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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2012/05/20In the March issue of PC Guru you can read an article about King Arthur 2. The development of Neocore Games had received 88% at the end of the four-page-long article.
2012/05/19In the April issue of GameStar you can read an article about Defenders of Ardania. The development of Most Wanted Entertainment had received 72% which makes this the highest the game have scored so far according to all the evaluations I have read so far.
2012/05/18I rarely speak about Digic Pictures, although the guys have done a lot to be noted. We can also say that luckily they are working over the effort on pouring out beautiful creations. Of course there is more than luck to obtain orders in such quantities. It also requires skills, which they have plenty. Digic Pictures is a hungarian studio specialized in CGI graphics and videos. They have made cutscenes for numerous foreign and domestic developments. About many one would not know the hungarian origin of, unless being proficient in the topic. Not long ago, they have released a reference video of a medley from their past works. The Játé portal has also made an interview with them.
2012/05/16One of the hungarian PC games, receiving maybe the greatest professional recognition has been ported to iPad just now. Imperium Galactica 2, now in the hands of tablet owners, can be considered a classic now from Digital Reality. Examples show that the lives of PC games holding real quality and value can be prolonged by porting them to different platforms. The same pathway of life was walked by 1nsane, which was published by Invictus Games under the title, 4x4 Jam in the AppStore.
2012/05/15The first review of Defenders of Ardania has been released. The article of Játé, in accordance with the feedback of international press, rated the game mediocre. It looks like, the return of Most Wanted Entertainment to the PC platform was not a resounding success. Behind the nice graphics, there are numerous howlers in the planning of the gameplay, that could not be balanced even by the new ideas introduced to the genre.
2012/05/14After the release of the full game, the demo version of Defenders of Ardania, the new development of Most Wanted Entertainment is available as well.
2012/05/10Defenders of Ardania, the new game of Most Wanted Entertainment has been released. You get get the game in a box or via Steam as well.
2012/05/08On the 12th week of the year, Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the fantasy role-playing-game of Blackhole Entertainment had placed in the 9th position on the sales lists of Hungary in the PC category.
2012/04/28And again, we can read a new article about King Arthur 2. This time PC Dome had revealed a writing about the game of Neocore Games.
2012/04/22On the 7th week of the year, Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the fantasy role-playing-game of Blackhole Entertainment had placed in the 18th position on the sales lists of Hungary in the PC category.
2012/04/21There is a new video available from Bang Bang Racing. This new short film presents the obstacles finding the racer during playing in the new game of Digital Reality and Playbox.
2012/04/18You can read an article about King Arthur 2, the new development of Neocore Games on the website of GameKapocs as well. From this many articles you can get a pretty whole image about the game.
2012/04/06On the 6th week of the year, Might and Magic: Heroes VI, the fantasy role-playing-game of Blackhole Entertainment had placed in the 17th position on the sales lists of Hungary in the PC category.
2012/04/04There are many people who consider 1nsane being the most successful game of Invictus, that the developer team have failed to outperform or, according to some people, even to meet the standard of. It seems that the journalists at PC Dome are close to this belief, since they highlighted 1nsane, as one of the best hungarian developments of the time. It is for sure that the game can still provide fun for hours. You might like checking out the article.
2012/04/02GameStar has written an evaluation of King Arthur 2 as well. I can't even recall the last time I read such a long article on an online gaming magazine. After all this evaluation seem to support the thoughts of according to shich the game prmoises to be an excellent pastime. All in all, the game of Neocore Games scored 9.3 at the end.
2012/03/31King Arthur 2 has recieved a collectors edition. Neocore Games have placed an issue of the game itself, the sword of King Arthur with the logo of the game engraved, an A2 sized poster, a T-shirt with the King Arthur 2 logo on it and a copy of the King Arthur movie on DVD. All this is offered in a nicely produced engraved metal box for the warlords.
2012/03/30We can read a quite large game test about King Arthur 2 on the pages of At the end of the article, colored with dozens of images, we can find the score of Neocore Games reached on the evaluation of the game, which may look almost hyperbolically positive. Suspicious readers could even think that this is some kind of a paid commercial, although the last dozens of lines of the article does nothing more than apologizing for this. On the other hand I myself too find it easy to believe that a country that made a strategy game so complex, called Imperium Galactica might like a complex strategy game called King Arthur 2.
2012/03/27Even according to the published survey of PC Dome, we can say that the best domestic development of last year was Blackhole Entertainment's Might and Magic: Heroes VI. Processing the votes of the readers of the magazine the results show that the hungarian audience ingested only one development only in one category among the best three. Might and Magic: Heroes VI though placed first in the best strategy category.
2012/03/26This year the Game Developers Forum was held at 8th of February. I totally missed the event so I can only talk about it in past tense. What I could find out is that from Hungarian PC game developers Zsombor Fekete, independent game developer, from Nemesys Games Szabolcs Józsa and Zach Zebrowsky and from Invictus Games, Péter Gazsó appeared as lecturers.
2012/03/25The last video trailer was released for King Arthur 2. You can find the video on YouTube as well. There is no reason to panic though. This only means that from now on these trailer videos will be released in the form of jostler videos. It will deduct practically nothing from the artistic value. Furthermore fanatic players will be able to produce moving pictures from the game instead as well as Neocore Games.

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