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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2010/10/25The next development of Neocore Games is on its way on the conveyor belt. the noted, hungarian PC game development company has signed a long-term agreement with its current publisher, Paradox Interactive. According to this, the company has a vast financial backup for the upcoming years, and probably the second expansion of King Arthur, King Arthur: The Druids, following the previous expansion, King Arthur: The Saxons, could not be in better hands.
2010/10/20There is a new event on the horizont in Hungary. The Computer Art Forum of this year will be held on the 5th of November in the Magyar Telekom headquarters. The attendance is free, all you need to do is register yourself as a visitor. Participation is worth taking these steps, as lectures will include presentation of the colleagues of Digital Reality speaking of Nadirim, the developers of Invictus leading us into the secrets of iPhone programming and the masters of Nemesys telling us a little bit about Fortix. On top of these, Mesharray Digital Media School will represent the citadel of the art vein of hungarian game development in an own auditorium.
2010/10/19King Arthur is still staying in Hungary, on the 40th week of the year. The development of Neocore Games is placed 14th on the multiplatform list, and 12th in the PC category.
2010/10/17Connected to the release of Lionheart: Kings' Crusade, the developers, Neocore Games, have published a release-video of the game. You can find the video on GameStar.
2010/10/16And it is still only King Arthur who can be found on the hungarian sales lists in spite of all the new hungarian developments. The game of Neocore Games is in the 16th position of the multiplatform list on the 39th week of the year.
2010/10/15The open beta of the MMO sci-fi RPG game, Perpetuum, will start next Monday, so on the 18th of October. Avatar Creations would like to refine the game according to the feedback of the most users possible this way, and to test the engine under heavy load.
2010/10/13On the 38th week of the year, King Arthur has fallen to the 10th place on the sales lists of Hungary in the PC category. On the multi-platform list the game of Neocore Games have even droped from the visible spectrum.
2010/10/12Zsilvölgyi Csaba, the former member of Appaloose Interactive and a colleague of has deceased. Among many other things he was strengthening Stormregion during the development of Codename: Panzers - Phase Two, GRush of BerlinG, Rush for Berlin: Rush for The Bomb and Codename Panzers 2: Cold War. I would like to mediate the sincere condolences of the visitors of Gregorius' corner and myself to his colleagues, friends and family!
2010/10/11A longer interview has arrived with Avatar Creations, who are responsible for the game titled Perpetuum. This is a robot, sci-fi, shooter, MMO in a nutshell, but the video-interview can explain this a lot better. For english subtitles beg the uploader or me.
2010/10/09The Budapest Game Show will be held on the 10th and 11th of November this year for the fourth time. The location will be new, in the Jövő Háza (House of Future) in the Millenáris, but the feeling will be the old, fantastic. You can buy tickets in the stores of 576Kbyte where you can also get something for this amount beside the ticket.
2010/10/08Lionheart: Kings' Crusade, the new development of Neocore Games was released. Let's hope that the game will succeed in a similar manner that of King Arthur. Hopefully it will be recognized not only in Hungary.
2010/10/08King Arthur has preserved its position on the sales lists of Hungary in the PC category, and so still can be the owner of the 5th place. In the multiplatform list, the game of Neocore Games could even improve and by stepping a position forward placed 7th.
2010/10/06Within a short week, on the 12th of October, the beta test of GNadirigG, the new massive multiplayer online role-playing game of Digital Reality, will be launched. The beta testing is closely held, but you can sign up for the noble quest here. The developers will fine-tune the game according to feedback.
2010/10/04King Arthur is still staying in Hungary, on the 36th week of the year. The development of Neocore Games is placed 8th on the multiplatform list, and 5th in the PC category.
2010/09/29After the first news spreading like fire on the web about the death of Good Old Games, it turns out, it was all an advertisement. Good Old GamesGood Old Games is happy, healthy and all new. the reason why I mention it is that you can find Haegemonia: Legions of Iron, GHagemonia: The Solon HeritageG from Digital Reality and 1nsane from Invictus on the website.
2010/09/28PC Dome has produced a preview article, colored with images about Lionheart: King's Crusade, the new development of Neocore Games. The official website of the game was launched as well. An interesting circumstance is that the game was renamed. So far it was going under the title, Lionheart: King's Crusade. On the official website though, we can see it as Lionheart: Kings' Crusade. Not much of a change, rather unfortunate that it was mispelled on many news pages, including Gregorius' corner.
2010/09/18According to the newest results of the hungarian sales lists, King Arthur by Neocore Games have jumped back to the 6th position in the PC category. One thing is for sure. The game has been besieging the lists for many, long months now. This many people cannot be wrong for this long.
2010/09/17Lionheart: King's Crusade, the under development game of Neocore Games has recieved a release date. We can expect to meet the game on the shelves on the 8th of October. In the meantime you can find some on the website of PC Dome.
2010/09/13On the 35th week of the year, King Arthur, the development of Neocore Games can only be found in the PC category of the hungarian sales lists, and even there it dropped to the 11th position.
2010/09/09Nemesys, as maybe a less known but still just as worty representative of the hungarian PC-game developers was out on GamesCom. And if they were out there, they put together a nice, little video trailer about their newest development, Ignite. The video is available in HD resolution as well on YouTube. It looks to be a promising scud. I can only recommend it to everyone who likes racing of any kind.

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