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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2016/12/16The article serie, written by the Developerpixie blog about game development, had reached its 4th episode. It talks about what is game development, who can become a game developer and in what ways their dreams may be achieved, clearly, in an easy-flowing light-tone, hence somewhat superficially. However for those who don't feel themselves familiar in the world of game development may use it as a starting point to understand what is happening for what reason on the screen and behind it. The first episode stands as an introduction to the article serie. The second episode presents the building blocks of a development. The third episode gives an overview of the possibilities one can use to become a good professional. In the newest, fourth episode you can read about the community formed by game developers.
2016/12/13A new pinball table package had been released for Pinball FX2. The upcoming episode for Zen Studio's success story development is Bethesda Pinball. You can find pictures of it on the official website of Pinball FX2. The game is available for PC from 6th of December via Steam, and for Windows 10 through Microsoft Store as well, where you will be able to acquire the package via further in-app purchase. There is not only a Teaser Trailer available, but by now also a Launch Trailier is published. The package contains tables drawn in the world of Fallout, DOOM, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
2016/10/28I have the chance to present you a new development team and their game, or rather games. It is 6Quest. The name of the team is yet unknown, so I will call them by the title of the game. They have even launched a Kickstarter campaign last November, to speed up the development of their product. However it failed really badly, since they did not manage to collect even the 10% of the required funding by the deadline. Nevertheless they did not give up on creating their game, and by the third quarter of this year that launched the website of 6Quest. Here you can find the digital implementation of numerous adventure books, or text adventure games, the list of which is expanding over time.
2016/10/26Naturally was also paying attention back in March, when Overon Station was keen on firing up the development of Dome City. They also wrote an article about the release of the concept arts for the game.
2016/10/18GameStar had written an article about Dome City, developing under the hands of Overon Station. As a nostalgic experience, you might want to check out, what concept arts were the game to develop from to its present form. It is interesting to see what could be trasnferred to the full digital world and what could not.
2016/10/06Zen Studios had published a new pinball table pack for Pinball FX2 back in April. It is called the Aliens vs. Pinball expansion. It consists of three tables, the Aliens Pinball, the Alien: Isolation, and the Alien vs. Predator tables. Each one comes with a trailer video, that had been uploaded to YouTube by the developers. You can buy the game via Steam or Microsoft App Store for Windows 10 based systems.
2016/09/29I have mentioned earlier the Vakondok 4 video interview series launched by GameStar. In the 7th teaser episode you can listen to some secret stories of Zsolt Vámosi about his carreer, and about how the non-official Chinese translation of Theocracy,the strategy game of former Philos Laboratories, was made. The final documentary will be published in the beginning of 2017.
2016/09/20Nordic Games went shopping. The last 5-10 years of the Hungarian PC game development can hardly be called a success story. Big names had closed their workshops one after the other, leaving their goods up for grabs. Nordic Games was the one taking most of the deserted titles of Hungarian game development. In the beginning of the year they bought the rights to the probably most famous title, Imperium Galactica 2, the space strategy of former Digital Reality. But as the page listing the properties of Nordic Games Group shows, they also put some other titles in the cart as well, such as Bang Bang Racing, Sine Mora and SkyDrift, also having been published and/or developed by Digital Reality in the very late course of the studios' life. Furthermore they also own the rights to all the parts of the Codename: Panzers series developed by former Stormregion, namely; Codename: Panzers - Phase One, Codename: Panzers - Phase Two and Codename Panzers 2: Cold War.
2016/08/02CastleStorm is available again on Steam for a discounted price. You can buy the Complete Edition, which means that both downloadable contents, CastleStorm - From Outcast to Savior and CastleStorm - The Warrior Queen are included, for a price reduced by 50% this week.
2016/07/03It's worth to skim through the offers of the Steam Summer Sales, looking for the products of other Hungarian game development studios as well. You can also buy Defenders of Ardania from Most Wanted Entertainment for a lowered price.
2016/07/02Balls of Glory is here! Zen Studios had delivered four new tables under the engine of Pinball FX2 in this pack. Balls of Glory have been developed in cooperation with FOX Digital Entertainment, and holds an instance of four of the series running on the channel. The 4 corresponding tables are the American Dad Pinball, the Archer Pinball, the Bob's Burgers Pinball, and the Family Guy Pinball. Naturally you have a teaser trailer for each of the new tables, and one to the package as a whole.
2016/07/01At the beginning of 2014 Zen Studios had started implementing a new idea, which was entitled KickBeat in the end. The game is practically a fighting Guitar Hero. The reason why it made to Gregorius' corner now, is that it turned out to include the PC as a platform to be released on, however I happened to miss out on that. During the Steam Summer Sale the game is available for a discount price. There is also a teaser trailer video that shows the Steam version.
2016/06/30Steam Summer Sale is on! During the special period, you can buy Pinball FX2 along its numerous extensions for quite a discount via Steam. Another Zen Studios product, CastleStorm is also available for a discount price.
2016/06/29As you could already find out from the last post about Zen Studios, the team made Pinball FX2 available for Windows 10 as well, via Microsoft Store.
2016/06/17Unfortunately it is now official, that the KickStarter campaign of Dome City had failed to collect the required funding. Nevertheless the creators at GOveron StationG urged to reassure everyone, that the development of the game is carried on. This only means that the pace of the production could not be sped up.
2016/06/16Neocore Games had launched the new website of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr. On this, you can now find not only the one-year-old announcement trailer, but also a new, Mass Destruction Trailer.
2016/06/15Screamer 4x4 is available for a discounted price! Now you can download the game of former Clever's Games from the website of Good Old Games for only $1.49 innstead of $5.99.
2016/06/09PrivateMoon Studios had quietly shipped a game for the Természet Világa magazine. Miazma is an adventure game in the form of an interactive movie, which guides the players to the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The game, from which you can find videos on the official website of the game as well, was released as the DVD appendix of the April issue of the Természet Világa magazine. PrivateMoon Studios will consider the dissemination of the game via Steam as well.
2016/06/07The lately announced Star Wars Pinball - The Force Awakens pinball table is rather one of a two-pack for GPinball FX 2G, developed by Zen Studios. This table pack also contains the Might of The First Order table as well. Naturally there has already been a trailer video released for this expansion as well. You can buy the game via Steam or Microsoft Store.
2016/06/04With the TopWare & Anuman discount on Good Old Games, you can buy Dream Pinball 3D, a game developed by ASK Homework for only 1.29 Euros instead of 5.19 Euros.

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