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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2005/03/24Road to Fame, the game being developed by 576Media had been released.
2005/03/22 had taken grasp of some fresh images concerning Battlestations: Midway. On one of the three new screenshots we can examine a japanese warship while on the rest we can be part of a battle.
2005/03/20There is a patch availbale created by fans for Imperium Galactica 2. Although the word, patch, could be misleading since it doesn't cover the content of the matter, the file of which can be downloaded from the biggest, still active fanpage of the game. The program rather contains minor modifications and some useful utilities for online gaming. Therefore it is primarily advised for those who conquer the space online.
2005/03/18The demo version of 1944: Battle of The Bulge had been released. For those who liked previous epizodes it is certainly a must have. You can find several links to the demo by turning to the appropriate page of the website of the game. We are talking of a quite heavy piece of 290 megabytes.
2005/03/15The demo version of Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars, the next game of Mithis Games had been published. A smaller tutorial would have been handy to include but the gameplay is acquirable with a bit of practice. Graphics is showy and the mood will suck you in. For the first run one could raise the question, how much will the game resemble to the Worms series. After one minute of gameplay the question will not be raised once again.
2005/03/13Terminator 3: War of The Machines is going through difficulties worth being processed by a minor soap-opera. I have just revealed the creation of a mapeditor for the game these days and yesterday evening came the e-mail, that the operator of the forum giving ground also for the debateforum of the undercoming editor is no longer willing to keep the forum up. There is no need to panic though since this morning the job was taken by Jimbo to whom we would like to say a big thank you! Of course a bif thank you goes for warshipfc as well for creating a forum for us fans up to this day.
2005/03/13Mithis Games had launched the website of Battlestations: Midway. The site is simple and still eye-appealing, besides a new video trailer had been uploaded to it as well that reveals a little from the game with its low resolution. Hopefully there will be more and more information on the page shortly. One thing is for sure already, it is not only the gamers waiting for this creation but the craft as well.
2005/03/13Let us hit the road! In recent days there have been more than plenty of pieces of news coming from all parts of the hungarian development world. First let's take a look at Invictus who proudly announce that they have renamed Cross Racing Championship to Cross Racing Championship 2005. In itself it does not seem a momentous change but behind the rechristioning stands numerous heavy changes including the graphics engine, handling system and lots of other parts of the game that got addressed by fans concerning previous demo version publications. These changes meant so much to the gameplay, that developers and publishers saw almost as inevitable to rename the game. We can only say we hope that one day we can confirm on that. Up until then we can examine some new images reflecting the polished graphics engine.
2005/03/11Thee_immortal_one had committed a minor breakthrough in the modification of Terminator 3: War of The Machines. The genius is working on a mapeditor for the game and he is planning to reach the state to generate a flat terrain one of these days. The job is certainly difficult since almost every tiny bit of the game is hardcoded. The map polygon display and collision detection are stored in separate files and format therefore by modifying an existing map would result in characters still colliding into walls that no longer exist or walking through new ones. Atari had already, after one year of support, cancel both the site and support of the game but thanks to the fans the game still has a life. Although many have thought about rather creating a Terminator mod for one of the similar games out but this initiation could bring the game back.
2005/03/09Hardwired reports that due to an agreement between HydroGames and the Ministry of Education the game processing the 1848 Hungarian revolution will be available for no cost. Although publication was announced to happen tomorrow the game is already downloadable from Sulinet's appropriate site. Certainly this is one of the best news we could have got tonight. This way not only the gaming experience but history will be spread on a wider scale.
2005/03/08Inivtus Games had redesigned their opening page as well as PrivateMoon Studios and had arrenged their so far published products. But that is not all. In the row of games, they have placed a small sign that makes us think real hard, is there a new game the guys are already working on?
2005/03/08The homepage of PrivateMoon Studios is available again. Those who have bookmarked the opening page of the studio will now need to replace their bookmarks. The slightly modified design lets you to browse more easily on the site and find relevant information about the published epizodes. The online game ladder got a more frequent place as well.
2005/03/08On Thursday, the game called '48 that processes the 1848 Hungarian revolution and was developed by HydroGames will arrive. Although the deadline for publishing had been postponed several times, the game is finally here. Of course all bad news has a brighter side, this way we will for sure get a better quality game, just like the developers' startegy claims.
2005/03/04576 Media is proud to announce that Road to Fame has gone gold one week before the release. The game will be available in the Ezt vedd meg! category right away with a price consolidated to hungarian vallets.
2005/03/02Mithis Games back in time undertook a great manoeuvre by taking upon the parallel development of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident and Battlestations: Midway. Although the engine of the two games are basically very similar later other games were included in the parallell development. This time we get some refreshing images of the latter, Battlestations: Midway. There are no new things on the screenshots but the units being familiar from older screenshots are now dressed up in a completely new fashion. The textures are getting detailed and auxiliary objects are augmenting.
2005/02/28The polishing up of Cross Racing Championship is going unbroken with the imminent approach of deadline of international publishing. Although the hands of Invictus are burning high there is still time to reveal some goodies on the game's website for those who don't yet own a copy of the game. Due to the low interest level the site is not yet available in hungarian but to keep the international attention the section showing the vehicles of the game and another displaying some artwork and renders had been opened.
2005/02/28Although the website of PrivateMoon Studios is not available at the moment there is no reason to panic. The guys are currently working on the redesign of the page. In the meantime they have published a couple of new screenshots from the Toledo episode. From the jungles of the previous episode we will find ourselves in a surrounding habitated more densely this time. According to the images, the mood of the beautifully designed settings are raised furthermore by the excellent light effects. The pictures are worth checking out.
2005/02/18New maps had been released from Codename: Panzers - Phase One meanwhile some units from Phase Two had been let to go as well.
2005/02/13The section of the Cross Racing Championship website where the tracks included in the game are presented has opened. We can therefore get amused by the hungarian mudflood, the indian summer in the United Kingdom, the finnish glaciers, the french alps, the german racetrack and the shores of Los Angeles.
2005/02/11We have got a new Nexus: The Jupiter Incident demo. You can find the demo on WorthPlaying.

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