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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2011/01/26A new overview of Lionheart: Kings' Crusade was published on PC Dome, which is satisfying in all the aspects. If there is anything you might have not known about the strategy-RPG hybrid of Neocore Games, you will find out in the article for sure.
2011/01/21Two new downloadable contents will be available for Neocore Games's Lionheart: Kings' Crusade. they are Lionheart: Kings' Crusade - Arabian Nights and Lionheart: Kings' Crusade - Teutonic Knights. In the first one you will be able to battle with the saracens and you can expect it to hit the virtual shelves on the 8th of February. Even bigger news is that the game will get a sequel and will be renamed once more as a consequence. From the second episode we can refer to the game simply as The Kings' Crusade. Most probably because we won't meat Richard Lionheart in it.
2011/01/20King Arthur: The Druids, the next dowloadable expansion to the original King Arthur, developed by Neocore Games, was released yesterday.
2011/01/19The background of the mysterious images on the Neocore Games website was revealed. The arrivel of King Arthur 2, the sequel to the original King Arthur, collecting the positive remarks of gamers and critics alike, was just announced recently. The developers are hoping for a welcome just as warm as of the original game. At home and abroad alike.
2011/01/13The website of Neocore Games was redesigned. Behind the new dress we can find the information concerning their new game and we can also find in a well structured system everything we might want to know about their previos titles. On top of everything upon entrance we bump into a couple of mysterious images from some secret project that we have already mentioned here on Gregorius' corner.
2011/01/12I am trying to adapt to all the name changes going on in the recent past. One, but not the only represenatative of such a change is Heroes of Might and Magic VI, whom we can look for under the title, Might and Magic: Heroes VI from now on. If I would like to summarize the events around the game in a nutshell, then I could say; one new side and dozens of new images from the game of Neocore Games. For illustration you can visit the article of PC Dome.
2011/01/10Last week, Crysis: Warhead, the standalone expansion of Crysis by Crytek Hungary have entered the top 10 list of Steam, as part of Crysis: Maximum Edition and have reached the second place.
2010/12/30Well, not exactly today, but the December issue of the GameStar magazine is out. And although there is no article inside about any real hungarian development, you can find a longer interview with Digic Pictures. What you must know about this studio is that they are responsible for the pre-rendered animations of numerous domestic and foreign developments including Armies of Exigo, Warhammer: Mark of Chaos and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March, all developed by Blackhole Entertainment.
2010/12/29Registered GameStar users can now earn beta keys for Digital Reality's Nadirim. They have to do no more than visiting the appropriate page of GameStar and follow the instructions.
2010/12/22It was maybe more than two years ago when the hungarian PC game development market was so busy that things were happening on as many threads simultaneously as they do today. But let's see one of these threads. The portal has made a new video-interview with Avatar Creations, the developers of Perpetuum. The video reveals some interesting details of the game and the background of the development.
2010/12/20If there is still someone who has not yet taken a fancy to run one's head against the beta testing of Nadirim, I would report about what one can expect behind the form asking for a user name and a password. So far in the game, developed by Digital Reality, you can expect to choose a character to play with from 3 classes, and you can shepherd it through 2 worlds up to the 15th level improving on various skills and getting hold of numerous items. A mission list and mission management system is helping you to know your way around all the main, side and solo missions. Finally we can put our cherished hero to the test in turn-based battles, and in case of need a host of vendors are waiting for us to improve on our chances in the battles with their merchandise in exchange for a little of our money. With the rest of the players, we can keep in touch with and chat about our past trials with the aid of a friend list. In the meantime the mood is elevated by enchanting pieces of music and exciting sound effects, as we can expect from Digital Reality. Two more character classes and some new worlds are under development right now, and you can expect to fight with or against your fellow players in crowd fights, or to exchange your boring weapons with them like a good financial professional. As a beta tester you can expect all this to happen to you.
2010/12/17The second article about Nadirim that I would like to draw your attention to is a report by PC Dome, on the game of Digital Reality supported by images and videos. It is almost identitcal to the article of Játé, most probably it was written based on the same press release, but because of the visual backup you might want to read it through once.
2010/12/16The evaluations about Nadirim, the new game of Digital Reality, are slowly infiltrating to the web one after the other. Since beta testing have already been launched, these sources are also talking about the actual content of the game. First I would like to draw your attention to the article of Játé
2010/12/15The excellent Dream Pinball 3D game of ASK Homework was released by Good Old Games as well. Now you can buy the game, featuring six pinball tables, including some soundtracks composed by Harold Faltermeyer, for 3 American dollars. This edition of Dream Pinball 3D does not contain any copy-protection system, or DRM, like the original boxed version did, and it is fully compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows XP, Windows Vista and windows 7 operating systems. Unlike the original PC version of the game, Good Old Games offers the 6th table of Dream Pinball 3D not with the Two Worlds theme but with the redesigned theme of Amber Moon as in the console versions.
2010/12/13According to the findings and reasoning of Hardwired it seems most probable that Crytek Hungary, the Hungarian branch of the German Crytek empire, is currently working on a fantasy game. The development is going under the title of Codename: Kingdoms, but both the title and the development behind it is merely pure guess. No official sources back this information up. In spite of all this there is no harm in checking out the article of Hardwired, the graphics works of Ágnes Staudt and the really meaningless video trailer of the game.
2010/12/09You can already find on the shelves of 576 Kbyte, and soon you will be able to buy Lionheart: Kings' Crusade, the game of Neocore Games at CD Galaxis, Media Markt and Auchan as well. It looks like some people still think that it's worth publishing a game in a box. At least this way we can wrap it in something.
2010/12/08The beta testing of Nadirim, the web-browser based role-playing game of Digital Reality, colored with turn-based battles launches today.
2010/12/06Let's turn back a little in time and take a closer look at who were Clever's Games. We can thank the developers for Screamer 4x4, Cabela's 4x4 Off-Road Adventure and the Terminator 3: War of The Machines videogames. They have also started some projects that have never been finished, such as Steel of Haste or Paradox. Now we can read an article, from the pen of an insider, about the history that have mixed the threads so hardly it formed an inextricable knot on the road of Clever's Games.
2010/12/05As you could already read on Gregorius' corner, the launch of Nadirim, the new development of Digital Reality will take place on the 8th of December, so really soon. But the marketing machine was already released, a little earlier, according to which you can play a mini-game on the official website of the game. This mini-game can be considered as a prequel to Nadirim as it processes the events before the story of the game.
2010/12/02In the november issue of the printed PC Guru we can read a game test about Lionheart: Kings' Crusade in a usual two-page article. This game of Neocore Games proved worthy as well in the evaluation at the end of the article.

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