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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2013/10/08Sometimes you are ought to reach back to the past. Nemesys Games did likewise. Most probably motivated by survival instincts they increased the number of compatible platfroms under their successful game, Fortix 2. From now on, the game is also available for Linux based computers via Steam.
2013/09/30Now, in the Humble Bundle we can buy among others two games developed by Digital Reality for a dicount price. Now you can take hold of the fun provided by GSineMoraG and SkyDrift even for an exchange of a ridiculous 1$.
2013/09/29The Thaumaturge DLC was released for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing from Neocore Games. The DLC is available for download via the Steam system. On the occasion of the release of the expansion, the developers have released a trailer video as well, that you can also watch on YouTube. The campaign for the grace of the players have already begun earlier, so there has been another video out there on the Internet for weeks, that is depicting the features of Thaumaturge.
2013/09/23The plan of Zen Studios, taking a turn towards the Star Wars world with their game, GPinbal FX2G, really worked out. The Star Wars Pinball was such a success that the guys thought there is still room for expanding the downloadable contents with a similar package. The Star Wars Pinball Balance of the Force DLC will containg a Star Wars: Episode 6: Return of the Jedi, a Starfighter Assault and a Darth Vader table. You can also take a look at the trailer presenting the package on YouTube. You can also find pictures about the rest of the tables in the gallery of GameStar.
2013/09/18The funding initiative of Balcony Team on Kickstarter was closed with success. Hence, in theory, there is nothing that could stop them from finishing the development of Balrum.
2013/08/28GameStar has made a wordy interview with Neocore Games, maybe the currently most successful development studio of Hungary. Besides The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, the game that is nowadays the source of income for the team, we can also get to know a few details of their upcoming title, Broken Sea.
2013/08/26Hungary was always strong in game development. Being a small country it enjoys very little possibility to break away with very low investment. Game development as an option is furthermore strengthened by the current economic situation. Students and volunteers can learn the ways of the profession from high standard universities, colleges or private institutions. This could be one of the reasons why by now, one-man-developments became a kind of a genre. Maybe Mascot Entertainment sounds familiar already for some of you, a development studio that Marcell Baranyai carries on his back. It is responsible for such games as Boulder Dash, a The Dark Legions, or BC Kings. Another good example of the representatives of this emerging genre is Endre Baráth, who created Dead Cyborg under the name of Etyekfilm. Now I have the opportunity to present you a new one-man-development studio embodied by Ede Tarsoly, the man behind Elder Games, who pours such games as GMeridian ? New WorldG, Shattered Origins - Guardians of Unity space simulation, or the strategy game, Arcan that we can consider to be the predecessor of Meridian - New World.
2013/08/11GameKapocs is paying a tribute to domestic PC game developments by an article series. The three articles lists the 30 best hungarian developments according to the aspects set up by the authorsof GameKapocs. The first article presents the 30-21st positions, the second article presents the 20-11th positions while the third one presents the 10-1st positions. It is of course very similar to the scoring of the freestyle figure skating. Nobody is on the same opinion of it.
2013/08/10In a discount, effective during the weekend, you can buy The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, the development of Neocore Games for half price on Steam. If one doesn't yet already own the game, now one can save oneself some money.
2013/08/06The development of the next episode of the Imperium Galactica series was terminated. The closure has reached the gamer society in an ambivalent way, since after all we are talking about a domestic development. On the other hand, although the game was cooked in the kitchen of Digital Reality, it resembled the original game only in a very few aspects. All that is left of the game, originally designed to be an MMO strategy game, is Imperium Galactica Stargazer. The leaders of the studio, functionning as a member of Docler Holding, explained the decision with the unsatisfactory speed of the development.
2013/07/23Lőrinc L. László, or Leslie L. Lawrence, or even Frank Cockney for the real connoisseurs have produced a lot of things already. The most successful writer of Hungary has enlightened his readers with more than 100 books. Now Mystery Interactive is trying to bring one of the works of the hungarian ambassador of eastern travels and culture to life in the form of an adventure game, for that part of the gamer society who might have missed out on his enthralling stories. Requiem of The Vultures will provide quality entertainment for sure even for those who had a chance to meet the story in written form.
2013/07/21The new title of Project: It's Not True is born. The game of independent developer, Balcony Team, is now called Balrum. The guys are organizing a collecting on Kickstarter for the project. To put you in the mood of charity they have put together a video in which they present the current state of the game and explain what more they want to bring out of it.
2013/06/27As GameKapocs had promised, fulfilling their promise, they have released an article that presents The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing from Neocore Games. As opposed to the predecessors though, they have not engaged in scoring the game, although we can read between the lines that they had liked what they had seen.
2013/06/25If you have not already became tired of all the news about Neocore Games and their The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, then this is for you for sure. Developers have announced that they are making the next episode of the game, that for now goes under the title; The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2.
2013/06/24PlayDome has published a game evaluation article as well about the new success of Neocore Games. Considering that The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has received a score of 90% from the associate press, we can call the game a real success easily.
2013/06/23The first downloadable content has arrived for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. The Scenario DLC deploys automatically to the game with the new version 1.1.00 patch. And it is all for free. Neocore Games totally knows how to apologize for a patch that needs to be deployed. Unfortunately the DLC is PC exclusive for now.
2013/06/22We can read an evaluation article about The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing of Neocore Games on GameStar, once we have passed the endless pane of advertisements. The game have received a score of 84%, higher than the average of Steam evaluations. In the meantime the last video trailer was released. From now on we are expecting similar moving pictures from the press and fans.
2013/06/19I have the honour to present a new developer team and their upcoming title that runs under the name, Project: It's Not True. The game is being developed by two University students who formed Balcony Team. Their development has grown so much to be picked up by magazines. In case of such hobby developments one is always a little sceptic, but I wish the guys to be able to carry out something fascinating from their creation, that otherwise looks really promising.
2013/06/18Now you can buy The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, the game developed by Neocore Games, on Steam as well. The majority of the evaluations lined up by the system gave the game a really strong score, while a couple expressed deep disappointment. That's how the game scored a mighty 74% in average by the end.
2013/06/10It feels really good to finally break the somewhat one-dimensional news stream ruled by Neocore Games with the work of another brigade. Now it seems as there were more than one development studios in Hungary in fact. On top of it we are meeting a returning team of whom we haven't been hearing for a long time. Fortix 2, developed by Nemesys Games, has suffered a big drop in price on Steam, for the biggest content of the players. On the other hand, unfortunately Nemesys Games has not yet published any other PC games, in the classic meaning of the term. We hope that this will change in the future.

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