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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2011/04/20The Game and Educational Software Alliance have been founded this year. The goal of the alliance is to avert the obstacles of dealing virtual games and curriculum in Hungary. The organization is formed by several prominent people of hungarian or international firms having interest in Hungary. Let's hope that their functioning will make numerous hungarian development studios bloom.
2011/04/05Blackhole Entertainment have announced the release date of Might and Magic: Heroes VI. The development has suffered a minor delay, since earlier the first quarter of the year was marked as the target for the creation to reach the stores. According to newest information though the game will hit the market on the 21st of June overseas, and 23rd of June in Europe.
2011/04/02It's been a while since we have last heard of Most Wanted Entertainment. But the guys did not disappear at all. On their renewed website we can read about a smaller development that turns them back towards the PC market for a short time. The Defenders of Ardania intends to close a hole on the market of casual games. It aims gamers familiar with the tower defense genre well-known form the Flash platform.
2011/04/01The launch of Nadirim, the development of Digital Reality is coming closer and closer as well. Hence videos are breaking free each month. In the newest video we can see how the Ennahar House is getting outlined under the hands of Zsolt Varga, graphics master. The developers have also opened a beta competition. You can read further details about this on the official website of the game.
2011/03/31After one year of holiday Game Developers Forum is back to Budapest. The lecture-series mustering the masters of hungarian game development studios besides foreign presenters will be held in the Cinema City halls of Arena Plaza, expected on the 22nd of April.
2011/03/30After all the negative criticisms, finally, an article has risen from the depth of the Internet, which does not paint Perpetuum, the game of Avatar Creations, as the perfect MMO but at least shows a deeper shade of quality. And this required nothing more than a little more time and effort than what most entertainment products ask for. A more sophisticated game requires and deserves a more sophisticated evaluation. This was all presented be GameStar on the table.
2011/03/29The release of Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the development of BlackHole Games is coming closer and closer. The videos, images and details are published one after the other. Now we can take a closer look at the content of the collectors' edition of the game, due to a video that is also available on YouTube.
2011/03/23Last year, King Arthur was performing really frequently on Gregorius' corner in news about trying to reach the top of the hungarian sales lists. It was almost getting boring by the end. But it seems, it wasn't without result after all, since the game has reached the 19th position on the sales list of 2010 summarizing the sales of the whole year. This means that the game of Neocore Games was the 19th most successful game of last year in Hungary. Congratulations to the developers!
2011/03/21An interview was published on the website of RPGames with Vologya Mester, the leader of Blackhole Entertainment, in which he talks about Might and Magic: Heroes VI with the reporter of RPGames.
2011/03/18Neocore Games has published a new video interview with Orsolya Tóth, the PR-manager of Neocore Games, who is revealing more details about the developer's newest game, King Arthur 2. The video interview is in English. The video is available on the website of Gamestar.
2011/03/16Here at Gregorius' corner I am trying to grasp all pieces of news concerning domestic PC-game developments. Running, under-development games, interesting pieces of information about good old forgotten developments, start-up, blooming and falling Hungarian development studios. But now let's talk about the developer and road towards development. On the columns of GameKapocs we can find an anonymous article from the pen of a Hungarian developer, who takes an overview of the highlights, ups and downs of his carreer. If you are preparing for this road, this article is a mandatory reading, although the article is anonymous so the source and the truth cannot be verified or supported.
2011/03/13The Sanctuary class has been revealed! Meet the united force of creatures never mentioned together in the world of Might and Magic: Heroes VI. The video about the game of Blackhole Entertainment was just uploaded to GameTrailers.
2011/03/04Nemesys has entered Fortix 2 into Indie Game Challenge 2011 game development competition. The game was such a success it made it to the finals thanks to all the votes it gained. Congratulations to Nemesys!
2011/03/03I have the opportunity to announce a new hungarian development, Fortix 2. The game is developed by Nemesys. IT is quite old news, considering that I am almost a month late posting the news but it's better later than never. I will continue on this story tomorrow.
2011/03/02The website of Nemesys was just renewed. You can find many new pieces of information on the new interface. It's worth getting to know a little better this hungarian development studio getting more and more noted.
2011/02/20Let's not forget about our other big block-buster promise, Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the new game of BlackHole Games. In a developers' diary video the producer and the script writer of the game are introducing us to the orcs. You can find the video on the website of Gametrailers.
2011/02/16Neocore Games has the most effective advertisement campaign. Probably our most active development studio is puting a video trailer of King Arthur 2 on the table. You can find the video on the pages of GameTrailers.
2011/02/15News about King Arthur 2, the new development of Neocore Games is spreading like wildfire. If you would like to see some images from the strategy playing in dark fantasy then you can do so by opening the images coloring the short article of PC Dome.
2011/02/14You can read an overview article about Nadirim, the new game of Digital Reality on the columns of PC Dome.
2011/02/13Digital Reality is taking the feedback from the Nadirim beta version seriously. They are willing to build in the ideas of beta testers into the game and correct all errors being reported to them. As a consequence they will return with a completely new version of the game.

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