, a development team of Szeged.
2009/10/31Different sources of informations call them on different names. Maybe even I have called them on different names but this does not change a thing. GameKapocs has made a visit to a development team they call Microsystem and is developing Perpetuum-Online. You can read the article formed of this visit on the website of GameKapocs.
2009/10/30Neocore Games and Ubisoft have signed an agreement concerning the publishing rights of King Arthur. This means that we can see the Ubisoft logo in the beginning of the game as well.
2009/10/29Fresh images arrived from King Arthur. The images, published by Neocore Games, can be found in the gallery of GameKapocs.
2009/10/28We can expect King Arthur, the development of Neocore Games to ride into the stores on the 12th of November.
2009/10/27Orsolya Tóth is here once again. If you would like to know even more about the heroes of King Arthur, then you can find out everything about them from the extended version of the second episode of the developer's diary video serie, made for HC Gamer, in the guidance of Orsolya Tóth, the pretty colleague of .
2009/10/21The second video trailer was released by Avatar Creations that shows the playing of Perpetuum Online. If you were not familiar with the name, Avatar Creations, don't worry, I only heard the team might be called by this name just now. It is worth checking the website of the beta test as well, because you can find some interesting pieces of information there. You can also find the new images on the website of the game.
2009/10/14During the weekend the Computer Art Forum was held. As far as hungarian game developers are concerned, all we were handed with by the GameStar talk room is the fact, that Perpetuum Online is still on the road towards completion. Thanks to Crytek we were shown the presentation pipeline of the CryEngine. Invictus Games is still existing and working, only more silently than before.
2009/10/10The third episode of the developer's diary was released by Neocore Games. The video presents the magical world of King Arthur to the viewers.
2009/10/04Those who would like to read some words in hungarian about the heroes in King Arthur, the development of Neocore Games should read the Hardwired article that was published about this topic today.
2009/10/02Once again we have a hungarian development on the sales top list of PC games in Hungary. But again we have an old returner. It is Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the development of InnoGlow and former Stormregion that grasped the 17th place on the full price games list.
2009/10/01The Computer Art Forum will be held next friday, so on the 9th of October. The host of the event will be the ten-year-old teacher, Mesharray Digital Media School. If you want to see the game developers of the present or of the future, you certainly must attend. Presentations will be held by many including Crytek Hungary or Post Edison. The topics of the discussions include the image design with Adobe softwares, character animation with Autodesk 3D Studio Max, or video editing with Apple Final Cut Pro. To level up the quality of the event, the organizers will set up a Vicon 8 motion capture studio in the headquarters of Magyar Telekom, the location of the forum. Attendance is free but conditioned to registration.
2009/09/29Those readers who took hold of a september issue of GameStar can find a two-page interview with one of the crew members of Neocore Games. The development studio is beginning to become the only source of news of the hungarian development teams. From the interview you can find out that Neocore Games is not planning to step on the route of imminent disappearance after high expectations as their fellow studios did.
2009/09/25It is worth checking out the newest episode of the Neocore Games development diary. From the video you can find out who are the heroes of the game, who are the knights of the round table. The biggest surprise though is Orsolya Tóth herself. The strikingly beautiful narrator of the video tells us about the world of King Arthur with surprisingly ornate English.

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