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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2005/06/25A bigger breathing Cross Racing Championship 2005 ingame video had been released. If someone had not decided already upon the game or maybe had and would like to delectate oneself should donwload the video. Because of size matters broadband connection is advised.
2005/06/24In the meantime the demo of Pranksters had arrived quietly. The program of GlassFish Games promises the fun of old times' games.
2005/06/23According to GameStar Invictus is bringing most of the game modes of 1nsane into Cross Racing Championship 2005. Therefore we will be able to download Jamboree and Destruction Zone beside Capture The Flag as well as the circuit racing could renew.
2005/06/22New screenshots had been revealed of Codename: Panzers - Phase Two. The images mostly try to reflect the mood of an evening battle. In the game of course the lights can be switched off decreasing view range and visibility.
2005/06/17New screenshots were published of Codename: Panzers - Phase Two. You can see the new images on Wothplaying.
2005/06/10Finally everything had been cleared about the screenshots of so far unknown origin on the site of Digital Reality. Appearantly the developers are currently working on an other title as well, called World Forces: War on Terror as on War Front: Turning Point. The most challanging innovation in the game of the genre is the random map generator for multiplayer gameplay.
It seems as if Monte Cristo was going to war against CDV along the other hungarian development studio, Stormregion, calling themselves the leaders of strategy gaming in Europe.
And if thatwasn't enough, we can take a look at Ghost Wars as well on the homepage and read about a not yet announced game.
2005/06/08In this month's issue of PC Guru the enclosed game will be Haegemonia: Legions of Iron.
2005/06/03I just have brought up the events around Codename: Panzers - Phase Two and it looks like GameStar had published new screenshots of the game.
2005/06/03The first patch had been published for 1848. According to PC Dome, the patch addresses the following issues; attack from different angles, it is more difficult to pass enemy units, new random events such as escape, after battle the winner can capture goods, multiplayer support via e-mail. Many minor bugs had been fixed and the story-line had been modified as well.
2005/06/03Maybe enough time had passed to bring up the tehem of Second World War. Let's take a look at what happened in the last week around Codename: Panzers - Phase Two.
There is an encyclopedia about all the units that the game features. There are also two new minor teaser videos out.
2005/05/27Under the control of Deep Silver there is a new Stormregion game under development by the name of Rush for Berlin. Even from the title one could guess that it is a Second World War startegy game, but aside this fact and that it uses the Gepárd engine developed by Stormregion it has nothing to do with the Codename: Panzers series developed by Stormregion as well.
The website of the game is still under construction but from the homepage of the publishers the E3 trailer video of the game can already be downloaded.
2005/05/27The demo version of Cross Racing Championship 2005 is finally here.
2005/05/25A new interesting piece of information had been shared with gamers about Digital Reality's War Front: Turning Point. This game, unlike its predecessors, will be a base-building strategy game. As an extra, here's a cover design.
2005/05/25All is quiet on the Black Hole Entertainment front. Despite the success of Armies of Exigo the re is few to hear about the developers. Well, there is something that seems to overcome the thick layers of black curtain surrounding the team. It looks like Black Hole is soon to experience a name change and will work under the flag of Synergy Entertainment in the future.
It is among the pieces of announcements of E3 that the team had taken grasp of a name not less than "Warhammer" and is currently working on a game with working title of Warhammer Fantasy. We hope that it is not far away we will know more about this probably strategy stream game.
2005/05/23Clevers Games knows very well when to speak out. The events of E3 had just rolled along infront of our eyes and the developers had decided to share a little secret with us from their newest development. It is worth checking out the pictures and I assure you, you will have shiver running down your spines in every which meaning.
But of course on the official homepage we can see more screenshots.
2005/05/21It seems that Digital Reality grew out of its old website and needs to create new into which all their former and undergoing projects would fit. Not only will we be greeted by a new site but also could be by a new project since there are two images up on the temporary opening page that does not fit into either already announced Digital Reality projects.
2005/05/20The program of this year's E3 has been already really busy despite the lack of electricity, and so CDV's screendumping didn't get mentioned. As I stated earlier, two hungarian developments are being put on the desk of CDV; the first one being Codename: Panzers - Phase Two while the other one is Digital Reality's new game, War Front: Turning Point.

Naturally with the release of the video came hand in hand the screenshots from Panzers. Graphics had changed in minor aspects which is not that surprising. One should never change on the winning formulae. But what the images don't talk about is that based on reviews of Phase One the gameplay of Phase Two had been modified.

The other imagedumping came about War Front. IT seems that these larger images, were able to turn on their side the incredulous people who turned away from the game due to previously published smaller screens. The coloring and lighting of these scenes are not as extravagant as the ones before were.
2005/05/20The video trailer of Codename: Panzers - Phase Two is available for download. The film was recorded on E3 of course at the stand of CDV.
2005/05/16Still before the opening of E3 new screens had been published from Digital Reality's War Front: Turning Point. Developers had taken a brave step when integrating an alternative historical event into the plot of World War II according to which Hitler dies in the first days of war and hell goes looser than ever. Weapons or their prototypes get under operation not seen in those times or actually never ever seen. To emphasize on unreal aspects of the game Difital Reality had made some revolutionary turns graphics-wise. I guess I do not have to state that these moves have devided the gamer community. But check the images for yourselves.
2005/05/14A new trailer video of Cross Racing Championship 2005 had been released. Or the first one since the game had gone through major cosmetics. The video is not that long but rather puts you in the mood of wanting to roll. The 63 megabyte trailer can be downloaded from Invictus or the game's official website as well.

It is among the events of past days that the game had officially reached gold status.

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