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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2011/10/23You can find a game test about Digital Reality's SkyDrift on the pages of GameKapocs. The authors have written a quite positive review of the game that corresponds to the comments below the article.
2011/10/17Unfortunately there is still no positive response regarding the PC release of SkyDrift, the game developed by Digital Reality. The negotiations are still taking place with Steam. On the other hand good news is that there is already the second downloadable content being released for the console version. There is also a video released to this Gladiator pack which we will consider as a trailer video to the PC version then instead until better.
2011/10/11An exclusive video trailer was released from Might and Magic: Heroes VI. The quality of the video, dedicated to Gamespot, did not meet the expected requirements, neither on technical nor artistic terms. To make it sound even more politically correct, nobody would have been hurt if this video never hits the public. But to say something good as well we can associate to this video, the game of BlackHole Games will be released the day after tomorrow.
2011/10/02Apparently the success of the Fortix series have brought the long awaited rise for Nemesys Games. There have been numerous developments carried out on the machines of the development studio already. The parting of 576 Media though have stopped the carriage for the guys seemingly, and some partially finished and almost completely finished projects were left on the hard drives. The studio yet have tried to introduce a new series brand to stay alive. This was Fortix that have won serious scores on the circus floor of critics. And now finally with the co-operation of Just a Game one of their long dusting games is getting the spotlight, Ignite. We could already see trailer videos of it back in the beginning of this Spring.
2011/10/01On the pages of Játé you can read a game test about Digital Reality's SkyDrift. The game is much more popular among critics according to the remarks so far than Dead Block, also developed by Digital Reality.
2011/09/30With the publishing of SkyDrift Digital Reality has released the last official video trailer of the game in the same time. This piece of work now truly reflects the atmosphere of real competition, we can feel that the video dipped in sugar has conformed to the product itself. The hungarian slogan was decided on in an open competition won by Richárd Sipos who has earned a download key to the game and numerous Digital Reality relics. "You shall be the lord of skies! Dare or win, you have the air!"
2011/09/29You can read an exhausting review of King Arthur: Fallen Champions on the pages of Játé The article really takes the effort to examine the game from every angle. Although sometimes it sounds too positive, almost biased, it still mentions all negative aspects factually. It looks like, the game of Neocore Games deserves all praise despite the fact that it is only a subproject connecting the two episodes of a bigger series.
2011/09/28I would say now that we have found out the release date of SkyDrift, developed by Digital Reality. On the contrary, the fact is that the game has been released since the 9th of September. So it turns out as well that the game is going to be released to the PC platform for sure. Also, Sine Mora developed in co-operation with Grasshopper Manufacture seems to be more and more certain to arrive to the PC as well in the future.
The PC version has not been published yet. Although it is completely done, supposedly Digital Reality is still battling with becoming an official Steam partner.
2011/09/27The second episode of the video diary of SkyDrift, the airplane-racing game developed by Digital Reality, was released. In this video we can listen to Peter Petrekovits, just like in the previous episode, but this time in a much slower pace and with a slight unconfidence. The video becomes quiet boring from the middle already, but we can find out at least with what machines can we chase each other in the game.
2011/09/26A review with a very positive point of view was published on the columns of PC Dome about King Arthur: Fallen Champions, the game developed by Neocore Games. The article well summarizes the story behind the development and gives a sneak preview into the atmosphere of the game.
2011/09/25The July issue of PC Guru holds a test article about Fortix 2, developed by Nemesys Games. Now that this issue is really old it might only interest collectors of the topic slightly. In the same issue we can read an article about Battle vs. Chess as well. Only a few people know that the game was originally developed by A.S.K. Homework and the PC version was later finished by Gaijin Entertainment. A.S.K. Homework received the job to port the game to the different console platforms at the end.
2011/09/24There is going to be an Imperium Galactica 2 competition in which entrepreneurs can match their skills. The competition will take place between the 5th of October and the 1st of November. The deadline for signup is the 1st of October. You must submit your application via e-mail to the address. It is good to see that there is still life in the more than decade-old game of Digital Reality.
2011/09/23A preview article was published on the columns of PC Dome about Sine Mora, the new game developed by Digital Reality. From the article we can also find out that the console platform versions of the game will support the 3D televisions and projectors as well. We still don't know how many of these new features will make it to the PC version though. For that we need to wait a little more.
2011/09/22A new video trailer was released from King Arthur 2, in which we can take a look at the battle aspect of the game being developed by Neocore Games. The short moving picture emphasizes on the fantasy elements of the game.
2011/09/21About a month ago, King Arthur: Fallen Champions was released by Neocore Games. There is no reason not to buy it.
2011/09/20The demo version of Might and Magic: Heroes VI have been released. Now it is awaiting the judgement in the hands of the public. If you are hesitating on weather to buy the game or not, make sure to download the demo first. Considering the quality put down on the table by Blackhole Entertainment so far, it will not dissuade you from buying.
2011/09/19You can find an article about the press release of Sine Mora, developed by Digital Reality on Játé The article is rather old than recent but it is worth adding it to the archive.
2011/09/18New screenshots have been released from King Arthur 2. The images presenting the various environments were also shared with the viewers by Neocore Games on the pages of PC Dome.
2011/09/14Digital Reality has turned on the rockets. Their game, Dead Block was just released not long ago. They have another development undergoing, GSky DriftG. But I have the chance to announce yet another new game. With the co-operation Grasshopper Manufacture they are also working on a side-scrolling shooting airplane game, Sine Mora. The game is most probably based on the engine and experience gained during the development of SkyDrift. You can check out all the available media, images, videos already released of the game on its official website or on the website of Digital Reality. The reason why this game has not yet been listed here on this website is because there have been only console implementations announced officially. But now it seems that once the console versions would pay enough, the game will be released for the PC as well.
2011/09/11If you are already very excited about the topic, you most probably have already found the trailer video of Might and Magic: Heroes VI published at Gamescom 2011. And if you still need a push to become all excited, then you can find the teaser released by Neocore Games here.

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