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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2005/02/11Although we still have to wait a couple of days until the release of Codename: Panzers - Phase Two, but Stormregion and CDV had decided not to disappoint faithful players of the first episode and they have released a new map for the game that you can download from WorthPlaying.
2005/02/10Clevers Games is currently looking for character animators primarily with previous experience in this field. The main job would be the refinement of animations made via the motion capture technology and creating facial expressions of characters. For further infromation please visit PC Dome's relevant page!
2005/02/10Project 3 Interactive will soon launch a forum dedicated to Cross Racing Championship modders. The forum will be run in an international way to the best effort so that all modders can participate in the hopefully blooming process aside language barriers.
2005/02/08We can dive a little deeper into 1944: Battle of The Bulge since the website of the game is just about to get a life. The game is the newest in the row from Digital Reality following Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps and D-Day. This third episode is probably the final at the same time in the Second World War series. It will feature new units and the snowy environment will provide a completely different atmosphere for sure.
2005/02/04Stormregion thought it would not be very nice move to bore us with no action whatsoever for a couple of days. What else could have they done than to release dozens of screenshots and some very beautiful artwork from their upcoming game Codename: Panzers - Phase Two. You can find them on the official site of the game.
2005/02/03The Cross Racing Championship website had been renewed. Let's face it, the old site screamed for a renovation since it was really dark and plain.
2005/02/02I'm proud to have the opportunity to announce a new development studio founded in 2004 and registered in Gyál under the name, GlassFish Games and their new game called Pranksters. The upcoming gem is enrolled with a really original concept and will be placed in a decent isometric environment.
2005/02/02The first patch for Cross Racing Championship has arrived and available through Invictus Live! It is said that the patch will probably be available soon in other form as well. The list of enchantments are yet unknown but the game was criticised because of its control or handle and the correct initialising of certain videocards hence the patch is probably intended to cure these issues primarily.
2005/01/29Certainly Codename: Panzers - Phase Two cannot afford being pushed behind rivals and Stromregion had published new screenshots of the game the same time Digital Reality did.
2005/01/29You can find a few additional screenshots from 1944: Battle of Bulge on the reborn site of Gamekapocs.
2005/01/21There has been further details revealed about Digital Reality's new game 1944: Battle of The Bulge. The graphics engine is beautiful as ever, but I hope I don't see two units slided onto each other on the first published screenshot.
2005/01/21It seems that Codename: Panzers - Phase Two is in the main focus these days, as developers and publishers had launched the game's official website.
2005/01/21A smaller burst of pictures was published of Codename: Panzers - Phase Two. The images are still beautiful but we will certainly be more excited about the innovations in the game engine. What more can the game offer in the second episode. But of course you should still check out the screenshots.
2005/01/19The long-awaited had happened. CDV had published a modification pack for Codename: Panzers. Our happiness is multifold, as we can not only make our own enchantments for the game in our home workshops but also hope that upcoming episodes of the game contain updates that cannot be made via a modification pack.
2005/01/13Moonline Games being responsible for the development of The Seventh named horror-game had disappeared from the web. The homepage of the studio informs us about a couple of second-stop because of maintenance, but the case had been the same for nearly a month now. The search engines provide us no longer with relevant hits about neither the developers nor the development. Let's just hope it is nothing serious, only temporary problem.
2005/01/13A new patch is available for Street Legal Racing Redline via Invictus Live!
2005/01/13The second patch for Armies of Exigo has arrived. The patch updates all previous versions to version 1.3. The list of updates can be found here.
2005/01/12It seems that Creature Conflict, the game being developed by Mithis Games is going to be postponed in time as Cenega Publishing had modified the release date of the game from February to April.
2005/01/12Invictus had launched an on-line update central. The program detects all legally installed Invictus games and performs the required patching by itself in case of an active internet connection.
2005/01/12Codename: Panzers Special Edition is arriving to a store near you. They say it is not only a picking in your pocket.

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