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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2004/10/15Mithis Games was thinking why not to make shaking things rattle a bit more. Although space strategy fans were already burning in Nexus fever, now the wool was pulled slightly off of our eyes and some screenshots were released bothe about Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars and Battlestations: Midway.
2004/10/13Syntax Entertainment is proud to present Killer, also known as the engine of their under development game, Critical War reached the final alpha phase.
2004/10/13Grandpace announces that though the concept of Brutal Verollex Sheep in its former shape was sold to Mithis Games the development of the concept never actually stopped inside Grandpace. It is also announced that Jolly Jogger is to become an action game that can be played by four players infront of one station in different modes but on network even more people can join. The game with the work title GrandSpace is beginning to shape its title to be once The Theory of Everything after Einstein.
2004/10/13New images were published about the project of ASK Homeowork that took over The Buggy. The name of this project is still undecided upon.
2004/10/12The official site of Cross Racing Championship is under construction.
2004/10/08Clevers Software Development is currently working on a new website. Currently there is not much more to see on it, but there are some pictures that will move your fantasy. Besides it looks like the guys are short of employees.
2004/10/08576online and pár Game Star is trying to shorten the time that is still ahead of the release of Armies of Exigo by publishing some screenshots and pár videos. Screenshots: 1,2,3,4,5
2004/10/06Mithis Games is living it large. After the company had finished the development of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, they are not only beginning the development of their first TPS but also a brand new strategy game. What makes the development more special is that some former members of Stormregion will join them too. This is a fortunate situation since there were games like Codename: Panzers getting out of under the hands of Stormregion. On the other hand the company had let developers go. Let's all hope this is the case so only because the engine of Codename: Panzers is basically done and further development of the sequel requires less developers rather than because of material or other sorts of problems of Stormregion.
2004/10/04Now that the development of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is finished Mithis has not only decided on the launch of the development of a new TPS. For further infromation please visit the interview of HC Gamer. Further news is that Creature Conflict may be present on shelves already this year on some parts of Europe.
2004/10/04Brainfactor will hold a presentation on 14th October about their experiences on motion cap technology on the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Here you can register.
2004/10/04The demo version of Road to Fame had been published yet for marketing puposes only.
2004/10/01Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is now on gold! The game will be available in stores from the 5th November.

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