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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2011/11/22The beta testing of King Arthur 2, the new strategy role-playing-game of Neocore Games is launching soon. Now you can sign up for it. Since the deadline is today, if you want to be a part of the closed testing, you should really hurry up.
2011/11/22Nowadays almost everything is about the freshly launched Might and Magic: Heroes VI. We shall be about it too! Everything includes PC Dome, who has published a long review of Blackhole Entertainment's game. If you would not like to bump into any surprises in the game, you should rather read the review than getting disappointed after buying.
2011/11/21We've talked a lot about the hungarian sales lists. Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the development of Blackhole Entertainment placed really well on these. But it is a rare occasion when a domestic product can place well on a foreign sales lits. Might and Magic: Heroes VI have earned this now since on the 42nd week of the year it placed 7th on the brittish sales list of the PC category.
2011/11/20It's been a while since we have heard about Defenders of Ardania, the tower defense game of Most Wanted Entertainment. Now a new video trailer was published of the game. PC Dome has also written a large article about the development. In the past months despite of the great silence the game was taken to and presented at various events due to which, several videos were released as well. Now we can watch them on YouTube as well.
2011/11/19On the 43rd week of the year, Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the fantasy role-playing-game of Blackhole Entertainment had placed in the 5st position on the sales lists of Hungary in the multiplatform category. The game placed 3rd in the PC category on the same week.
2011/11/18On the 42nd week of the year, Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the fantasy role-playing-game of Blackhole Entertainment had opened in the 1st position on the sales lists of Hungary in the multiplatform category. It's not surprising afterall that the game placed 1st in the PC category on the same week.
2011/11/16We can find a long article on portal about the testing of Might and Magic: Heroes VI. The article mostly tries to present the changes introduced by Blackhole Entertainment compared to the previous episode. The meticulously inspected game has received a moderately high score in the end.
2011/11/15Earlier I wrote a couple of words about the new physics engine in development by Invictus Games. Now a video has been published as well that you can find on YouTube. Fortunately, in the very last section of the video description we can find the computer game term.
2011/11/14A hungarian comic book initiative, the Swords have been launched, which guides the readers into the fantasy world. The reason why I mention this here, on Gregorius' corner, is that a copy of Blackhole Entertainment's Might and Magic: Heroes VI will be raffled among those who register on the website of Swords. After the registration, you will also need to join the Swords Facebook group, where you will need to share with the organizers, in which 576 Kbyte store you will be able to take your copy of the game from.
2011/11/13It has been a while since Invictus Games have not given a sign of life on the PC market. In the recent past they have been developing more on handheld console platform, as in the case of Race of Champions. Since numerous columnar members have left the development studio, momentum seems to have dropped and the studio have altered its mainstream. Invictus Games was accused several times of building physics and game engines whoes stability and performance pulls back the value of their games, which are claimed to be revolutionary in all other aspects. Future is promising in a way, since Invitus Games is once again building a new universal engine that could be used in driving education and professional simulations. we can only hope that PC gamers will sooner or later see something coming from this. All the best for Invictus!
2011/11/12The October issue of GameStar was published. Of course not now, but back in October. I'm again a little behind news. The main point is that in the October issue of GameStar you can find a detailed review of Might and Magic: Heroes VI being developed by Blackhole Entertainment.
2011/11/11The world of Nadirim has been launched. Although the game, recalling the atmosphere of the tales of the 1001 nights, is now taken care of by Twisted Tribe, let's not forget that it was taken over from Digital Reality after the launch of the beta demo version. Even since then there are numerous hungarian graphics and professionals coloring the team.
2011/11/10This weekend, that is from today until Sunday midnight, you can buy from Good Old Games the Haegemonia: Gold Edition, which contains both Digital Reality's original Haegemonia: Legions of Iron game, and its expansion, Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage, with a 60% discount.
2011/11/10Blackhole Entertainment have organized a press open day where all reporters could satisfy their desires to get to know about everything that is allowed. GameKapocs was also present at this important day, and have put together an large article, colored with images, about the creators of Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the Warhammer: Mark of Chaos series or Armies of Exigo. If you are interested about how a day goes by at this Hungarian development studio then you should read the article.
2011/11/09It seems like that Dead Cyborg have redeemed the promises, and have met the expectations of both the developer, Endre Baráth, and the players. We have already talked about the first episode of the product, ran under the name of Etyekfilm, here on Gregorius' corner. The creator of the game then said that he will make and publish the next episode if it triggers the adequate interest and will bring positive remarks from the critics. Well, I am happy to announce that the next episode of this first-person adventure game, bringing back the mood of the old text-based adventure games, was just released. As a consequence, two videos were released of the game, one is a teaser trailer, the other one is presenting the gameplay.
2011/11/08Due to the release of Might and Magic: Heroes VI, Blackhole Entertainment have published a new video of the game. The new launch trailer, which is to announce the start of selling the game turned out to be much more refined than the previous couple of videos. If you like the mood of the fantasy world, you should take a look at this film. But if you want to know more about the game itself, you will not learn much from this CGI video.
2011/11/06Ignite, the car racing game of Nemesys Games have received an offical release date. It will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so in the German-speaking part of Europe, in a boxed edition. These countries own the bigges market of PC games in the area. In all other countries you can buy the game through Steam. If everything went according to plan, then since the 28th of October.
2011/11/05Short after the release of Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the new game of Blackhole Entertainment, you can buy an auxiliary item also enclosed in the collector's edition of the game. This item is a brilliantly formed statue of a quarter of a meter embodying one of the heroes of the game, Michael Archangel.
2011/10/28Those who have paid a visit to any place where they are selling PC games in a box could have seen Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the game mentioned also in the previous post, on the shelves already. The game developed by Blackhole Entertainment have been published and enriches the ever-shrinking group of games also published in a box.
2011/10/27A new video trailer was published from Might and Magic: Heroes VI, being developed by Blackhole Entertainment. The makers are still not trying to expands the boundaries of arts in this new video but it is for sure better than their last piece of work.

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