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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2013/06/09The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, the game of Neocore Games has been published since 22nd of May. On the occasion of the release, we have also received a new video from the game, on which we are presented with our headquarters, playing a central role in the game. This is where we can take a rest or conduct micromanagement tasks after having returned from slashing, or even defend the place in a tower defence style from intruders.
2013/05/28Pinball FX2, developed by Zen Studios, after having been available in Windows Marketplace, is now also available via Steam. You can already get it on this link.
2013/05/27Back in time, when The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has not been released yet, Neocore Games intended to advertise its game with the release of a new video, in which they present Katarina, one of the available helpers. In the video Katarina asseverates why she is a good choice to be selected as support during the adventures of our protagonist.
2013/05/24You could have pre-ordered The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, which will be released in May, or maybe it already has been, since April. It was just about time to announce it then. Although the full game from Neocore Games is now already available for everyone, you can still watch a video, advertising the pre-order here.
2013/05/23A new video has been released of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, being developed by Neocore Games. Is there anyone who has not yet heard about the game? If yes, that means that people had a life during the long weekend and were not reading Gregorius' corner. Nevertheless you can watch the video about fighting right here.
2013/05/22The wave, most probably launched by Neocore Games, according to which all Hungarian news portals dealing with PC games, and crediting themselves, should be announcing that The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is a playable game, had reached Gamestar as well. It is not surprising that we can read hence an article on their columns dealing with the adventures of Van Helsing.
2013/05/21GameKapocs was thinking as well, that it might be worth putting The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing under the microscope. Accordingly they have examined carefully the beta version of the game from Neocore Games, and have published their exhausting evaluation accompanied with some images from the game.
2013/05/20On the columns of Játé we can reqad an evaluation of Star Wars Pinball, developed by Zen Studios. In this evaluation you can only find The Empire Strikes Back table and the table of Boba Fett, but together, as a package for Pinball FX2, they have earned a very impressive result.
2013/05/19A new table has been released for the Star Wars Pinball package driven by Pinball FX2 from Zen Studios. It is the table of Boba Fett. You can watch a video about this new pinball table here.
2013/05/18From day to day, but in our case let's rephrase this to, from month to month the news are coming to Gregorius' corner about Hungarian game developers. Domestic developer teams are coming and going, their games are flourishing, but how is all this born? How is someone going to turn out to be a game developer in Hungary? What road is ahoed of one to walk? The article published by GameStar about becoming a game developer, fine tuned to our country is giving help in the subject.
2013/05/09Let's consider The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing still to be unreleased. In this case we can also consider the article, published on the columns of Játé to be a preview of the game, just as it was back in time, more than a month ago. You can find the writing about the game of Neocore Games, colored with images on this link.
2013/05/05I had written, not that long ago, that a bit longer ago a hungarian development studio has decided, that after having conquered many of the console platforms, they would turn towards the PC platform as well a little. This team was Zen Studios, who have made a new pinball table, the Star Wars Pinball available for their Pinball FX2. Of course since I am still lagging behind history regarding the published news on my website, those of you who have already paid a visit to Zen Studio?s website the last time might have already seen this, nevertheless it's the first downloadable content for the PC version of the game. But those of you who haven't could even watch a video about it here.
2013/05/04Play Dome had published a review of the PC version of Sine Mora to the delight of Digital Reality having released the game for the PC platform as well.
2013/05/02Nice and in total silence Digital Reality has been working on something. Considering the dropped pieces of information we could easily come to the conclusion that the guys are developing no less than the third episode of the Imperium Galactica series. One thing is for sure though; they have released a little tech demo application called Imperium Galactica Stargazer. Probably the upcoming Imperium Galactica 3 will use this technology. The installer of the interactive tech demo unfortunately asks the user only one question; and that is whether one would like to install the application. It's not a very gentle move, but the mood following the installation will make it up to one.
2013/05/01We can see a new video trailer of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, being developed inside the groves of Neocore Games. In this gameplay video you can take a look at slashing adventures of the protagonist deep down in the jungle and wild.
2013/04/26The not-so-mindblowing nature of porting has given birth to a very original idea at Digital Reality. To keep the creative side of human beeing employed, the guys had compiled a guide on how we can make ourselves two of the aircrafts found in GSine MoreG out of Lego. It is a good way to make time fly by if you have ordered the game already and want to do something fun while downloading. Or if you have already beaten the game you might want to have an experience of a different kind.
2013/04/08The son of Abraham Van Helsing will be the protagonist of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Neocore Games have raised the age of the monster hunter hero, the engine of the game, one generation higher, based ont he voting of players, who have been following the development of the game. Future tense takes place completely on the imaginary axis of time in case of this piece of news as well of course.
2013/04/07Following Zen Studios, another development studio, Digital Reality, is turning towards the PC platform. But of course they do not need introduction. Digital Reality is not getting to know the PC platform just now. We can say that they are returning to it with a category A game. After a long Calvary and having published to numerous, often said-to-be exclusive console platforms, Sine Mora had arrived to the personal computers. The game itself is a side-view, scrolling, arcade, air-flight, shoot-em-up game in 3D presentation to meet the expectations of the era. The 3D presentation really brings the most out of the mood of the game and takes nothing away from the classic game experience. The whole package is available in Hungarian dub as well. The PC version and Hungarian words are well presented in this video trailer. You can find additional videos on the official website of Sine Mora.
2013/04/06The team behind Neocore Games had announced a actor casting to which they expected all the virtual characters to come and try to persuade the development studio that they were the most appropriate for the protagonist role of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. You can check out the video trailer with an original-like background story on YouTube.
2013/03/23I am very happy to welcome a new hungarian development studio on Gregorius' corner. The name of Zen Studios is not unknown in the game industry. They have been delivering pinball games for years now onto different console platforms. Now they have also seem to have conquered the world of the PC platform that was ruled by ASK Homework as far as domestic development studios are concerned. Pinball FX2 has opened towards the PC since it is also available for Windows 8. Maybe the new operating system did not receive a warm welcome of users, but its Windows Marketplace has certainly brought back trust of developers towards the PC platform. Visiting the official website of Pinball FX2 you can get to know the past works of Zen Studios as well as the game itself.

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