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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2011/06/14A new video was published from Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the new development of Blackhole Entertainment, in which the public can have an insight to the birth of the atmosphere creating force of sound effects, dubbing and music.
2011/06/10A new video was released from Might and Magic: Heroes VI, a game under development at Blackhole Entertainment. In the new trailer we can see a selection of the character animations from the Necro class.
2011/06/09On the 24th week of the year, Crysis: Maximum Edition, which also contains Crysis: Warhead, the game developed by Crytek Hungary, is on the 8th place of the sales list in Hungary in the PC category.
2011/06/08Who is buried early will live long, the saying goes. It turns out to be true for Digital Reality as well. Not long ago, the developers have told us that their newest development, Nadirim was taken over by another studio. It seemed as if the guys were left without a PC game. Although now I am happy to announce that there are 2 games under development under the roof of Digital Reality, that will also be published for the PC platform. One of them is going to be a puzzle, strategy hybrid, called Dead Block. The other one will be an arcade flight racing game under the title, SkyDrift. We can find plenty of information already about the games on their official websites.
2011/06/04On the 18th week of the year Crysis: Maximum Edition, the package containing Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary, as well has the 12th position in the multi-platform category, and the 8th position of the PC sales list in Hungary.
2011/06/03Gamestar has published a game test, in which they tested Fortix 2, the next-in-line game of Nemesys Games.
2011/06/02Paradox Interactive is taking King Arthur 2, the game of Neocore Games to the E3 Exposition of this year.
2011/05/28Linked to the release of Fortix 2, Nemesys Games has released a teaser video of the game, that has clearly renewed graphics and has taken the direction towards cartoon-style.
2011/05/27We can buy the development of Neocore Games, rightly praised by the professionals as well, and its expansions in a bundle now. The King Arthur Collection is released, containing the original King Arthur game, its two expansions, the King Arthur: The Saxons and the King Arthur: The Druids as well as the two downloadable contents, the Knights and Vassals and the Legendary Artifacts.
2011/05/26The development of Dream Pinball 3D 2 is on the way under the hands of A.S.K. Homework. The development is yet delayed by the porting of the code of the PC version of Battle vs. Chess, originally started by the same development studio. But sooner or later we will see the game on the shelves. The future publisher has already displayed some goodies from the game.
2011/05/25Fortix 2, the game from Nemesys Games has been published. You can buy and download it via the Steam system.
2011/05/24To return to the world of positive news let's take a look at the interview with Neocore Games about their upcoming title, King Arthur 2.
2011/05/23The next bad news in line is that the parent company is planning a grouped cut-back in workforce at Crytek Hungary. The step taken is worrying in itself but it's not yet all. The development of Codename: Kingdoms, the game ordered by Microsoft from the developers and so far developed at Crytek Hungary is now taken to the Frankfurt headquarters. The reasoning behind the decision was the structural reform in which the leadership is trying to make the mobile and tablet development the main profile of Crytek Hungary. This of course means that there will be no news coming from this studio to Gregorius' corner for a while now. As a farewell let's see what the guys have put into the development so far on the official website of the game!
2011/05/17Jowood is closing its gates. If the name does not ring a bell then I will remind you that Jowood was the publisher of S.W.I.N.E, the game of Stormregion. Since Stormregion has deceased long ago, Jowood has remained the only official source of support for the game. Until now. From this day on, we can only hope that S.W.I.N.E will leave its impression in the Internet for the future.
2011/05/10I can only tell you bad news. I will try to drop them on the website slowly, one after the other, so we don't burst out in rage right away. Let's start with the most important one. The Game Developers Forum will be postponed a little. A little until this Autumn. The event would have been held on this friday originally, but the organizers have decided to reschedule it to this fall due to numerous difficulties. Those who have already booked the forum in their calendars will have to look for alternative leasure time.
2011/05/06We can buy the development of Neocore Games, rightly praised by the professionals as well, and its expansions in a bundle now. The King Arthur Collection will contain the original King Arthur game, its two expansions, the King Arthur: The Saxons and the King Arthur: The Druids as well as the two downloadable contents, the Knights and Vassals and the Legendary Artifacts. We can expect the package to hit the shelves at the end of May. Of course a new release cannot come without a trailer video.
2011/05/03The release of GMignt and Magic: Heroes VIG was delayed by BlackHole Games. The new deadline is the 8th of September. We can not expect the game to be on the shelves before that.
2011/04/26A new video has been released from Nadirim. I would be happy to announce that thanks to Digital Reality we can check out how one of the newest frame of a comic strip is created by the hands of Richárd Vass and Péter Tikos, but the news is official now. The development of Nadirim was taken over by Twisted Tribe, and to finnish up the game, and most probably for future development, staff members of Digital Reality were taken over as well. The hungarian developments studios with one of the most past was first forced to turn towards mobile platform development and now one of their games were taken off of their hands, not to mention the loss of workforce. I hope this wasn't the last time I could write about Digital Reality as a PC game developer.
2011/04/22The program of this year's Game Developers Forum have been announced. I wrote earlier that the event is going to be held once again after two years of rest. After the date and location now we can finally check out what is going to happen. Among many others, the representatives of Crytek Hungary, Digital Reality or Invictus Games are going to pay a visit, while visitors are welcome to workshops presenting the secrets of game development, concentrating on the situation of game development in Hungary.
2011/04/21On the occasion of April's fools day Blackhole Entertainment have released a video of Might and Magic: Heroes VI. The teaser video dresses up some of the game's characters in funny animations. The first of April have already passed some time ago, but maybe it's even better to recall it's mood.

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