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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2010/12/01The beta version of Nadirim, the MMO role-playing game of Digital Reality will launch on the 8th of December. If you would like to try the beta phase of the game, you could register yourself as a beta tester.
2010/11/30I would like to draw your attention to a really promising creation. Akarnokd, most probably a true Imperium Galactica fanatic is working on nothing less, but the open-source implementation of the legendary, original Imperium Galactica from Digital Reality on the Java platform. The development is advancing strongly, and if you would like to feel again the atmosphere of Imperium Galactica established by the videos, cutscenes and animations at the beginning of the game, do not hesitate to download the program!
2010/11/29Still in the printed October issue of PC Guru you can read a once again two-page game test of King Arthur: The Saxons, which is a standalone expansion to the original King Arthur title from Neocore Games. The game has reached a really high score according to the test. For further details you should check out the october issue of PC Guru.
2010/11/28In the printed October issue of PC Guru you can read a two-page presentation of Heroes of Might and Magic VI, the newest development of Blackhole Entertainment, who are also responsible for Armies of Exigo and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, in an interview with István Zsuffa, the art director of the team. Among other things we can find out that according to official cases, they can keep to the orogonal deadline of next March.
2010/11/26This year's Experience Show will be held on the 27th of November, Saturday, so tomorrow. The event is a demo-scene show, where the best demo creators will compete with each other. Numerous hungarian teams will attend, who's memebers are domestic developers, produce entertainment value and use the PC platform. So everything is in place to write a couple of sentences about the event on Gregorius' corner as well. Some developers of the demo scenes continue on in the game industry, such as BoyC, a memebr of the Conspiracy team, who is also a part of Avatar Creations, responsible for Perpetuum. Even the winners of the Awards will be announced, and the awards will be presented on the Experience Show. Those who like digital art should visit the show by all means.
2010/11/25GPerpetuum, the sci-fi, mecha, MMO role-playing game of Avatar Creations is opening its doors to the public today. I am pretty sure that there are many people who have been waiting for this day as a special holiday. But if you don't know what Perpetuum is all about, still be sure to check out the website of the development since you could find a favorite behind it.
2010/11/24This year's Computer Art Forum was a big success. According to the findings of PC Dome, the number of visitors were battling with the physical barrier. If nothing more, this we can find out from the article of PC Dome. Maybe I could add that probably the author of the article got a copy of the program flyer published beforehand as well.
2010/11/23On the 45th week of the year, Neocore Games's King Arthur is standing on the 23th position of the hungarian sales lists in the multiplatform category.
2010/11/22According to newest rumours, King Arthur: The Druids, the next standalone expansion to the original King Arthur video game of Neocore Games could be in the shops by this year. The game will feature heavy weight magic this time due to the attack of the druids along with their leader, King Ryon.
2010/11/20I am very happy to have the chance to look back at an old favorite of mine for at least a couple of minutes, Screamer 4x4, the off-road simulation of Clever's Games. The game was published back in 2001 by Virgin Interactive Entertainment, using the well-known brand of the Screamer series, although other than the name, the game has nothing to do with its predecessors, not in content, not in looks. We can take a closer look to the past of this game thanks to an article just published on Szimulátorgia.
2010/11/17We can still only speak of Neocore Games's King Arthur on the 44th week of the year, as the only game created by a domestic development team, which stays in the visible spectrum of the hungarian sales lists. The game, processing the legend of king Arthur, is not even in the upper house but on the 27th position.
2010/11/16GameStar has prepared for this year's Budapest Game Show a little more seriously. They had arrived with a cast equiped with camera and made numerous recordings and interviews, trying to bring the feeling of the event onto the screen of the viewers. You can find the recordings of the first day here, and of the second day here.
2010/11/15Due to the imminent launch of Perpetuum, the developers, Avatar Creations has decided to release a new video of the game. If one would not be sure what lies beneath the download section or if it's worth registering on the website of the game for the online mayhem, should be sure at least to check out this new video to get the final push for the first click.
2010/11/13The evaluations and articles about this year's Budapest Game Show are arriving one following the other. Thanks to PC Dome we can browse through a whole gallery of images taken on the event. It is good to see that with the aid of a little of western funds we managed to domesticate the lowest mental point of all similar exhibitions, the high school event Aprils, who attract and generate the visitors of similar mental requirements. I guess there was nothing more worth to perpetuate on the exhibition.
2010/11/12This year's Budapest Game Show has ended. According to some, guests could leave with mixed feelings. The event attracted less visitors than expected. The program looked more like an XBox360 expo rather than a game show. And also many think that the weekday date was not in favor of the exhibition either. Organizers do not yet complain on the other hand. I'm sure that some of us are waiting for the official evaluation of the game show.
2010/11/11The robotic MMO-RPG world of Perpetuum, the development of Avatar Creations will launch on the 25th of November. The end of the beta-testing is soon going to arrive, and from that on, we can enjoy the game in its full spectacle.
2010/11/10It can hardly be called a miracle that everyone is burning in Neocore Games fever. I think all domestic game developers could be jealous of their success. Echelon has published an interview with the developers responsible for King Arthur, Lionheart: Kings' Crusade and Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come.
2010/11/09King Arthur is in concrete. The game, developed by Neocore Games, on the hungarian sales lists is invariably on the 15th place in the multiplatform list, and 13th place considering PC sales of the 42nd week.
2010/11/07Due to the server shutdown of last week I did not have the chance to draw your attention repeatedly to Computer Art Forum, held on last Friday, where among others, famous, hungarian developers shared their views about the artistic aspect of game developing. If you did not have to chance to attend, don't worry, because on the 10th and 11th of November, next Wednesday and Thursday, the Budapest Game Show is waiting for all curious.
2010/11/06It is still only King Arthur who can be found on the top part of the hungarian sales lists from among all the games developed by Neocore Games. King Arthur holds its position on the 15th place in the multiplatform list, and 13th place considering PC sales.

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