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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2010/09/04King Arthur, developed by Neocore Games, have finished in the 7th place in the PC category, and in the 8th place in the multiplatform category of the hungarian sales lists on the 34th week of the year.
2010/09/01Since Heroes of Might and Magic VI was uncovered, new pieces of information are coming all the time about the development of Black Hole Entertainment. Now two new videos were released which let you take a peek inside the gameplay.
2010/08/30King Arthur, developed by Neocore Games, have finished in the 10th place in the PC category, and in the 14th place in the multiplatform category of the hungarian sales lists on the 33rd week of the year.
2010/08/27The new website of Digic Pictures was born. In the past month only a message was greeting the visitors, saying that the website will be redesigned soon. The time has come to look around inside. Although Digic Pictures does not have a hungarian development on its own, but has taken a minor or a significant role in the making of the resources for numerous foreign games.
2010/08/26We can read a larger article presenting the expansion made to King Arthur thanks to PC Dome. You can read the groundedly positive overview of King Arthur: The Saxons, developed by Neocore Games over here.
2010/08/24King Arthur has kept the 8th position on the 32nd week of the year, that he has just conquered last week on the sales lists of Hungary in the multiplatform category. Will the feet of Lionheart: King's Crusade, the next development of Neocore Games fit the boots of the predecessor?
2010/08/24A new video was released from Lionheart: King's Crusade, the newest development of Neocore Games. The video, which concentrates on the battles of the game, was produced for this year's GamesCom. The game music under it sounds really pleasant. Hopefully the whole soundtrack will be as good as this one.
2010/08/23After its down point, King Arthur, the game of Neocore Games, have returned to the 8th position of the sales lists of Hungary in the PC category. And it reached this position on the 31st week of the year.
2010/08/19The august issue of Gamestar has been released. Along many other candies you can find inside a game presentation of King Arthur: The Saxons, the development of Neocore Games. Probably this is the reason why we could not find a larger article about the expansion to the original King Arthur on the on-line version of the magazine.
2010/08/18Ubisoft is confirming on the news of yesterday. Heroes of Might and Magic VI, or the way they would like to call it, Might and Magic: Heroes 6, is on the way. Let's see if the publisher manages to convert the fanatics to use the new title! Two things are for sure though. The development is still in the hands of Black Hole Entertainment, and the HD quality of the video trailer has arrived from official sources.
2010/08/17I'm writing to you on a joyous occasion. Curtain falls from another under-development game, kept as a secret so far, according to GameStar. It turns out that hungarian Black Hole Entertainment is responsible for Heroes of Might and Magic VI, the upcoming piece of the Heroes of Might & Magic series. Even the previous title, Heroes of Might & Magic V had a hungarian aspect, since the computer generated movies were made by Digic Pictures. Heroes of Might and Magic VI though will be an all domestic product. You can find the so-far-published images here, and the video trailer here. The fanatics of the series are expecting the game with reservation since according to foreign voices, previous titles of the developers, Armies of Exigo and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos did not meet the standards.
2010/08/13As a big surprise, the sales of King Arthur, the development of Neocore Games have dropped significantly in the 30th week of the year. Therefor the game descended to the 15th position of the sales lists of Hungary in the multiplatform category.
2010/08/11PC Dome has written an article, colored by some images about Nadirim, developed by Digital Reality. They summarize the background story of the game, they mention a few words about the gameplay, and reveal the launch of the beta testing at the end of August.
2010/08/09On the 28th week of the year King Arthur has placed 3rd on both the multiplatform and PC category of the sales lists in Hungary. The game of Neocore Games have been a returning visitor to the top of the sales lists for a while now, and the release of the expansion, King Arthur: The Saxons will probably improve this.
2010/08/08After the publishing of the game, a trailer video was released about King Arthur: The Saxons. If you are interested in how much more do you get from the expansion than the original King Arthur game, you can watch the video on GameTrailers.
2010/07/20So far it seems that Nadirim will be the last development of Digital Reality that we can play on on the PC. And it will not be a classical PC game itself but a role-playing adventure placed in the fantasy world inside a web-browser. You can sign up for the beta on the website of the game. From what is released to the public we can draw the consequence that the game will feature really nice graphics for a browser-based game. Worth a try for the role-playing fanatics.
2010/07/19Dicovery Channel has made a documentary on the history of the video game industry. Although only for a couple of seconds of edit pictures, Battlestations: Midway, the game of former Mithis Games had earned its spot as well, where the film argues about the strong link between the video game industry and the army.
2010/07/13King Arthur: The Saxons, the official expansion to the original King Arthur title has arrived. The sequel to the successful game by Neocore Games was released via the Steam system for download.
2010/07/12King Arthur has returned in the 26th week of the year. The game of Neocore Games have fought its way back up to the 18th position on the sales lists of Hungary in the PC category.
2010/07/02King Arthur is getting an expansion that will lead gamers into the diplomatic world of the Saxons. Neocore Games have begun developing two expansions for the original game, of which the first one, the King Arthur: The Saxons is now soon to be completed. The arrival of the expansion is to be expected on 8th of July.

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