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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2016/05/21Overon Station, the team behind Dome City, has released a new video, which presents, how the game engine is displaying the Mars surface, on which we can ride with the Mars rover. In the meantime the Kickstarter campaign is still going on. Unfortunately though it does not look promising. So far only the 26% of the fund was raised.
2016/05/02A Hungarian development had gone through an adventurous life-cycle, but only quietly, in the background, behind the curtains. Thanks to the article of Gamestar, the never-seen development of Digital Reality is revealed. You can take a look at the Star Trek game that provides the same visual experience as Haegemonia: Legions of Iron, and its expansion, a Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage, using the same engine, in the video on vimeo. It is a shame, because the implementation of a well-known brand can always improve the success of a development studio. Although it is true, that in case of smaller teams, the contrary proves to be more likely.
2016/04/29This year a fantastic video series had begun on the renewed GameStar. Unfortunately the consequence of the renovation is that all my downloaded RSS articles became useless under the new engine, but who cares, if the colleagues are launching such a writing and filming that everyone gets exceited about, who is foloowing the hungarian PC game development? Especially if I take the effort and scan through the article dumping anyway on Gregorius' corner as well. In the video you will hear stories with the words of such veteran, as Donát Kiss, who is highly responsible for firing up the hungarian PC game development in the Commodore 64 era with Novotrade.
2016/04/27Zen Studios is taking another leap forward. The team has implemented a new table for GPinball FX 2G. Riding the wave of episode 7 of Star Wars, they have implemented a The Force Awakens table for the Star Wars Pinball package. Naturally there is also a trailer video available on the official YouTube channel of Zen Studios.
2016/04/14Last November, in the 14th episode of the 1st season of Checkpoint, Tamás Beregi was the guest of Gret and Stöki. Tamás Beregi is a game-researcher, former lecturer of ELTE University, currently a lecturer of BME-GTK. In the radio interview he talked about the history of hungarian computer game development, mentioning stories from the golden age, including Appaloosa Interactive, the former Novotrade Interactive, responsible for titles such as the Ecco The Dolphin series, Digital Reality, the developers of Reunion, Imperium Galactica, Imperium Galactica 2. A couple of words said about the never completed version of Imperium Galactica 3, or the Escape from Alcatraz, brought to us by former Philos Laboratories.
2016/03/31Neocore Games have surprised their fans with a little gift. They have uploaded the works of Gergely Buttinger to their YouTube channel. This means that they have released the music of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, the music of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 and the music of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3, each in a playlist.
2016/03/30A testing article was published on the pages of GameStar. The article examines The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut, recently released by Neocore Games.
2016/03/23As a member of Overon Station had answered to my question, they plan to record a German and Russian dubbing as well to Dome City, their new game. The latter two however is still in the needs assessment phase. Interest in them had already arisen, but the actual profitability of the side-project has to be evaluated.
2016/03/22GameKapocs has put together an exhausting and exhastive article about Dome City, the upcoming development of Overon Station. Those, who would like to know more about the game, will find some new information for sure, if they have not read it already. The article is in hungarian, but Google Translate can help for sure.
2016/03/07I can introduce a new Hungarian team today, the development studio of Overon Station. They are most probably a team consisting of experienced members of former Hungarian development studios. They were also ganged up with Petri Alanko, the Finnish music composer, who was also responsible for the music of such titles, as Alan Wake or Trials Fusion. Their game, Dome City, is going to be an adventure game, that utilizes the Unreal Engine 4. It will evoke such glorious times of Hungarian PC game development, when characters spoke in Hungarian language. Our mother tongue is brought to life by Bori Csuha, Balázs Szvetlov and Ádám Gacsal so far. Numerous pieces of media have been already revealed from the game, since development have been going on for more than a year now. Hence you can already watch an announcement trailer video, a cutscene trailer video and one that presents almost 7 minutes of gameplay. All available in both Hungarian and English language. It has just happened today, that Pierrot offered his help for the team. He was responsible for the development of the Ancient Games of Nations series and Jumurdzsák gyűrűje, under his own development studio, PrivateMoon Studios. The publishing of the game is expected next year. I wish strength and good luck for the guys with their project!
2016/03/05A video presenting the features of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut was released by Neocore Games.
2016/03/04A trailer video with a nice atmosphere was released for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut, from Neocore Games.
2016/02/19You can read a test about Solar Shifter EX, the new game from Elder Games, on the columns of The test examines the game from every angle. Although it was written quite long ago, along the release of the game, which is itself is half a year old, Solar Shifter EX has not yet received a single update to its original code. Hence the test can be said up-to-date still. Also it is quite assuring to see that the game does not contain any bug of such severity that a still active developer did not feel the urge to release a patch.
2016/02/17Last September Elder Games, the well-recognized one-man development studio, had released a new game, called Solar Shifter EX, which is a shoot em up. IT looks really promising by the first videos and pictures already released, but if you are willing to take a closer look, you should visit the appropriate page of Steam to download the game immediately.
2016/02/01For another 13 hours you can get Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, developed by Mithis Games, on the website of Good Old Games.
2016/01/28The writers of GameStar have travelled last year to GamesCom 2015 exhibition, where they have also paid a visit to the booths of Neocore Games. You can find their article about the event and the developers' new game, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr on the pages of GameStar.
2016/01/13The next episode of the Warhammer franchise will be developed by Neocore Games. Having the opportunity to bring Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr to life is a great professional recognition. We shall support the team together so they can once again put down something of high quality. You can also check out the first teaser video of the game already.
2016/01/11Last year Neocore Games have sold out the one millionth issue of the The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series. Riding the wave of fame once again they have decided to compress the events of the episodes of the trilogy into a single game. The new game containing the story of the original The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and its followers, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3 is presented as The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut.
2015/11/20From today until Tuesday, you can get Haegemonia: Gold Edition, which includes both GHaegemonia: The Legions of IronG game and its expansion Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage, for a discounted price on Good Old Games. Due to the 75% discount you can download the game for only 2,39 Euros. You can also get GSyberiaG and GSyberia 2G, for which you can find the Hungarian translations here on Gregorius? corner, for the same amount.
2015/09/15We can already find two videos on Youtube about Quern, the new game from Zadbox Entertainment. The first one a teaser trailer, while the second one is a video presenting the gameplay.

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