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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2004/11/23Cross Racing Championship is available in stores.
2004/11/22Two new video trailers had been shared with the public about Armies of Exigo. You can find them on the PC Dome site.
2004/11/19Armies of Exigo is on gold. You can preorder the game on 576 Online.
2004/11/17Mithis Games, so that we don't forget about their upcoming title pushed into background by the recently published Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, has made a new video trailer of Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars available.
2004/11/17A video trailer is available for download from Road to Fame by 576 Media.
2004/11/15Brainfactor Entertainment had pulled up a brand new homepage. It is worth checking out.
2004/11/12The intro animation of Road to Fame developing under the hands of 576 Media is available for download. It shows a really fine piece of work and promises a nice mood of the game. I must say arcade lovers will be most pleased with this game.
2004/11/11We are sorry to inform you that Electronic Arts saw best to postpone the release of Armies of Exigo until the first quarter of next year. We can only hope that in exchange Blackhole Games is still working hard, and we will be able to get our hands on a game that doen't need patching. For details, please visit the Hardwired site!
2004/11/10The newly released images on the GameStar site are to announce the arrival of the not so distant release of Armies of Exigo. Screenshots: 1,2,3,4,5
2004/11/08The demo version of Cross Racing Championship is available on the official site.
2004/11/05Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is available in stores in Europe.
2004/11/02The intro animation of Cross Racing Championship is available for download. The demo is delayed until the 8th of november unfortunatelly, but it is certainly good news that the hungarian version of the game is on gold already.
2004/11/02A fan site kit is available for Armies of Exigo.
2004/10/30The multiplayer demo of Armies of Exigo had arrived.
2004/10/28The modification tools for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident had been published. The volunteers will be aided by an official guide as well to completely reform the game.
2004/10/25Finally the demo version of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident has arrived.
2004/10/24Digital Reality and Invictus had agreed about the cooperation in domestic publishing of the latter's brand new game, Cross Racing Championship. In the meantime the official homepage of the game had been launched. The demo version will be available on November 2nd, and the full game on November 20th.
2004/10/23Stormregion has made a bonus map for Codename: Panzers.
2004/10/20The publishing of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is delayed. Vivend Universal Games has decided to postpone the release until February.
2004/10/15Mithis Games was thinking why not to make shaking things rattle a bit more. Although space strategy fans were already burning in Nexus fever, now the wool was pulled slightly off of our eyes and some screenshots were released bothe about Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars and Battlestations: Midway.

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