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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2005/05/06There was an update to the website of Army Racer being developed by 576Media. We can download a new piece of video from the page, and new maps were revealed as well. The only circuit that we have no image about is Hungary.
2005/05/05Invictus after the release of the big patch that upgraded the hungarian version of Cross Racing Championship to Cross Racing Championship 2005 had released other patches via Invictus Live! but the reason why it is worth running the program again is that the capture the flag mode is available for the hungarian release.
2005/04/25Well, then let's visit one of the most quite corners of the Hungarian Plains, the Clevers Studio!
2005/04/23The list of products presented on this year's E3 are becoming finalised. Thanks to CDV we will represent Hungary with two games on the expo. One of the games will be Stormregion's new hit, Codename: Panzers - Phase Two, which according to both developers and publishers is to overthrow the success reached by the first episode they hope.

The other game, due to which we are becoming habitues on one of the biggest informatics expositions of the world is Digital Reality's sci-fi Warld War II title. The game just got its final title recently and it is to be War Front: Turning Point.
2005/04/23Ten new screenshots were revealed from Cross Racing Championship 2005. The images show the crashing model.
2005/04/22Thee_immortal_one had reached a really important step in the development of the Terminator 3: War of The Machines mapeditor project which goes under the name of testing. He claims to have finished the conversion tool that will convert maps made in hopefully a diverse selection of 3D mapeditors to the T3 map format. Therefore we can await the birth of the first map made with such method.
2005/04/22There is an Armies of Exigo championship soon to be launched. Black Hole Entertainment, one of the most successfull development studio of Hungary offers you to win even money with their game. Don't worry, if you don't own the game you are not out of the league since all you need to download in this case is the multiplayer demo of it. If you liked the game you even have the chance to win an issue since it is among many other prices. Subscription numbers are limited and based on the first come first served method so the sooner, the better is to subscribe.
2005/04/21This piece of news is just 5 minutes old and according to it Cross Racing Championship released in Hungary is now updateable to Cross Racing Championhsip 2005 via Invictus Live! In a short form the first patch has arrived to the game that will reform it from top to toe. International release will feature the patch.
2005/04/16Let me quote from a letter that Invictus sent around the web and the official version of which you can find on the website of Invictus as well. The piece of news arrived just a few minutes after the last update of my site and unfortunately I only have the opportunity to share it right now. The main point is, doves and seagulls made a match. (The quote is not an official translation.)

"On this very day (2005.04.13.) Invictus announces that it had entered into a patronising contract with Sirály Rallye Team. 'It is a great relief to know such a serious sponsor as Invictus Games Kft. behind us for the 2005 season.' - declares Gyula Fejes, chief of the Rally team. The team currently racing in class H with a white Lada VFTS having the licence plate AKY-228 had won on 19-20 March 2005 march in the F3 category the Junior Hungarian Championship race held on Hungaroring. Tamás Kozák, lead of Invictus-Games Kft. welcomed the satisfaction of Sirály Rallye Team with the so far ongoing co-operation and as a result, the logo of the company, will be shown on the racing vehicle hopefully bringing profit as well to the sponsors.

Sirály Rallye Team will continue on providing help for Invictus Games Kft in the creation of upcoming titles. Barnabás Gál and István Bara, the navigator and pilot of the team in past months had contributed to Invictus making its newest game, CRC 2005 and will continue to do so in the future by giving professional pieces of advise as a result of which the games of Invictus will hopefully get even closer to reality."
2005/04/15Digital Reality had promised that on E3 they will uncover their newest game, War Front but the first screens has already arrived. The game would best fit into the World War II - fantasy genre, since according to the story, the war had ran five years longer and the sides had the opportunity to use weapons that luckily they had not developed in reality. The visuals brought to us by the screenshots tend to push the genre to the fantasy world as well, since the lighting effects are somewhat further from being real. Weather the game will feature unitproduction or will continue on the way of buying our troops is yet unknown. The website of the game is already under construction and hopefully we'll know more soon.
2005/04/13I have found a really interesting and puzzling thing in this year's E3 representatives list. Amongst many hardworking developers' and publishers' even more dazzling games there is one that caught my eyes. We can read under the name Dreamcatcher Interactive the row; Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage. I would be the most delighted if one could enlight me about the reason the game goes to the expo this much time after the release. Unless we are talking about erratum.
2005/04/13There has been a major update to the Army Racer homepage. There are many pieces of news and frustrating updates on the site.
2005/04/13Invictus had asked for only a couple of days of more patience from fans and the patch for Cross Racing Championship that will upgrade the game to Cross Racing Championhsip 2005 will be available. International release will feature the upgrade by default but the new english demo will be out some time around the patch comes to life if all goes according to plans.
2005/04/13Deep Silver, the german publisher and developer studio had bought from Stormregion their Gepárd (cheetah) engine. This engine was responsible for the entertainment in S.W.I.N.E and the Codename: Panzers series, in the case of the latter it still will be. With this wimple Stormregion can feel itself represented on this year's E3 expo, since Deep Silver had bought the licence for their upcoming strategy title to be announced on the exposition.
2005/04/13The first screenshots were released from Mithis Games' Joint Task Force. The real time strategy follows the trend set up mainly by our beloved developers' games, such as Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps, D-Day or the Codename: Panzers series. There is no reason to fear for the guys since it looks like the game will stand its ground in today's strategy-dumping. We can see real-time shadows and props being affected by the physics engine on the pictures.
2005/04/05Thee_immortal_one succeeded in the deciphering of the physics file of Terminator 3: War of The Machines. Hence we can say we made a minor but really difficult step towards the birth of the mapeditor. The work is not yet over, since there are plenty of things left to puzzle. The gentleman would like to ask all venturesome to help him decode the graphics file.
2005/04/01The official website of Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars has been opened. We just got the multiplayer demo recently and now there are further things revealed of the game developed by Mithis Games if we dive into the brand new site. We can take a look at some new screenshots and concept art images just to mention a few. Have a good time in the parallel universe!
2005/04/01The hungarian version of the Cross Racing Championship 2005 website is finally functional. In the meantime Invictus had published some sketches in the appropriate section of the site.
2005/03/30Road to Fame just hit the stores and already 576Media is working on the serie of the game, the implementation of the racing in military settings. We can take a look at some images and also read a hungarian interview about Army Racer.
2005/03/24The guys inside the walls of Stormregion are preparing themselves for a big bang, but not for the one just about to pop. They are already preparing themselves for the work they are looking forward in the creation of the third phase of Codename: Panzers. But let's not rush ahead so much when Phase Two is just about to get released. Before the bursting energy we get a major teaser video of what's coming up. Watching the trailer one will salivate at once. I can advise people even with a monochrome monitor to download the video since it doesn't show the Gepard engine in its full glamour but through the effect of the nowadays so popular sepia film effect. We could hear about the news that Stormregion had asked for the help of over-seas directors and script writers to create the mood of Pahes Two. I can say the move had its effect since the trailer will grab you, suck you in and never let you go. It is just like a Hollywood production. Well, enough about praising, just check it out!

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