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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2010/05/19I am happy to introduce you to another, although not that new, hungarian game development studio, Nemesys. As opposed to 576 Media, these guys are responsible for Road to Fame and Army Racer. They were the one who made Pranksters 3D for GlassFish Games as well. They have also produced Heat Wave in the meantime, car racing simulator. Currently they are working on two projects. One is Ignite, yet another car racing game, and the other is Fortix, the remake of Qix, an old PC game from the 80s.
2010/05/17PC Dome has reached the present record of producing the third episode of the article series introducing the hungarian game development studios. Although the latest piece of article with Invictus Games, Digital Reality, Crytek Hungary and Nemesys became somewhat light already, I am waiting in excitement to see if the series will reach the fourth episode with them. You can find the article here.
2010/05/13I would like to turn back to a not that new game for one piece of news. The Battlestar Galactica mod for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, the game developed by former Mithis Games, has reached a spectacular state. You can find information, images and videos about the mod on this website.
2010/05/05Luckily there are some news breaking the monotonous sales list infromation from time to time. BlackHole Entertainment is working on two new projects. One of them is an FPS using the Epic Unreal Engine. The links section of the website have been updated accordingly.
2010/04/23On the 13th week, King Arthur, the game of Neocore Games have strongly declined to the 23rd position on the sales list of Hungary in the PC category.
2010/04/21Egill, the new animation film of the creators of Nyócker is under a hungarian-icelandic co-production in the hands of Lichthof Productions, with the aid of the students of Mesharray Digital Media School. The piece processing the story of Egill Skallagrymsson could be delivered this year.
2010/04/20On the 12th week of the year, King Arthur, the game of Neocore Games placed 11th on the game sales list of Hungary. On the list collecting only PC titles it reached as high as the 8th position once again.
2010/03/30King Arthur, the development of Neocore Games has declined to the 17th position of the sales lists of Hungary according to sales records of last week. The game is slowly steping back. Considering the sales numbers of this week as well, the game is already of the perspective.
2010/03/26King Arthur has fallen to the 16th position on the multiplatform sales lists of Hungary.
2010/03/22PC Dome has published a longer article about King Arthur. It's interesting to see that, although the game has become popular, the domestic professional press is not rushing to write a healthy evaluation about the development of Neocore Games. Among the greatest domestic magazins this is the second evaluation article.
2010/03/20It looks like King Arthur is unstoppable. The game of Neocore Games, probably due to the positive echo in the professional press, has reached the 6th position on the multiplatform sales lists of Hungary, while it stood up onto the 3rd position of the podium in the PC category.
2010/03/18The second part of the questionnaire sent out to hungarian development teams have arrived. the project was started by PC Dome earlier this year. Although the questionnaire still hasn't been recieved by all teams the sent out forms still outnumbers the answers sent back. In this episode we can find out how well the studios know the present market.
2010/03/15The 15th of March did not only bring us the recollection of the hungarian revolution and freedom fight, but also the success of hungarian developments since King Arthur, the development of Neocore Games stands on the 4th position of the hungarian sales list in the PC category. On the multiplatform list it reached the 7th position. In the PC category, Crysis Maximum Edition, that also contains Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary, placed 23rd, while Codename: Panzers - Cold War, the game of InnoGlow and former Stormregion became 31st.
2010/03/09King Arthur, the development of Neocore Games have reached the 12th position on the sales list of Hungary this week.
2010/03/01King Arthur, the development of Neocore Games is holding itself on the 13th position of the multi-platform sales list of Hungary. I need to mention the fact though that the game is not listed anywhere noted on the british sales lists yet.
2010/02/24Now the game of Neocore Games is on every corner. GameStar has published a gigantic evaluation of King Arthur. It might be worth reading for those who would like to know everything about the game before deciding upon buying it.
2010/02/23King Arthur is marching towards fame inevitably. Two new expansions are on the way for the game of Neocore Games. One for the cycle of Wales and one for Saxon. Not only the story will be new but the economy of the game will be adjusted for them. The expansions are to be expected in March and April.
2010/02/22King Arthur, the development of Neocore Games have reached the 6th position on the sales list of Hungary this week in the PC game category.
2010/02/21King Arthur, the development of Neocore Games have reached the 9th position on the sales list of Hungary this week. This could be a sign of the doemstic market honoring the hungarian developments, but could easily mean as well that a game reaching world standards will be appreciated at home too.
2010/02/20The website of Mesharray Digital Media School has been redesigned.

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