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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2011/09/08The Nexus name is to revive. Most Wanted Entertainment have decided to breathe life into the title and make the sequel to Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. The PR machine announces the game being under development. The truth is on the other hand behind the scenes is that the developers are currently looking for funding. They are using Games Plant to receive donations, investment or pre-ordering in the amount of 400,000 Euros. We wish the guys success and hope that we can soon add the title to the upcoming games officially.
2011/09/06The August issue of Gamestar has been released. It is not news in itself since I'm still lagging three weeks behind today. But I'm sure there are people who had not subscribed to the magazine but are still interested in Hungarian developments. This issue includes an article about King Arthur 2, developed by Neocore Games.
2011/09/04A really short video trailer of a video trailer of Might and Magic: Heroes VI was published. The short film was continued as well. You can find it easily but sooner or later I will add a hyperlink here as well. I am still somewhat lagging behind events. Anyways, if someone has not yet checked out this video made for the game of Blackhole Entertainment, be sure to take a look at it. It's a beautiful piece of work.
2011/09/03Might and Magic: Heroes VI, developed by Blackhole Entertainment, is being delayed again. The amount of the delay is decreasing exponentially though, so we will get the game into our hands soon. The new deadline is the 13th of October. The developers would like to correct all issues raised during the open test period of the game by this date.
2011/09/01It was not yesterday that Lionheart: Kings' Crusade - Arabian Nights was released. It was delayed a little but not this much. I completely forgot about it. Maybe some people did too so the information could still be valuable.
2011/08/31I have told you earlier about that Neocore Games is combining the pleasant with the useful. They will kill time for us until their next big thing, King Arthur 2 is ready to blow. They surprise the fanatics with a game that processes the time between the original King Arthur title and its sequel. It fits them perfectly since they can implement this smaller project quickly and get funding from us to make King Arthur 2 even much better than the original game. A new trailer video was just released from this extra project, King Arthur: Fallen Champions.
2011/08/30The first episode of the developers's video diary has been published by Digital Reality in which they speak about how they have been working on the maps and terrain of SkyDrift at one of the development studios of Hungary with the longest history.
2011/08/29Dead Block, the new game of Digital Reality, in which we need to take care of zombies in various, clever ways has been published.
2011/08/28You might already know Endre Baráth, who is well noted for his computer generated animation short films, if you are into this branch of creative arts. Now I not only have the opportunity to introduce him to you as a one-person development studio, but I also have the privilege to announce that his first product as a PC game has already been published under the brand of Etyekfilm. You should visit the official website of Dead Cyborg, as you can find out a lot about the creator of this first-person adventure game, summoning the atmosphere of old text-based adventure games, and his product.
2011/08/17A longer preview article was published on PC Dome about Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the new game of Blackhole Entertainment. The article is colored by numerous images taken from the game.
2011/07/29An article was published on PC Dome about the King Arthur Collection, containing the original King Arthur game, its two expansions, the King Arthur: The Saxons and the King Arthur: The Druids as well as the two downloadable contents, the Knights and Vassals and the Legendary Artifacts.
2011/07/26On the 26th week of the year Crysis: Maximum Edition, the package containing Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary, as well has the 15th position of the PC sales list in Hungary.
2011/07/06On the 25th week of the year Crysis: Maximum Edition, the package containing Crysis: Warhead, the development of Crytek Hungary, as well has the 17th position of the PC sales list in Hungary.
2011/07/05The closed beta version of Might and Magic: Heroes VI was launched by BlakHole Games about a week ago. There is a little more that we have known about the game since then. The exact release date in the USA is the 6th of September, while in the old lady continent we can take the game in our hands two days later, so on the 8th of September.
2011/07/04The first hungarian-developed game for Facebook, worth mentioning, was just released. The pack, including multiple minor skill and reflex game is nothing else but Alteroplay. The game was developed by Musketeer Games who has already published three videos of it. The first video shows you basically nothing other than the game logo. The second video is of promotional material, and the third rather shows the actual gameplay. You should at least watch the videos but if Facebook games are familiar to you, you will most probably like this one as well.
2011/06/29This is not that timely, but there could be people collecting these kinds of things. In the March issue of PC Guru, there was a four-page-long article published on Might and Magic: Heroes VI, developed by BlackHole Games. Back in these days of course we have not yet known about the several-month delay the release of the game is to suffer. In the same magazine we can find a two-page evaluation of King Arthur: The Druids, an expansion to the original King Arthur, developed by Neocore Games. It received really nice scores but it was stated thet the game is not the first expansion, and despite of the developers trying to include as many novelty in the game as possible, it does not bring the original pace.
2011/06/24Neocore Games, to get closer to its fanatics, have launched a developer's blog to share the most recent news about their games with the public. We get to know for example how the concept behind the King Arthur series was born, how the characters are created and formed according to needs, what happened at this year's E3 Expo, where Neocore Games was present as well, and the most recent information about the upcoming King Arthur: Fallen Champions.
2011/06/22Neocore Games is working on a new game. No, it's not King Arthur 2. The developers are working on King Arthur: Fallen Champions, which will fill the gap between the original King Arthur title and its sequel, King Arthur 2. If you cannot wait until the release of the second episode then this standalone expansion is waiting for you.
2011/06/20Who would have thought that the next piece of news will be about Might and Magic: Heroes VI? The beta version of the game from Blackhole Entertainment will be launched on the 28th of June. Linked to the event, a new video was published of the game, wishing to draw your attention to the different kinds of experience you could observe while playing the game.
2011/06/19Now everything centre around Might and Magic: Heroes VI. A new video was released from the game under development at Blackhole Entertainment. In the new trailer we can see a selection of the character animations from the Stronghold class.

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