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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2010/02/18In every layoff there comes the moment, that noted domestic news portals take a look at hungarian game developers, and try to launch something in hope of a charity series that does not live for a month or reach the fourth episode. Now PC Dome has tried to put together something that would map the present of domestic game development teams. The article talks about Private Moon Studios, Invictus, and Crytek Hungary. The editors are complaining about the lack of answers sent back by the teams, but I know about more studios that have never even recieved such questionnaire.
2010/02/16King Arthur, the new game of Neocore Games is on the noble 12th position on the game sales list of Hungary in the PC category.
2010/02/12Crysis Maximum Edition, that also contains Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary, stands on the 29th place on the multiplatform sales list of Hungary.
2010/02/10Digital Reality is recruiting new workforce for flash programming, php development and tool or editor programming. For further details visit the carrier menu on the official website of the developers.
2010/02/08Haegemonia Gold Edition, the development of Digital Reality is available on Good Old Games. The release includes the original Haegemonia: The Legions of Iron and the expansion, Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage titles. Both games come with newest patches released and they are both compatible with newest operation systems.
2010/01/23The first two downloadable contents were released for King Arthur, the new game of Neocore Games. We can take hold of new units and auxiliary items by the Knights and Vassals, and the Legendary Artifacts packages.
2010/01/22The Mesharray Digital Media School has announced an open day on the 10th of February. Anyone is welcome who would like to get to know better about the trainings of the school. The open day will be held on the Mihály Pollack Faculty of Technology on the Science Univeristy of Pécs.
2010/01/18The most successful hungarian development of 2009 was Crysis: Warhead according to the sum of hungarian sales lists throughout the year. But the development of Crytek Hungary still became only 48th compared to international produucts. The second best was Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the game of InnoGlow and former Stormregion, which became 65th all together on the list. Of course this list means very little in itself because the performance of a game depends greatly on the season it was published in, since a game being released in december for example has little chance climbing up on the sales lists till the end of the year.
2010/01/10Játé has also released an article on the impression of King Arthur. The evaluation is available on this link.
2010/01/07GameKapocs has shared its opinion on King Arthur, the new game of NeoCore Games. The result of the big test was published in a longer article.
2009/12/28Those, who would like to take hold of the demo version of King Arthur, the newest game of Neocore Games, can now try on three new servers to download.
2009/12/23Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the game of InnoGlow and former Stormregion placed holy 33rd on the PC sales toplist of Hungary last week. It has been a while that we did not see any hungarian developments on the list, but it seems, Christmas time has brought us this surprise.
2009/12/21The demo version of King Arthur has arrived. The development of Neocore Games can be downloaded for example from the server of PC Dome. It is worth trying out the game, promising spectacular battles and large areas of view, before buying to see how it performs on our machines.
2009/12/19We can play Crysis: Wars, the multiplayer version of Crysis: Warhead, the game of Crytek Hungary for free during the Seasons. Of course for this one should register on MyCrysis.
2009/12/18You can read a short article on GameStar about Lionheart: King's Crusade, the freshly announced game of .
2009/12/17The first video was already released from Lionheart: King's Crusade, the newly announced game of Neocore Games. It seems as if the engine was unchanged. Let's hope it is not final, and we won't just get a redrawn King Arthur into our hands. Neocore Games has raised the standards well above this in our hearts.
2009/12/15In the last couple of days I had little time refreshing the news. This does not mean that there has not happened anything. On the contrary. Neocore Games for example has released the third patch for King Arthur. The patch, that downloads automaticaly via the Steam System, adds numerous extra features to the game.
2009/12/10It seems as if Neocore Games has stepped into the position of the most productive development studio of Hungary in these days. Their last development, King Arthur, had not even moved to their finished projects on the developer's website, they have already unveiled their newest development, Lionheart: King's Crusade, with Paradox Interactive. The guys and girls would like to stick to the words that already proved in the title of their games. In the new game we will have to opportunity to control Lionheart Richard of course among others as the title suggests.
2009/12/09The first patch of version 1.02 was released for King Arthur. Although the game of Neocore Games reached players in a fairly stable state, some power balancing and easier controlling needed to be implemented along with some minor visual upgrades. The patch is automatically downloaded through the Steam system.
2009/12/08It seems as if Digital Reality was working on something, as they are making a new design to their website, told by the opening page of their official website. We are excited to see what will come up in the future, and when.

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